Opposite of STEAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “steal” are words that denote the opposite action of taking something without permission or right. These words encompass the concept of giving, returning, or purchasing items in an authorized manner, rather than acquiring them unlawfully.

One antonym for “steal” is to “give,” signifying the act of offering something willingly or providing a possession as a present or donation without expecting anything in return. This action involves sharing possessions with others out of generosity or goodwill.

Another antonym for “steal” is to “return,” indicating the act of bringing back an item to its rightful owner or original place. Returning involves giving back what was borrowed or taken temporarily, restoring the object to its previous state of possession.

35 Antonyms for STEAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for steal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding STEAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Steal Sentence with Antonym
Return Someone stole my watch Someone returned my watch
Give Thieves steal from innocent people Good Samaritans give to those in need
Rescue The thief tried to steal a purse The hero rescued the purse from theft
Share She always steals ideas from others She prefers to share her ideas
Donate Criminals often steal donations Generous people donate to charities
Recover Thieves stole several valuable items The police were able to recover them
Offer He tried to steal credit for my work Instead, he should offer credit
Contribute The hacker stole data from the company Employees should contribute to the security measures
Protect Thieves are known to steal identities It is important to protect personal information
Release The thief was caught trying to steal a car The owner decided to release the culprit
Guard Thieves try to steal valuable information It is crucial to guard that information closely
Misplace I am certain someone stole my keys I must have simply misplaced them
Defend The burglar attempted to steal the painting The security system was in place to defend it
Receive The shoplifter was trying to steal goods Customers were coming in to receive free samples
Protect Thieves often steal personal information It is important to protect one’s identity
Refrain He tends to steal food from his roommate He should learn to refrain from such actions
Vandalize The burglars tried to steal valuable items Other criminals attempted to vandalize the property
Surrender The thief was forced to steal due to desperation He should be willing to surrender and seek help
Share The pickpocket deliberately stole from the crowd People should be willing to share with those in need
Hide Thieves often steal and then hide their loot Honest individuals should not feel the need to hide anything
Create Plagiarism is when someone steals another’s work Originality is essential when you create something
Guard Thieves tried to steal the valuable artifact The security guards were ready to guard the exhibit
Offer He tried to steal the job opportunity from me I gracefully offered him the position instead
Free The criminals stole the innocent animals Animal activists worked to free the captured creatures
Safeguard The burglar attempted to steal personal information Safeguards were put in place to safeguard data
Confirm The fraudster tried to steal my credit card information I always confirm the security of online transactions
Contribute Hackers aim to steal private data Users should understand how to contribute to online safety
Safeguard The thieves managed to steal the sensitive files It is essential to safeguard important documents
Reject Thieves tried to steal a deal from the company The board members decided to reject their proposal
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of STEAL

Understanding concepts like giving, returning, sharing, and offering can help us grasp the idea of not taking or stealing. When we engage in acts of generosity, honesty, and respect for others’ belongings, we embody these antonyms of steal. By promoting values like integrity, kindness, and collaboration, we can contribute to a more harmonious and trustworthy environment.

Choosing to uplift and support others through positive actions rather than taking from them without permission is a way to cultivate a culture of mutual respect and understanding. By embracing these antonyms of steal, we reinforce the importance of ethical behavior and promote a society based on principles of goodwill and empathy.

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