Opposite of SECURE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of the word “secure,” we often associate it with safety, protection, and stability. In contrast, antonyms for secure refer to states of vulnerability, uncertainty, and instability. Understanding these opposing concepts provides depth and clarity to our understanding of security in various contexts.

Antonyms for secure encompass a range of emotions and situations where assurance is lacking, and there is a sense of exposure to danger or risk. These contrasting terms highlight the fragility and impermanence inherent in the absence of security, emphasizing the importance of establishing stability and safeguards in our daily lives.

Exploring antonyms for secure allows us to appreciate the significance of feeling safe and protected in our environments. By recognizing the opposite end of the spectrum, we gain a broader perspective on the concept of security and the measures we take to mitigate potential threats or vulnerabilities.

35 Antonyms for SECURE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for secure. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SECURE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Secure Sentence with Antonym
Vulnerable She made sure to lock all the doors at night to feel secure. Leaving the doors unlocked made her feel vulnerable.
Unsafe She felt secure in her decision to use a safety belt. She felt unsafe without wearing a safety belt.
Exposed The password manager keeps all your sensitive data secure. Sharing your password openly leaves your data exposed.
Unprotected The guard dog’s presence made them feel secure in the dark. Without the guard dog, they felt unprotected in the dark.
Unsteady The rope ladder didn’t feel very secure hanging off the side of the boat. The ladder seemed unsteady as it swayed in the wind.
Unstable The old chair was surprisingly secure despite its wobbly appearance. The chair felt unstable when sat on, rocking back and forth.
Insecure She took extra measures to keep her personal information secure. Not safeguarding her information made her feel insecure.
Unsafe Following all traffic laws makes driving a car feel secure. Reckless driving can quickly turn a safe drive into an unsafe one.
Endangered The conservation efforts aimed to keep the endangered species secure in their natural habitats. Expanding urban areas were threatening to leave the species endangered.
Unlocked The homeowner felt secure knowing all the windows were properly locked at night. Leaving the windows unlocked made him feel uneasy.
Unrestricted The app required a secure login for access to personal data. Without restrictions, anyone could access the data, making it unrestricted.
Frightened The child felt secure holding his mother’s hand in the dark. Alone in the dark, he felt scared and frightened.
Unsound The bridge’s construction was very secure and sturdy. The old bridge was crumbling and considered unsound for crossing.
Shaky The foundation felt secure after being reinforced. Without proper support, the structure felt shaky and insecure.
Unprotected The fence around the property made the residents feel secure. The missing sections of the fence left the property unprotected.
Unfastened The seatbelt must be tightly fastened to ensure a secure ride. Driving with the seatbelt unfastened can be unsafe.
Unreliable The old safe was known for being secure and dependable. Using an unreliable safe puts valuables at risk.
Threatened The military base was kept secure amidst threats of attack. The government facility remained threatened and vulnerable.
Insecure Confirming the delivery address made her feel secure about the package. Forgetting to double-check made her feel insecure about the delivery.
Perilous The path across the unstable rocks felt secure with proper guiding ropes. Without the ropes, the path was treacherous and perilous to navigate.
Unanchored The boat felt secure with all its anchors firmly in place. Sailing without anchoring would make the boat feel unanchored.
Danger The safe provided a secure place to keep valuable documents. Leaving the documents out in the open would put them at danger.
Exposed The encryption method used kept the data secure from external threats. Storing data in plain text made it exposed and vulnerable.
Helpless She felt secure in the knowledge that her friends had her back. Left alone in a time of need, she felt helpless and vulnerable.
Unlocked The bike lock was secure, ensuring that the bicycle was locked. Leaving the bicycle handlebars unlocked would leave it vulnerable.
Uncertain The strong foundation made the building feel secure during the storm. Without a solid structure, the building would feel shaky and uncertain.
Unprotected Wearing a helmet made the rider feel secure while biking. Riding without a helmet felt unprotected and unsafe.
Imperiled The wildlife sanctuary was kept secure from potential dangers. Expanding industrial areas imperiled the sanctuaries.
Impermanent The implant was securely placed to ensure lasting results. The temporary solution felt shaky and impermanent.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SECURE

In a world filled with uncertainties and vulnerabilities, it is crucial to acknowledge the absence of stability and assurance. In an environment where risk and jeopardy prevail, ensuring safety and protection becomes a challenging task. Without stability, we are left exposed to threats and dangers, making it imperative to address the lack of security in our lives.

By recognizing the opposite of security, we become more attuned to the potential risks and uncertainties that surround us. It is essential to strive for stability and safeguard ourselves from the vulnerabilities that come with the absence of security. Only by acknowledging and understanding these contrasts can we take proactive steps to protect ourselves and create a safer environment for all.

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