Opposite of SLIGHT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for slight are words that represent the opposite of something that is small or minor in degree. These antonyms offer a range of options to express the opposite or contrasting meanings of the original term. By utilizing antonyms for slight, individuals can convey a more significant or substantial magnitude or importance in their communication.

The purpose of seeking antonyms for slight is to expand one’s vocabulary and enhance the nuance and precision of language usage. By incorporating antonyms, individuals can convey a more precise and vivid description that captures the intended meaning with greater accuracy. This can be especially useful in written and spoken communication where the choice of words can significantly impact the clarity and effectiveness of the message.

Antonyms for slight play a vital role in communication by providing a diverse and rich array of language options to express contrasting ideas. By exploring and incorporating antonyms in writing and speech, individuals can add depth and complexity to their expression, enabling them to effectively convey the full spectrum of meanings with clarity and impact.

35 Antonyms for SLIGHT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for slight. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SLIGHT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Slight Sentence with Antonym
Praise He received only a slight mentioning in the report. He was showered with praise for his outstanding performance.
Significant The issue has caused her slight discomfort. The problem has had a significant impact on her health.
Major She felt a slight annoyance at the delay. She experienced a major frustration due to the setback.
Hefty The parcel was slightly heavy. The package was hefty and challenging to carry.
Profound His words had only a slight effect on her decision. The experience had a profound impact on her beliefs.
Considerable The price difference was slight between the two items. There was a considerable disparity in the costs of the products.
Serious He showed only a slight interest in the topic. He displayed a serious dedication to learning about the subject.
Severe The injury was slight and required minimal treatment. The wound was severe and needed immediate attention.
Noticeable There was only a slight change in the weather forecast. The shift in temperature was noticeable and unexpected.
Visible The scratch on the car was slight and hardly noticeable. The dent on the vehicle was visible and needed repair.
Considerable The improvement in her health was slight after the treatment. She experienced a considerable boost in wellness following the therapy.
Extensive His knowledge on the subject was only slight. Her expertise in the field was extensive and impressive.
Emphasize The manager gave only slight attention to his request. The supervisor made sure to emphasize the importance of his inquiry.
Momentous The decision was only of slight significance. The election results were momentous and would shape the future.
Intense The heat in the room was only slight compared to outside. The temperature outdoors was intense and unbearable.
Vital The ingredient was only slight in the recipe. The element was vital for the success of the dish.
Severe The drought had only a slight impact on agriculture. The famine had a severe effect, leading to widespread hunger.
Substantial The cost difference was only slight between the two options. There was a substantial variation in prices among the products.
Considerable Her knowledge on the subject was only slight. His expertise in the field was considerable and well-respected.
Essential The additional feature is only slight for the gadget. The upgrade is essential for the device to perform better.
Significant The difference in their scores was just slight. There was a significant gap in their performance levels.
Decent The meal was only slight and didn’t fill him up. The portion was decent and left him satisfied.
Trivial The error was only slight and didn’t affect the outcome. The mistake was trivial and did not impact the final result.
Huge The project had only a slight impact on the company. The initiative had a huge effect on the organization’s growth.
Acute Her distress was only slight due to the news. The patient’s pain was acute and required immediate attention.
Substantial The improvement in her condition was slight after the treatment. There was a substantial enhancement in her health post-therapy.
Vast The discrepancy was only slight between the two numbers. There was a vast contrast in the figures provided.
Prominent The issue had only slight relevance to the discussion. The topic was prominent and central to the debate.
Negligible The delay caused only a slight inconvenience to the schedule. The interruption had a negligible effect on the overall plan.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SLIGHT

Insignificant and trivial are antonyms for substantial, major, or significant. A minor inconvenience can be a major problem if left unaddressed. The significant impact of small changes can lead to major improvements in the long run. Neglecting substantial issues in favor of focusing on insignificant ones can lead to missed opportunities for growth and progress. It is important to prioritize addressing significant matters over minor concerns to achieve meaningful and lasting results.

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