Opposite of SHARP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing language and vocabulary, one important concept to understand is antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings or are on the opposite end of a spectrum. They serve as a fundamental aspect of language, allowing for clear communication by providing contrasting terms to help convey different ideas.

When focusing on the concept of sharpness, which denotes a pointed or keen edge, antonyms can offer a range of alternatives that convey a lack of sharpness. These antonyms provide various options to describe objects, feelings, or qualities that are not sharp in nature, offering a diverse vocabulary to articulate different characteristics or states of being.

Exploring antonyms for sharp can lead to a deeper understanding of the nuances of language and how words can convey different meanings based on their opposite qualities. By delving into the world of antonyms, one can expand their linguistic capabilities and effectively express a broader spectrum of ideas and descriptions beyond just sharpness.

35 Antonyms for SHARP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for sharp. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SHARP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Sharp Sentence with Antonym
Dull He carefully avoided the sharp stones. It was safe to walk barefoot on the dull road.
Blunt The chef used a sharp knife to slice onions. A blunt knife will not cut through the steak.
Rounded The sharp edges of the glass were dangerous. The rounded edges of the stone were smooth.
Soft His sharp criticism hurt her feelings. Her soft response calmed the tense situation.
Smooth The sharp rocks made walking difficult. The sand was smooth between her toes.
Flat His sharp wit never failed to entertain. Her humor was gentle and flat, but kind.
Mild She gave him a sharp look with disappointment. Her smile was mild and understanding.
Gentle The sharp points on the fence were dangerous. The gentle breeze was refreshing on the hot day.
Rounded The dancer’s movements were sharp and precise. His moves were rounded and fluid.
Slow The car came to a sharp halt at the red light. The vehicle began to move at a slow pace.
Blurred The sharp image on the screen was easy to see. The picture was blurred and hard to make out.
Fuzzy Her sharp memory allowed her to recall details. His fuzzy recollection made it hard to remember.
Muted The sharp sound of the alarm startled the cat. The muted alarm barely caught anyone’s attention.
Mellow His sharp tone didn’t match his friendly smile. She spoke in a mellow voice that soothed him.
Calm Her sharp words pierced through his calm demeanor. His calm response diffused the tension in the room.
Weak The sharp knife easily sliced through the bread. The weak blade struggled to cut through the meat.
Feeble She felt a sharp pain shoot up her leg. The feeble ache in her shoulder was bearable.
Rounded The architect favored sharp angles in his design. The artist preferred rounded shapes and curves.
Pointed The sharp spear was used for hunting. The pointed stick was abandoned on the ground.
Round He used a sharp pencil to write the note. She scribbled with a round crayon to color.
Muted The sharp colors of the painting popped out. The muted shades blended softly into the canvas.
Blurred The sharp lines of the drawing were striking. The image looked blurred and unclear from afar.
Dull The professor’s lecture was rarely sharp. The presentation given was boring and dull.
Smooth The sharp wind cut through their jackets. The air was smooth and warm on the calm day.
Jagged The sharp rocks on the path were treacherous. The ground was filled with jagged rocks below.
Dull The sword had a sharp edge that cut effortlessly. The blunt blade was dull and ineffective.
Mild His sharp criticism stung more than anticipated. Her mild rebuke was gentle and easy to handle.
Round She chose the sharp pencil for detailed sketches. The round brush was perfect for broad strokes.
Flat His sharp words cut deep into her confidence. Her flat tone showed indifference rather than anger.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SHARP

In this article, we have explored a range of antonyms for the term “sharp.” From dull to blurred, the opposite of sharp can refer to a variety of qualities, including focus, intellect, and objects with pointed edges. By investigating these antonyms, we gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of language and the nuances of describing precision and acuity.

By expanding our vocabulary to encompass the diverse antonyms for sharp, we can enhance our ability to communicate effectively and express ideas with clarity. Remembering that there are many ways to describe the opposite of sharp allows for richer, more nuanced descriptions in both verbal and written communication.

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