Opposite of SHABBY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you searching for words that convey the opposite of “shabby”? Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a clear contrast to a particular term. In the case of “shabby,” finding its antonyms can help you describe something that is opposite in quality, condition, or appearance.

Antonyms for “shabby” can help you express notions of elegance, sophistication, or excellence. By exploring these contrasting terms, you can more precisely communicate the idea of something being well-maintained, stylish, or of high quality. This can be particularly useful when describing clothing, surroundings, or overall standards of living in a positive light.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your vocabulary, improve your writing, or simply convey a more positive image, understanding the antonyms for “shabby” can be beneficial. These opposite words allow you to effectively convey the concept of something being well-kept, luxurious, or top-notch, providing a nuanced and refined way to express yourself.

35 Antonyms for SHABBY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for shabby. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SHABBY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Shabby Sentence with Antonym
Elegant She wore a shabby dress to the party. She looked elegant in her designer gown.
Sophisticated The interior of the old house was shabby. The newly renovated mansion looked sophisticated.
Luxurious Their shabby apartment was in need of repairs. They stayed at a luxurious hotel during their vacation.
Stylish His shabby appearance made him stand out. Her stylish outfit caught everyone’s attention.
Upscale The shabby neighborhood was in stark contrast to the upscale shopping district. The boutique was located in an upscale area of town.
Chic The furniture in the waiting room looked shabby and outdated. The new decor gave the office a chic and modern look.
Tidy The room was shabby and cluttered with old furniture. After cleaning up, the room looked tidy and organized.
Polished His shabby shoes were scuffed and worn. Her polished heels clicked on the marble floor.
Immaculate The shabby blanket was covered in stains and holes. She preferred to use immaculate linens for the guest room.
Spruce The old house looked shabby with peeling paint. After renovations, the house appeared spruce and inviting.
Pristine The shabby car struggled to start each morning. The new sports car was kept in pristine condition.
Gleaming Her shabby appearance was a stark contrast to her gleaming jewelry. The showroom cars were spotless and gleaming under the lights.
Upscale The restaurant’s shabby decor did not reflect its upscale menu. The newly decorated dining area exuded an upscale ambiance.
Plush Their living room furniture looked shabby and outdated. The plush velvet sofa added a touch of luxury to the room.
Dapper His rumpled suit looked shabby next to his dapper colleague. The dapper gentleman always dressed in a sharp suit.
Glamorous Her shabby clothes were in stark contrast to the glamorous party. She put on a glamorous gown for the red carpet event.
Sophisticated The old watch looked shabby compared to the sophisticated new model. He admired the sophisticated design of the latest smartphone.
Refined The shabby cabin in the woods was far from refined. The elegant ballroom exuded a sense of refined taste.
Plush The shabby carpet had seen better days. She preferred the plush feel of the new carpet under her feet.
Genteel Their shabby appearance did not fit the genteel event. Only those with genteel manners were invited to the exclusive club.
Neat The shabby storefront needed a fresh coat of paint. The garden was kept neat and well-manicured.
Lavish The shabby accommodations left much to be desired. They spared no expense on the lavish wedding ceremony.
Posh The shabby cafe was a far cry from the posh restaurant downtown. She enjoyed dining at posh restaurants with upscale decor.
Impeccable Her shabby outfit was wrinkled and worn. She always dressed in impeccable clothes for work.
Sumptuous The shabby apartment had old furniture and peeling wallpaper. The luxurious suite offered sumptuous amenities and elegant decor.
Ritzy The shabby motel was certainly not a ritzy establishment. They chose to stay at a ritzy hotel for their anniversary getaway.
Tailored His shabby suit was ill-fitting and worn. The new suit was tailored to fit him perfectly.
Dapper She felt shabby next to her dapper date. His dapper attire made him the center of attention.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SHABBY

In summary, the antonyms for shabby encompass terms like elegant, refined, and sophisticated. These words represent the opposite of worn-out, dilapidated, and unkempt. While shabby connotes a lack of quality and care, its antonyms embody a sense of beauty, grace, and excellence. By choosing to emulate qualities such as pristine, stylish, and polished, one can elevate their surroundings and appearance to reflect a more luxurious and well-maintained aesthetic.

When opting for the antonyms of shabby, individuals can transform their living spaces and wardrobes into showcases of elegance and taste. Embracing terms like exquisite, impeccable, and deluxe can help cultivate a sense of refinement and class in one’s lifestyle. By incorporating these antonyms for shabby, one can create an environment that exudes sophistication and charm, leaving behind any traces of neglect or disrepair.

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