Opposite of SCRUPLES – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for scruples refer to concepts or qualities that embody the absence of moral hesitation or qualms. These antonyms are essentially words or phrases that represent a lack of reluctance or ethical considerations when making decisions or taking actions.

Individuals who exhibit antonyms for scruples tend to act without restraint or inhibition, often disregarding ethical or moral considerations. They are likely to make decisions based solely on self-interest or personal gain, without pausing to evaluate the consequences or implications of their actions.

By understanding the antonyms for scruples, we can gain insight into contrasting qualities that reflect a lack of moral principles or ethical boundaries. Exploring these opposing concepts can provide a deeper understanding of moral decision-making and the importance of considering ethical implications in our choices and behaviors.

35 Antonyms for SCRUPLES With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for scruples. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SCRUPLES antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Scruples Sentence with Antonym
Unscrupulous She couldn’t bring herself to cheat without scruples. She had no issue cheating unscrupulously.
Amoral The decision to lie didn’t bother him as he had no moral scruples. He made the dishonest decision amorally.
Indifferent He acted on his scruples and refused to participate in the unethical scheme. He was indifferent and didn’t care about the moral implications.
Unprincipled Being principled, she followed her scruples and declined the corrupt offer. He was unprincipled and accepted the unethical deal.
Carefree She went through life with scruples, always mindful of right and wrong. He moved through life carefree, not concerned with moral dilemmas.
Unethical He decided to not participate in the project, following his ethical scruples. He disregarded his values and went along with the unethical plan.
Shameless She couldn’t deceive, filled with scruples about telling the truth. He told the lies shamelessly, without any regard for honesty.
Unconscientious His business practices were always honorable, guided by his conscientious scruples. The competitor was unconscientious, resorting to deceit to get ahead.
Ruthless He was known for being kind and compassionate, with strong moral scruples. The ruthless leader did not share his scruples and would do anything to win.
Untrustworthy He was faithful and reliable in carrying out his duties, driven by his strong scruples. His behavior was untrustworthy, lacking in integrity.
Dishonest She always acted with integrity, never willing to do anything that went against her moral scruples. He resorted to dishonest tactics, not constrained by any personal scruples.
Unscrupulous The entrepreneur built a successful business without any moral scruples. His rival was unscrupulous and did whatever it took to get ahead.
Unprincipled The politician stuck to his principles and wouldn’t compromise his moral scruples. His opponent was unprincipled and didn’t hesitate to go against their values.
Unethical The lawyer refused to take the morally wrong path, guided by her ethical scruples. His behavior in the case was unethical, not following any moral guidelines.
Shameless She couldn’t disregard her scruples and tell a lie, even if it meant avoiding trouble. He lied shamelessly, not caring about the consequences of his actions.
Unconscientious He was diligent and methodical in his work, always following his conscientious scruples. His coworker was unconscientious, often cutting corners and not fulfilling responsibilities.
Ruthless The soldier was known for his kindness, unable to carry out any action against his scruples. The ruthless dictator didn’t have any scruples and would do anything to maintain power.
Untrustworthy His reliability and honesty were evident in his actions, rooted in his strong scruples. His behavior was considered untrustworthy, as he couldn’t be relied upon.
Dishonest The accountant never had to face allegations of fraud, adhering to his moral scruples. She was dishonest and didn’t have any scruples about manipulating the figures.
Dishonorable He always conducted himself with honor, guided by his moral scruples. The rival team was dishonorable, unbothered by breaching any ethical codes.
Unbiased She always took a fair and impartial approach, using her moral scruples as a guide. He was unbiased in his decisions, not affected by any personal scruples.
Defiant Despite the pressure, she remained steadfast in her moral beliefs, true to her scruples. He was defiant against any ethical boundaries, not restricted by scruples.
Unreserved She was always cautious, weighing her actions with her moral scruples. He was unreserved, diving into situations without any regard for moral considerations.
Unassuming She was modest and humble, values instilled in her by her strong scruples. He was unassuming in his behavior, not hindered by any scruples.
Abhorrent He couldn’t stand the thought of wrongdoing, always guided by his moral scruples. The abhorrent behavior shown by the group was in stark contrast to his scruples.
Irresponsible She was seen as reliable, always following her moral scruples and doing the right thing. He was irresponsible and didn’t consider the impact of his actions on others’ scruples.
Pendulous She hesitated, contemplating the decision carefully with regard to her moral scruples. He was pendulous and indecisive, lacking any guiding scruples.
Undignified She conducted herself with dignity, always considering her moral scruples. His behavior was completely undignified, devoid of any sense of scruples.
Unethical He couldn’t compromise his moral scruples and engage in the dishonest business practice. His actions were considered unethical, as he didn’t adhere to any scruples.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SCRUPLES

Having a lack of scruples can lead to unethical behavior and moral dilemmas. When individuals ignore their conscience and principles, they may engage in dishonest or harmful actions without hesitation. Conversely, being conscientious and having scruples can guide individuals to make ethical decisions and uphold their values. It is important to consider the consequences of disregarding one’s scruples and strive to act with integrity in all aspects of life.

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