Opposite of SLANDER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for slander refer to words or expressions that are the direct opposite of making false and damaging statements about someone. While slander involves spreading malicious falsehoods to harm someone’s reputation, antonyms for slander focus on positive, respectful, and honest ways of communicating with others.

Using antonyms for slander helps to maintain integrity and build trust in relationships. By choosing words that are truthful, kind, and uplifting, individuals can foster a culture of honesty and respect in their interactions with others. Antonyms for slander promote a healthy and constructive communication environment where people feel valued and understood.

In contrast to spreading harmful rumors or lies, employing antonyms for slander encourages empathy, understanding, and compassion. By rejecting slanderous behavior and embracing its antonyms, individuals can contribute to a harmonious and supportive social environment where people feel safe, respected, and appreciated.

35 Antonyms for SLANDER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for slander. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SLANDER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Slander Sentence with Antonym
Praise The slanderous rumors about her reputation spread quickly Her colleagues always praise her work ethic
Defend He continued to slander her name despite her defending him She never fails to defend her friends when they are in trouble
Compliment Instead of slandering his appearance, she gave him a sincere compliment Her honest compliments always make people smile
Protect He was accused of slandering the company to harm its reputation, but he only wanted to protect whistleblowers It is important to protect the rights of those who speak up against injustice
Honor The actor’s publicist worked hard to counter the slander and restore his honor His honorable actions speak louder than any slander against him
Cherish She would never slander her best friend whom she deeply cherished True friends always cherish each other’s trust
Uphold The unethical news coverage led to widespread slander, undermining efforts to uphold journalistic standards It is important to uphold the truth and not engage in harmful slander
Approve The false slander nearly caused him to lose his job, but his boss eventually approved his innocence His hard work and dedication were enough to earn his boss’s approval
Compliment The slanderous comments made her feel terrible until someone gave her a heartfelt compliment Kind compliments can counteract hurtful slander
Honor He faced slander from jealous colleagues, but his honor remained intact His actions demonstrated his true honor despite the slander he endured
Validate Instead of slandering others, he sought to validate their perspectives It is important to validate each person’s feelings instead of resorting to slander
Advocate The false slander against the vulnerable population stirred up emotions, but an advocate worked to set the record straight The advocate fought for justice against the harmful slander
Celebrate Instead of spreading slander, she chose to celebrate her friend’s achievements True friends always find ways to celebrate rather than slander each other
Trust He lost his job due to slander, but later gained it back through trust and hard work Rebuilding trust after a slander can take time and effort
Praise Despite facing slander in the media, she continued to praise her team for their hard work It is important to offer genuine praise instead of indulging in slander
Uphold The lawyer was known for upholding justice, never resorting to slander against opponents To uphold integrity means to refrain from harmful slander
Defend Despite the false slander, his friends stood by him, always ready to defend his character True friends will defend you against unfair slander accusations
Appreciate Instead of engaging in hurtful slander, he chose to appreciate the efforts of his colleagues It is always better to appreciate rather than slander others
Cherish She could never understand why anyone would slander her, as all she wanted was to cherish the moments with loved ones Cherishing memories is far more rewarding than indulging in slander
Acknowledge Despite the false slander, he chose to acknowledge his mistakes and learn from them It takes courage to acknowledge faults when faced with unjust slander
Respect The community refused to engage in slander, choosing instead to respect each other’s opinions Upholding respect minimizes the need for harmful slander
Admire When faced with slander, she maintained her composure by focusing on the qualities she admired in herself Focusing on self-admiration helps combat external slander
Validate They felt hurt by the slander, but a sincere apology helped validate their feelings It is important to validate emotions after experiencing hurtful slander
Protect The organization worked hard to protect its employees from slander and false accusations Creating a safe space helps protect individuals from harmful slander
Celebrate Despite the ongoing slander, the team chose to celebrate their successes and accomplishments Focusing on celebrating achievements can counteract negativity from slander
Defend She faced relentless slander, but her ability to defend her beliefs never wavered Knowing how to defend yourself against slander is essential
Cherish Instead of participating in slander, the community chose to cherish the memories of their shared experiences Cherishing moments of unity can bring people closer and reduce the need for slander
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SLANDER

It is important to recognize the difference between truth and falsehood when it comes to spreading information about others. While praise can build relationships and trust, spreading false information can harm someone’s reputation and relationships. Being mindful of the words we use and ensuring they are truthful and kind can help prevent misunderstandings and hurtful situations.

By choosing words that are honest and complimentary, we can foster positive interactions and maintain healthy relationships. Rather than engaging in false accusations and damaging someone’s reputation with slander, we can choose to uplift and support others with words that are true and respectful. This can lead to a more harmonious and compassionate community where trust and understanding prevail.

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