Opposite of SCRUPULOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When examining the concept of antonyms for scrupulous, it is essential to understand the meaning of the term “scrupulous.” The term scrupulous refers to being diligent, meticulous, and meticulous in carrying out tasks or duties. Individuals who are scrupulous pay close attention to detail and are conscientious in their actions, often possessing a strong sense of moral integrity.

Conversely, antonyms for scrupulous encompass characteristics that are in opposition to diligence and meticulousness. These antonyms may include traits such as careless, negligent, or hasty in performing tasks or duties. People who exhibit these antonyms for scrupulous may lack attention to detail and may not display the same level of conscientiousness in their actions.

Understanding the antonyms for scrupulous provides insight into contrasting behavior and attitudes towards tasks and responsibilities. By recognizing the opposite characteristics of scrupulousness, individuals can better comprehend the importance of being diligent and detail-oriented in various aspects of life.

35 Antonyms for SCRUPULOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for scrupulous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SCRUPULOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Scrupulous Sentence with Antonym
Careless She meticulously checked every detail of the report. He was careless and overlooked many errors.
Negligent The lawyer was diligent in preparing for the case. The accountant was negligent in handling the finances.
Inattentive The inspector was thorough in his examination. The student was inattentive during the lecture.
Reckless The chef was methodical in following the recipe. The driver was reckless on the road.
Sloppy The editor was precise in her editing work. The painter was sloppy in his brushwork.
Haphazard His work was precise and well-documented. Her approach was haphazard and disorganized.
Slack She is known for being conscientious with her duties. The employee was slack in completing tasks.
Lax The supervisor was careful with quality control. The manager was lax in enforcing policies.
Unsystematic He always followed the rules with meticulous detail. She had an unsystematic approach to her work.
Indifferent The researcher was rigorous in conducting the experiment. The teacher was indifferent to student progress.
Flippant The architect was meticulous in designing the structure. The designer was flippant about the project specifications.
Nonchalant The engineer had a scrupulous approach to problem-solving. The counselor was nonchalant about the issues raised.
Lazy The artist was known for her scrupulous attention to detail. The assistant was lazy and often made mistakes.
Inconsiderate The supervisor was observant and caught the error. The coworker was inconsiderate and did not help.
Irresponsible The accountant was always diligent with the budget. The manager was irresponsible with the company finances.
Deceitful The inspector was meticulous in uncovering the truth. The con artist was deceitful in his schemes.
Inexact The mathematician was exact in his calculations. The journalist was inexact in reporting the facts.
Slapdash The chef was thorough in preparing the meal. The painter was slapdash in his brushstrokes.
Neglectful The nurse was conscientious in caring for the patients. The janitor was neglectful in cleaning the facility.
Laid-back She was meticulous in organizing the event. He was laid-back and not concerned about details.
Messy The cleaner was precise in arranging the items. The toddler was messy and scattered toys everywhere.
Unconcerned The investigator was meticulous in gathering evidence. The witness was unconcerned and indifferent.
Shoddy The tailor’s work was meticulous and of high quality. The artisan’s work was shoddy and poorly crafted.
Rough She was scrupulous in her dealings with clients. He was rough and careless in his interactions.
Casual The surgeon was known for his meticulous work. The photographer was casual about capturing the moment.
Disorganized The architect’s plans were thorough and detailed. The student was disorganized and lost important notes.
Lackadaisical The employee was conscientious in completing the tasks. The manager was lackadaisical and didn’t care about deadlines.
Frivolous The detective was diligent in solving the case. The socialite was frivolous and didn’t take things seriously.
Turbulent The artist was meticulous in creating the masterpiece. The relationship was turbulent and full of conflicts.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SCRUPULOUS

In evaluating a person’s moral conduct, it is crucial to consider the antonyms of scrupulous behavior, such as careless, negligent, or careless. Individuals who act with negligence or carelessness may overlook important details and fail to adhere to ethical standards. Conversely, those who are diligent, meticulous, and conscientious in their actions are more likely to exhibit scrupulous behavior, displaying a commitment to thoroughness and integrity.

By recognizing the antonyms of scrupulousness, we can better understand the importance of conscientious and meticulous behavior in upholding moral principles. It is essential to strive for diligence and thoroughness in our actions to ensure that we maintain integrity and adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct in all aspects of life.

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