Opposite of ROBUST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for robust, we are referring to words that convey the opposite meaning of strong, healthy, or vigorous. These antonyms describe things that are weak, delicate, or fragile in nature.

Opposites of robust can be found in various aspects, including physical health, emotional resilience, or even in the context of systems or structures that lack strength and stability. Antonyms for robust can encompass a range of characteristics that contrast with the vitality and durability associated with robustness.

Understanding antonyms for robust allows for a broader appreciation of the spectrum of qualities and attributes that exist in contrast to strength and resilience. By exploring these opposites, we gain a deeper insight into the nuances of language and the diverse ways in which different concepts can be expressed.

35 Antonyms for ROBUST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for robust. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ROBUST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Robust Sentence with Antonym
Fragile The robust oak tree withstood the storm. The delicate flower wilted in the harsh sunlight.
Weak He appeared robust and healthy after exercise. She looked frail after being sick for a long time.
Feeble The company’s robust financial performance. The feeble economy struggled to recover.
Dainty The boxer showed a robust display of strength. The ballerina moved with a dainty grace.
Flimsy The robust fortress protected the city. The flimsy tent collapsed in the wind.
Pliable The robust rope supported the heavy load. The pliable fabric tore easily.
Delicate Despite his age, he appeared robust and strong. The newborn bird was delicate and vulnerable.
Infirm His robust health allowed him to work long hours. Her infirm body prevented her from physical labor.
Frail After working out regularly, he became robust. Due to her illness, she became frail and weak.
Brittle The warrior had a robust physique. The brittle twig snapped easily under pressure.
Soft The robust sound of the drums filled the room. The soft music played in the background.
Sensitive He displayed a robust attitude in negotiations. She showed a sensitive side when discussing emotions.
Unsteady The old bridge proved to be robust over time. The unsteady ladder wobbled with each step.
Sturdy The furniture was robust and well-built. The flimsy chair was anything but sturdy.
Slender With his robust frame, he excelled in sports. Her slender figure made her a graceful dancer.
Depressed The robust plants grew tall in the sunlight. The depressed crop withered from lack of rain.
Ailing Once robust and full of energy, he now looked tired. The plant, once vibrant, now appeared ailing under neglect.
Breakable The vessel was robust and held up under pressure. The breakable glass shattered upon impact.
Vulnerable He stood tall and robust in the face of adversity. She felt vulnerable and insecure in unfamiliar surroundings.
Rigid The robust tree stood firm against the wind. The rigid metal bent under pressure.
Unstable The robust bridge proved its durability. The unstable ladder wobbled dangerously.
Decrepit The robust car easily navigated rough terrain. The decrepit vehicle barely moved on flat ground.
Sickly Despite his age, he remained robust and active. She appeared sickly and frail after the illness.
Impermanent The robust foundation ensured a stable structure. The impermanent structure could not withstand the storm.
Spongy The bread was fresh and robust to the touch. The cake felt spongy and delicate under pressure.
Powdery The stone wall stood tall and robust. The chalkboard writing easily smudged, feeling powdery to the touch.
Malleable The robust metal was difficult to bend. The malleable clay easily shaped into different forms.
Limp His robust steps echoed loudly in the corridor. The fabric was so soft, it hung limp against the body.
Delapidated The robust building remained intact after the earthquake. The dilapidated shack had seen better days.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ROBUST

In essence, the opposite of robust is fragile, delicate, or weak. While robust systems can withstand challenges and remain sturdy, fragile systems are easily broken or damaged. For example, a fragile economy may collapse under pressure, whereas a robust one can endure fluctuations. It’s important to recognize the difference between these antonyms to understand the resilience and strength of different systems in various contexts. By understanding and acknowledging these differences, we can better appreciate the importance of fortifying and reinforcing robust structures to ensure their longevity and ability to withstand adversity.

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