Opposite of SCARCE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking to express variations in availability, antonyms for scarce serve as useful vocabulary. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to each other, providing a way to contrast ideas effectively. By understanding antonyms for scarce, one can better articulate the abundance or plenitude of a particular subject.

In the realm of language, antonyms for scarce play a crucial role in enhancing communication by offering contrasting alternatives. By utilizing antonyms for scarce, individuals can paint a clearer picture of the abundance or plentifulness of a given concept or object. This contrast helps to add depth and precision to descriptive language, enabling a more nuanced expression of ideas and scenarios.

Antonyms for scarce come in various forms, ranging from single words to phrases that capture the opposite meaning of scarcity. By incorporating these antonyms into their vocabulary, individuals can enrich their writing and speech, allowing for a more vivid and detailed description of the abundance or availability of a particular subject.

35 Antonyms for SCARCE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for scarce. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SCARCE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Scarce Sentence with Antonym
Abundant Fresh produce was scarce in winter. Fresh produce was abundant in summer.
Plentiful Job opportunities were scarce during the recession. Job opportunities were plentiful in the booming economy.
Common Exotic fruits were scarce in the local market. Exotic fruits were common in the international market.
Lavish Resources were scarce during the drought. Resources were lavish after the rainfall.
Ample Time was scarce as the deadline approached. Time was ample for completion of the task.
Plentiful Opportunities for socializing were scarce during lockdown. Opportunities for socializing were plentiful in the pre-pandemic era.
Plentiful Rainfall was scarce in the desert region. Rainfall was plentiful in the tropical rainforest.
Copious Vegetables were scarce in the winter months. Vegetables were copious in the summer harvest.
Profuse Funds were scarce for the charity organization. Funds were profuse for the successful campaign.
Rich Time was scarce to complete the project. Time was rich with possibilities once the deadline was extended.
Prolific Plays by new playwrights were scarce at the theater. Plays by new playwrights were prolific during the festival.
Bountiful Fertile lands were scarce in the region. Fertile lands were bountiful in the valley.
Plentiful Fish were scarce in the polluted river. Fish were plentiful in the clean lake.
Abundant Job opportunities were scarce in the recession-stricken city. Job opportunities were abundant in the thriving metropolis.
Adequate Masks were scarce during the pandemic. Masks were adequate for everyone post-lockdown.
Overflowing The cupboards were scarce during the financial struggle. The cupboards were overflowing with food after the harvest.
Surplus Resources were scarce due to the economic crisis. Resources were surplus following the government grant.
Sufficient Water supply was scarce in the drought-ridden area. Water supply was sufficient in the well-maintained city.
Glut Healthy foods were scarce in the vending machines. Unhealthy snacks were in glut on the store shelves.
Lavish Time was scarce leading up to the deadline. Time was lavish during the extended period.
Ample Opportunities to travel were scarce during the lockdown. Opportunities to travel were ample after the restrictions were lifted.
Generous Support was scarce for the struggling family. Support was generous from the community in their time of need.
Plentiful Innovation was scarce in the outdated industry. Innovation was plentiful in the tech sector.
Infinte Patience was scarce during the challenging times. Patience was infinite in dealing with the situation.
Overabundant Fresh produce was scarce in the food desert. Fresh produce was overabundant at the farmer’s market.
Excessive Sleep was scarce before the important presentation. Sleep was excessive after the successful delivery.
Wealthy Resources were scarce in the disaster-stricken region. Resources were wealthy in the prosperous city.
Full Free time was scarce during the busy season. Free time was full after the project was completed.
Overflowing Flowers were scarce in the arid region. Flowers were overflowing in the lush garden.
Plentiful Nomination for leadership roles was scarce in the non-profit organization. Nomination for leadership roles was plentiful in the corporate sector.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SCARCE

In conclusion, while scarcity implies limitedness or insufficiency, abundance signifies surplus or plenitude. The availability of resources can vary greatly, ranging from the rare to the plentiful. Ensuring that essential resources are not scarce but rather abundant can foster development, sustainability, and overall well-being in a society. By recognizing and addressing disparity in resource access, communities can strive towards a more equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities, ultimately promoting growth and prosperity for all.

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