Opposite of REVOKE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for revoke are actions that are the opposite of revoking something. When we revoke, we cancel or annul something such as a law, decision, or privilege. The antonyms for revoke would involve reinstating, confirming, or upholding that particular action or decision.

Reinstating refers to the act of restoring something that was previously revoked or cancelled. This indicates a reversal of the previous revocation, bringing back the initial status or condition. The antonym for revoke, reinstating, signifies the reestablishment or renewal of a certain right, privilege, or agreement.

Confirming as an antonym for revoke means to validate or affirm a previously made decision or action. In contrast to revoking, confirming solidifies and strengthens the original choice or agreement, ensuring that it remains in effect without any changes or cancellations.

35 Antonyms for REVOKE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for revoke. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVOKE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Revoke Sentence with Antonym
Allow The court decided to revoke his driver’s license. The court decided to allow him to keep his driver’s license.
Approve The board decided to revoke the building permit. The board decided to approve the building permit.
Grant The university may revoke their scholarship if grades drop. The university may grant them a scholarship if grades improve.
Reinstate The company decided to revoke her termination. The company decided to reinstate her back into the position.
Confirm The judge may revoke the bail if conditions are violated. The judge may confirm the bail if all conditions are met.
Authorize The committee can revoke his membership at any time. The committee can authorize his membership indefinitely.
Support The government may revoke funding for the project. The government may support funding for the project.
Validate The administration threatened to revoke the visa. The administration promised to validate the visa.
Reinstate The university may revoke their admission due to plagiarism. The university may reinstate their admission upon proof of innocence.
Permit The city may revoke the parking permit for violations. The city may permit the parking permit with no violations.
Reinstate The manager threatened to revoke her promotion. The manager decided to reinstate her to her promoted position.
Continue The school can revoke the scholarship for poor performance. The school can continue the scholarship for excellent performance.
Ratify The board has the authority to revoke the decision. The board has the authority to ratify the decision.
Reinstate The company may revoke the employee’s benefits for misconduct. The company may reinstate the employee’s benefits after a review.
Allow The administration reserves the right to revoke the license. The administration reserves the right to allow the license to be retained.
Reinstate The principal can revoke the student’s suspension. The principal can reinstate the student in good standing.
Sanction The organization may revoke its approval of the project. The organization may sanction its approval of the project.
Permit The city council has the power to revoke business licenses. The city council has the power to permit business licenses.
Reinstate The board voted to revoke his tenure as CEO. The board voted to reinstate him as CEO.
Authorize The committee can decide to revoke their membership. The committee can decide to authorize their membership permanently.
Confirm The manager can revoke the appointment if necessary. The manager can confirm the appointment if needed.
Grant The scholarship committee can revoke the award for misconduct. The scholarship committee can grant the award for academic excellence.
Reinstate The university might revoke their enrollment for non-payment. The university might reinstate their enrollment upon payment.
Permit The city has the right to revoke the business permit. The city has the right to permit the business permit.
Uphold The court may revoke the decision pending an appeal. The court may uphold the decision pending an appeal.
Enable The system can revoke access based on security concerns. The system can enable access for authorized users.
Reinstate The company was forced to revoke their contract. The company was able to reinstate their contract after negotiation.
Approve The board has the power to revoke the resolution. The board has the power to approve the resolution.
Validate The university might revoke the degree due to cheating. The university might validate the degree upon further examination.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVOKE

In summary, granting permission, allowing access, and approving requests are all synonymous with the concept of antonyms for revoke. Upholding rights, honoring agreements, and endorsing decisions all signify the same idea of not revoking or taking back something. These antonyms convey the essence of maintaining or giving consent, emphasizing the opposite action to revoking privileges or permissions. In everyday language, the terms granting, permitting, or approving can effectively convey the meaning of not revoking or rescinding authority or rights.

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