Opposite of SHRINK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for shrink refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of making something smaller in size, extent, or value. These antonyms are used to describe actions of expanding, growing, or enlarging rather than reducing or diminishing.

When we explore antonyms for shrink, we encounter words that symbolize concepts like increasing in size or quantity. These antonyms imply the idea of something expanding or swelling rather than contracting or decreasing. They provide a contrast to the concept of shrinkage by suggesting a movement towards amplification or extension.

By understanding antonyms for shrink, we gain a clearer understanding of language and are able to effectively communicate ideas of growth, enlargement, or augmentation. These antonyms offer a broader range of vocabulary choices and allow for more precise and nuanced expression in our writing and speech.

35 Antonyms for SHRINK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for shrink. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SHRINK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Shrink Sentence with Antonym
Expand The sweater shrank in the wash. The company plans to expand its operations this year.
Grow The population in the town continues to shrink. The flowers in the garden are beginning to grow.
Enlarge The file size needs to be shrunk before emailing. The text should be enlarged for better visibility.
Increase My savings account seems to shrink every month. We need to increase our efforts to meet the deadline.
Extend The fabric shrank after being washed. We need to extend the deadline for the project.
Stretch The t-shirt shrank in the dryer. Be careful not to stretch the fabric too much.
Enlarge The painting has started to shrink due to humidity. We decided to enlarge the picture to showcase the details.
Expand The business decided to shrink its workforce. The store is planning to expand its product line.
Lengthen The river shrank during the dry season. They want to lengthen the meeting to discuss all points.
Swell The balloon shrank overnight. The tide caused the river to swell beyond its banks.
Amplify The music player shrank in size over the years. We will amplify the sound for better clarity.
Develop The town’s population seems to shrink every year. The urban area is expected to develop rapidly.
Enlarge The photograph has started to shrink. Can you please enlarge the font size for readability?
Widen The road shrank due to the landslide. The city council plans to widen the streets for better traffic flow.
Strengthen The team’s performance shrank in the crucial game. Regular practice sessions will help strengthen the team.
Plump The raisins tend to shrink when dehydrated. The grapes will plump up after soaking in water.
Broaden The painting shrank in size during shipping. The artist decided to broaden the color palette for the artwork.
Enlarge The box appeared to shrink after being left in the sun. We need to enlarge the font for the presentation slides.
Escalate Due to financial issues, the company had to shrink. The marketing budget is expected to escalate next quarter.
Enhance The soup shrank as it simmered on the stove. Add some spices to enhance the flavor of the dish.
Inflate Balloons tend to shrink over time. Use a pump to inflate the balloons for the party.
Unfold The paper shrank after being exposed to water. It’s fascinating to see a flower unfold its petals.
Strengthen My trust in him shrank after his betrayal. We need to strengthen our relationship with the clients.
Swell The fruit juice shrank due to evaporation. The injured foot started to swell after the accident.
Broaden The scope of the research project shrank due to resource limitations. Let’s broaden the discussion to include more viewpoints.
Expand The school shrank its enrollment this year. Plans are in place to expand the library’s collection.
Enhance The rubber band shrank after being stretched. Using a special formula will enhance the properties of the material.
Extend The budget needs to be shrunk to fit the new plan. We may need to extend the event to accommodate all activities.
Thicken The fog began to shrink as the sun rose. Add some flour to thicken the sauce.
Enlarge The text shrank in size on its own. Can you enlarge the image to see the details better?
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SHRINK

In summary, instead of shrinking, things can expand, grow, increase, or enlarge. While some may decrease, contract, or diminish, others could rise, extend, surge, or escalate. The opposite of items reducing in size includes swelling, swelling, bulging, developing, advancing, or enlarging. By exploring these contrasting terms, we can better understand the concept of expansion and the diverse ways in which things can change in size or magnitude. It is apparent that language offers a rich tapestry of words to describe the vast array of transformations that objects and quantities can undergo.

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