Opposite of SEND – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for send are words that express the opposite action of transmitting something from one place to another. In language, antonyms provide contrasting meanings to words, creating depth and nuance to communication. Understanding antonyms for send can help individuals convey different messages and refine their writing or speech.

The concept of antonyms for send involves grasping words that signify various actions or lack of action related to dispatching items or information. By recognizing antonyms for send, individuals can expand their vocabulary and enhance their ability to communicate effectively by expressing a wide range of ideas. This understanding allows for clearer and more precise articulation of messages across different contexts and mediums.

Exploring antonyms for send offers a deeper insight into the intricacies of language and the multifaceted ways in which ideas and actions can be communicated. By incorporating antonyms into one’s vocabulary, individuals can add richness and variety to their expressions, enabling them to tailor their communication to specific situations and achieve greater clarity in their interactions.

35 Antonyms for SEND With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for send. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SEND antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Send Sentence with Antonym
Receive She sent a gift to her friend. She received a gift from her friend.
Hold Please send the package to the address provided. Please withhold the package and do not deliver it.
Keep I will send this information to you shortly. I will not keep this information from you.
Retain He sent an email to all employees. He chose to release the email rather than retain it.
Return Can you send the files back once you have read them? Can you return the files once you have read them?
Deliver The courier will send the parcel tomorrow. The courier will not deliver the parcel today.
Forward I will send your message to the team. I will not forward your message to the team.
Dispatch The company sent out orders to customers. The company delayed and did not dispatch the orders.
Mail He sent a letter through the post office. He did not mail the letter as planned.
Ship The company will send the products overseas. The company will not ship the products locally.
Pass Please send the document to the next person. Please do not pass the document along yet.
Transmit The satellite will send signals to the earth. The satellite will not transmit any signals.
Leave I will send your regards when I see her. I will not leave out your regards when I see her.
Refrain She decided to send an invitation for the event. She chose to refrain from sending an invitation.
Withdraw He has sent his application for the job. He must now withdraw his application.
Fetch Can you send the keys over to my house? Can you fetch the keys for me instead?
Deliver The courier sent the package to the wrong address. The courier failed to deliver the package properly.
Receive The company plans to send a new shipment soon. The company expects to receive a new shipment soon.
Recede The waves sent seashells up the shore. The waves began to recede, taking the shells away.
Emit The factory sent fumes into the air. The factory took measures not to emit any fumes.
Return Can you send this book back to the library? Can you return this book to the library?
Repel The smell sent everyone running from the room. The scent did not repel anyone; it was pleasant.
Feed She always sends her condolences in a card. She forgot to feed her condolences in a card.
Convey The translator will send the message on to us. The translator will not convey the message.
Ship They decided to send the goods by air. They chose not to ship the goods by air.
Greet He sent his best wishes to them as they arrived. He did not greet them with his best wishes.
Repatriate The government plans to send back the refugees. The government has decided not to repatriate the refugees.
Extend The professor sent the deadline for the report. The professor did not extend the deadline.
Receive Please send your RSVP to the invitation. Please receive the RSVP to the invitation.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SEND

In communication, there are various ways to not send a message, such as withhold, keep, retain, or hold back information. Alternatively, one can receive, accept, acquire, or take in messages from others. These antonyms for send provide a range of options for how information can be shared or received. It is important to consider these different approaches in order to effectively engage in communication and ensure that messages are delivered and understood appropriately. By being mindful of the opposite actions of sending, one can enhance their communication skills and adapt to various situations where different methods of transmitting or receiving information may be required.

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