Opposite of SOLID – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to language and vocabulary, antonyms play a crucial role in providing us with words that have opposite meanings. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings when compared to another word. They help add depth and variation to our communication by allowing us to express opposing ideas with precision.

Exploring antonyms for solid can introduce us to a range of words that convey the opposite characteristics. While solid typically signifies something firm, stable, or compact, its antonyms provide us with words that imply qualities like liquid, softness, or flexibility. By understanding these antonyms, we gain a more nuanced understanding of how language can convey different concepts and ideas.

In everyday conversations and writing, having a good grasp of antonyms for solid can help us express contrasting viewpoints, describe diverse textures, and vividly depict various states of matter. By incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary, we enhance our ability to communicate effectively and foster clearer, more vibrant language.

35 Antonyms for SOLID With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for solid. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SOLID antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Solid Sentence with Antonym
Liquid The solid ice cube melted in the warm water. The liquid spilled out of the container.
Gas After the explosion, the debris formed a solid wall. The gas quickly dissipated into the air.
Soft The solid rock was smooth to the touch. The pillow was soft and comfortable to sleep on.
Liquid The solid chocolate bar melted in the sun. The liquid flowed freely down the river.
Hollow The solid wooden block sank to the bottom of the pool. The inflatable ball was hollow inside.
Flexible The metal rod was solid and resistant to bending. The rubber band was flexible and stretched easily.
Porous The solid brick absorbed water quickly. The foam block was lightweight and porous.
Empty The solid statue stood in the empty room. The empty space in the box was ready to be filled.
Runny The solid dough was ready to be rolled out. The sauce was runny and poured easily.
Fluid The solid construction material was sturdy. The river flowed gracefully, a fluid movement.
Notably The solid argument was hard to refute. The opposing view was notably weak in comparison.
Gelatinous The solid Jell-O jiggled on the plate. The soup was more gelatinous than expected.
Soften The ice cream was solid from being in the freezer. Leaving it out caused it to soften.
Shrink The solid clay sculpture retained its shape. The wet fabric started to shrink in the wash.
Dissolve The solid tablet quickly dissolved in water. The sugar cube refused to dissolve in the coffee.
Melt The solid rock remained unchanged for centuries. The ice cube began to melt in the warm drink.
Disperse The solid formation of troops held their ground. The crowd started to disperse after the event.
Light The solid metal block was heavy to lift. The feather was light and floated effortlessly.
Frail The building was made of solid bricks. The old man’s body was frail and delicate.
Transparent The solid wall blocked the view entirely. The glass window was transparent, allowing light to pass through.
Gaseous The solid state of matter is identifiable by its rigidity. The gaseous form of matter takes the shape of its container.
Weak The solid foundation supported the building. The branch was weak and broke easily under pressure.
Particles The solid object was made of tightly packed molecules. The fine mist was made up of particles suspended in the air.
Permeable The solid barrier prevented anyone from passing through. The permeable membrane allowed substances to pass freely.
Brittle The metal was solid and resistant to bending. The cookie was brittle and broke easily when touched.
Hollow The solid structure was impenetrable to sound. The megaphone was hollow and amplified the sound.
Unreliable The solid bridge could withstand heavy traffic. The rope bridge was unreliable and dangerous to cross.
Gooey The solid ice cream scoop held its shape. The marshmallow was gooey and sticky to touch.
Unsteady The solid ground provided a safe surface to walk on. The boat was unsteady and rocked back and forth.
Liquid The solid steel beam supported the weight of the building. The liquid substance flowed freely in all directions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SOLID

In conclusion, while solid represents something firm, stable, and unyielding, its antonyms reflect qualities of being weak, liquid, soft, and unstable. These opposing characteristics can be observed in various aspects of daily life, from physical attributes to emotional states. Understanding and recognizing the different meanings and contexts of solid and its antonyms can help us communicate more effectively and navigate the complexities of language and relationships. Just as solid provides a strong foundation, acknowledging and embracing its antonyms can lead to a more nuanced and inclusive perspective on the diverse facets of life.

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