Opposite of SQUEAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for words that are the opposite of “squeal”? Antonyms provide us with terms that have definitions contrasting those of the original word. By exploring these antonyms, you can gain a better understanding of language and expand your vocabulary.

When we search for antonyms of “squeal,” we aim to find words that convey meanings differing from the high-pitched cry or protest associated with the original term. Antonyms help us to express ideas more precisely and vary our language usage for clearer communication.

Discovering antonyms for “squeal” can enable you to communicate effectively by providing alternatives that convey different emotions or intentions. By exploring contrasting terms, you can enhance your language skills and express yourself with greater accuracy in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for SQUEAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for squeal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SQUEAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Squeal Sentence with Antonym
Muffle The frightened pig let out a squeal. The child managed to muffle his laughter.
Whisper The excited child let out a squeal. She leaned in to whisper a secret in his ear.
Silence The loud squeal of the brakes startled her. The room fell into a peaceful silence.
Groan Instead of a squeal, he let out a pained groan. He couldn’t help but groan at the bad joke.
Quiet The joyful squeal filled the room with noise. She tried to keep quiet to hear the whispers.
Murmur His squeal of excitement caught her attention. The group began to murmur softly among themselves.
Calm A squeal of delight broke the calm of the room. She took a deep breath to stay calm.
Subdue The fierce wind made the trees squeal loudly. The medication helped subdue the patient’s pain.
Suppress The child tried to suppress the urge to squeal. She couldn’t suppress a smile on her face.
Hush A loud squeal erupted from the excited children. The librarian shushed them to bring hush.
Stifle The little girl tried to stifle her squeal. The pillow helped stifle the sound.
Mute His squeal pierced the otherwise mute atmosphere. The remote control can mute the TV.
Quiet The sudden squeal disrupted the quiet evening. She appreciated the quiet after the noise.
Mumble Her delighted squeal was followed by his mumble. The shy boy would mumble when he spoke.
Muzzle The excited puppy let out a loud squeal. The owner quickly put a muzzle on the dog.
Mute The loud squeal turned into a sudden mute. The remote control lets you mute the sound.
Quell The teacher had to quell the squeal of excitement. She managed to quell her rising anger.
Quiet The house was filled with the squeal of laughter. They enjoyed the quiet of the serene lake.
Stifle The child tried to stifle her squeal of joy. The blanket helped to stifle the noise.
Murmur The excited crowd let out a collective squeal. The audience started to murmur amongst themselves.
Mute The loud squeal was suddenly mute. The TV has a button to mute the volume.
Muffle The child tried to muffle his squeal of delight. The curtains helped to muffle the noise.
Hush The baby’s squeal broke the hush of the library. They motioned to each other to hush.
Mumble The girl’s squeal was followed by the boy’s mumble. He would often mumble when nervous.
Gasp The squeal of surprise escaped her lips. She couldn’t help but gasp at the sight.
Calm The loud squeal shattered the calm of the evening. Taking deep breaths helped her find calm.
Quell The mother tried to quell her child’s excited squeal. The principal had to quell the loud chatter.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SQUEAL

In summary, there are several alternative words to use instead of “squeal,” such as “hush,” “murmur,” and “whisper.” These terms convey a sense of quietness or softness in sound, providing a contrast to the shrill and loud connotations of “squeal.” By utilizing these synonyms, one can effectively communicate varying degrees of noise levels and create a more nuanced description of sound in their writing or speech. It is valuable to have a diverse vocabulary of antonyms for “squeal” to accurately capture different auditory experiences and emotions.

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