Opposite of SPURIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for spurious refer to words or phrases that are genuine, authentic, or unquestionably true. These antonyms are used to describe something that is without deceit, false pretense, or misleading qualities. The opposite of spurious, antonyms serve to highlight qualities of authenticity, legitimacy, and credibility in various contexts.

When looking for antonyms for spurious, one seeks words that convey honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity. These terms offer a direct contrast to spurious, emphasizing the absence of fraudulence or falsity. By utilizing antonyms for spurious, individuals can pinpoint characteristics that are trustworthy, valid, and reliable in communication and interactions.

Understanding antonyms for spurious helps to distinguish between what is genuine and what is deceptive. These complementary terms provide clarity in differentiating between authentic and misleading information, ensuring accuracy and transparency in expression. By recognizing the antonyms for spurious, one can effectively communicate with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness.

35 Antonyms for SPURIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for spurious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SPURIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Spurious Sentence with Antonym
Genuine The company was accused of spurious claims. The company’s claims were genuine and backed by evidence.
Authentic The painting was determined to be spurious by experts. The painting was authentic and verified to be an original.
Legitimate The email turned out to be spurious and flagged as spam. The email was legitimate and contained important information.
Real The news was proven to be spurious by reputable sources. The news was real and based on verified facts.
Genuine His apology seemed rather spurious and insincere. His apology was genuine and heartfelt.
Honest Their explanation appeared spurious and misleading. Their explanation was honest and transparent.
True The statement was deemed spurious and misleading. The statement was true and verified by multiple sources.
Authentic The designer handbag was found to be spurious and a knockoff. The designer handbag proved to be authentic and original.
Legitimate The accusation against him was spurious and unfounded. The accusation was legitimate and supported by evidence.
Valid The contract was declared spurious and nullified. The contract was found to be valid and legally binding.
Reliable Their decision was based on spurious information. Their decision was guided by reliable and credible sources.
Trustworthy The witness testimony was considered spurious and unreliable. The witness testimony was seen as trustworthy and accurate.
Certain Her claim was regarded as spurious and uncertain. Her claim was deemed certain and supported with evidence.
Factual The article contained spurious information and was misleading. The article provided factual data that was accurate.
Credible The witness was accused of giving a spurious testimony. The witness was known for providing credible and trustworthy testimony.
Pure The water was tested and proven to be spurious and contaminated. The water was pure and safe for consumption.
Authentic The signed document was determined to be spurious and forged. The signed document was verified to be authentic and genuine.
Sincere His intentions appeared spurious and dubious. His intentions were sincere and genuine.
Ethical The company’s practices were criticized as spurious and dishonest. The company’s practices were seen as ethical and transparent.
Valid The excuse given was considered spurious and unconvincing. The excuse provided was valid and backed by proof.
True The claims made were proven to be spurious and false. The claims were actually true and supported by facts.
Reliable The information provided appeared spurious and untrustworthy. The information given was reliable and verified by experts.
Legitimate The request was seen as spurious and unauthorized. The request was legitimate and approved by the necessary authorities.
Genuine The diamonds turned out to be spurious and fake. The diamonds were genuine and certified as real.
Honest His promise seemed spurious and doubtful. His promise was honest and fulfilled as stated.
Trustworthy The source of information was suspect, labelled as spurious. The source of information was known to be trustworthy and reliable.
Credible The witness’s story appeared to be spurious and made-up. The witness’s story was considered credible and believable.
Pure The sugar was found to be spurious and adulterated. The sugar was pure and free from any additives.
Sincere Her apology sounded spurious and insincere. Her apology was sincere and came from the heart.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SPURIOUS

Genuine claims are reliable and trustworthy, unlike dubious assertions that lack credibility. Authentic evidence supports arguments, while counterfeit proof raises doubts. Valid information is verifiable and accurate, while misleading data is untrustworthy and inaccurate. Realistic solutions are practical and effective, unlike deceitful proposals that are implausible. Legitimate authorities are credible and respected, unlike dishonest figures that lack integrity.

Validating information helps distinguish between legitimate sources and fake news, ensuring that only trustworthy data is accessed and shared. Discriminating between authentic and spurious claims is crucial in making informed decisions and avoiding deception. By scrutinizing the credibility of statements and sources, individuals can protect themselves from misinformation and uphold the integrity of their beliefs and actions.

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