Opposite of SELF – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for self refer to words or phrases that are opposites or contradictions of the concept of self. In language, these antonyms serve as a way to articulate ideas that reflect the opposite of personal identities, characteristics, or actions typically associated with the self.

Exploring antonyms for self allows for a deeper understanding of how language can convey contrasting meanings that challenge perceptions of selfhood. By identifying and utilizing antonyms for self, individuals can expand their vocabulary and express complex thoughts or emotions that diverge from conventional notions of self-awareness and identity.

In literature, psychology, and everyday communication, antonyms for self play a crucial role in articulating a range of emotions, attitudes, and perspectives that deviate from the self. By recognizing and employing these antonyms, individuals can enhance their ability to communicate effectively, convey nuanced meanings, and enrich their understanding of the multifaceted nature of self-concept.

35 Antonyms for SELF With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for self. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SELF antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Self Sentence with Antonym
Other She loves herself She loves others
Public He keeps his thoughts to himself He expresses his thoughts openly
Extrinsic He is motivated by his own self-interest He is motivated by altruism
Sociable She enjoys spending time by herself She is very sociable and outgoing
External His actions are guided by his inner self His actions are influenced by external factors
Group He prefers working by himself He thrives in a group environment
Interdependent They value their independence They thrive on being interdependent
Incongruent Her words and actions are aligned with her true self Her words and actions seem incongruent
Outgoing She is very introspective She is extremely outgoing
Unsociable He is a very private person He is quite unsociable
Unshared The experience was personal to her The experience was unshared
Synonymous In his mind, self-respect is self-worth In his mind, self-respect is synonymous
Usurious She is generous and not selfish She is deemed usurious by many
Enhance His focus is on self-improvement His focus is on diminishing his abilities
Affirmative She believes in self-love She struggles with self-doubt
Outward Her beauty is admired by others Her outward appearance is captivating
Superficial He is interested in self-reflection He tends to keep conversations superficial
Dependent She is very self-reliant She is quite dependent on others
Contrary His beliefs are based on self-truth His beliefs are often seen as contrary to popular opinion
Interpersonal He prefers activities that involve self-reflection He enjoys activities that are interpersonal
Relational She is very individualistic She thrives in relational settings
Abroad She is focused on self-care She is currently studying abroad
Disconnected He feels disconnected from his true self He is very self-connected
Altruistic She always puts herself first She is known for her altruistic nature
Popular He is not concerned about self-image He is overly concerned about being popular
Excluded She was the sole beneficiary of the prize She felt excluded from the group
Acquired His skills were self-taught His skills were acquired through training
Complimentary Her actions are selfless Her actions are self-serving and complimentary to her goals
Socialize She prefers to be on her own She loves to socialize and meet new people
Hidden He keeps his feelings to himself He always has a hidden agenda in mind
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SELF

In exploring various antonyms for the concept of self, we have delved into different words that offer contrasting meanings. These antonyms highlight the idea of selflessness, where individuals prioritize others over themselves. Whether it’s through acts of generosity, altruism, or humility, these antonyms showcase a broader perspective that values the well-being of others above personal interests.

By examining these antonyms for self, we are reminded of the importance of empathy, compassion, and putting others first. Embracing these contrasting qualities can lead to stronger relationships, a greater sense of community, and a more fulfilling life based on giving rather than solely on individual desires.

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