Opposite of SMALL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for “small,” it is beneficial to explore words that represent the opposite end of the size spectrum. These antonyms typically refer to objects or entities that are vast, spacious, or extensive in comparison to their smaller counterparts. By understanding these antonyms, one can better appreciate the diverse range of sizes and dimensions present in the world.

The opposite of small usually denotes something of significant magnitude or size. These antonyms can encompass a wide array of concepts, including large, substantial, or vast. Such terms often depict objects or spaces that are on a grand scale, contrasting the limited dimensions associated with “small.”

Exploring antonyms for small can offer insight into the vast range of sizes and proportions that exist in language and concepts. By examining words that represent the opposite of “small,” one can expand their understanding of size disparities and appreciate the various scales at which objects and entities can be described.

35 Antonyms for SMALL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for small. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SMALL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Small Sentence with Antonym
Big She lived in a small cottage in the woods. He owned a big mansion in the city.
Large The small kitten fit in the palm of her hand. The large elephant could not fit in the room.
Enormous The small box was easily carried up the stairs. The enormous crate required a forklift to move.
Huge The small fire provided some warmth. The huge bonfire could be seen from miles away.
Giant The small plant grew slowly in the shade. The giant redwood towered above the other trees.
Immense The small waves gently lapped at the shore. The immense tidal wave was a terrifying sight.
Massive Her small collection of stamps was valuable. The massive collection of coins filled the room.
Substantial The small portion of cake was not satisfying. The substantial helping of lasagna filled him up.
Grand The small piano sounded lovely in the room. The grand piano filled the concert hall with music.
Oversized The toy was too small for the child to play with. The dollhouse was an oversized replica of a real home.
Vast The small desert oasis provided relief from the heat. The vast ocean extended as far as the eye could see.
Tall The small flower was a delicate shade of pink. The tall sunflowers swayed in the breeze.
Long She lived in a small house in the countryside. The long mansion stretched across the property.
Extensive The small library collection had limited resources. The extensive archives contained books from all eras.
Major The small decision had a big impact on her life. The major decision changed the course of history.
Huge The small snowstorm lightly dusted the town. The huge blizzard buried everything in snow.
Spacious The small closet could barely hold her clothes. The spacious walk-in closet had room for all her outfits.
Big The small leaf floated gently in the stream. The big boulder blocked the path of the river.
Towering The small hill provided a nice view of the valley. The towering mountain loomed over the landscape.
Colossal The small ant struggled to lift the crumb. The colossal elephant effortlessly carried the tree trunk.
Generous The small portion of food left her hungry. The generous serving filled her up completely.
Wide The small hallway was barely wide enough to walk through. The wide corridor could fit several people side by side.
Thick The small book contained a few short stories. The thick novel was a detailed account of historical events.
Plentiful The small harvest would not last through winter. The plentiful harvest filled the barn to capacity.
Bulky The small suitcase barely held her essentials. The bulky suitcase was difficult to carry due to its size.
Spacious Her small apartment was cozy but cramped. The spacious penthouse had rooms for every need.
Roomy The small car could only fit two passengers. The roomy van had plenty of space for luggage.
Extensive His small knowledge of the subject was evident. The extensive research allowed him to delve deeper into the topic.
Mammoth The small iceberg was melting in the sun. The mammoth glacier spanned miles across the landscape.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SMALL

In assessing size, it is evident that vastness and magnitude are opposite to smallness and tininess. When something is immense, it is massive and expansive, whereas when it is diminutive, it is minute and compact. The disparity between enormity and smallness highlights the contrasting scales of objects or entities, drawing attention to their relative sizes and proportions.

Considering the spectrum of dimensions, colossal and substantial stand in stark contrast to small and trivial. The juxtaposition of enormity and smallness further emphasizes the varying scales in which different objects exist, showcasing the diverse range of sizes that characterize the world around us.

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