Opposite of STURDY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of the word “sturdy,” we often associate it with reliability, strength, and durability. However, there are also antonyms for sturdy that convey the opposite characteristics. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meanings of a given word, providing a contrast in attributes or qualities.

For instance, words like fragile, delicate, and flimsy serve as antonyms for sturdy, highlighting qualities such as fragility, vulnerability, and lack of robustness. These antonyms create a clear distinction from sturdy, emphasizing a different set of characteristics that may be more prone to damage or weakness.

Exploring antonyms for sturdy expands our understanding of the diverse range of qualities that exist within the spectrum of attributes. By recognizing these antonyms, we gain insight into the various ways in which objects, structures, or individuals can be described based on their levels of strength, resilience, or stability.

35 Antonyms for STURDY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for sturdy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding STURDY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Sturdy Sentence with Antonym
Fragile She held the sturdy branch while crossing the river. The fragile vase shattered into pieces when it fell.
Weak The sturdy fence withstood the strong winds. His weak grip on the rope caused him to slip and fall.
Flimsy The sturdy table supported the weight of the heavy books. The flimsy cardboard box collapsed under the weight of the items.
Delicate The sturdy fabric was durable and long-lasting. The delicate silk tore easily with just a slight pull.
Unstable The sturdy foundation of the house ensured its safety during the earthquake. The unstable chair wobbled dangerously when sat on.
Feeble His sturdy legs carried him up the steep hill with ease. Her feeble legs struggled to support her weight as she walked.
Breakable The sturdy metal frame of the bed held up over the years. The breakable glass ornament shattered when it fell off the shelf.
Frail The sturdy bridge provided a safe passage across the river. The frail old woman needed assistance to walk due to her weak legs.
Brittle The sturdy oak tree stood tall in the forest. The brittle twigs snapped easily underfoot as they walked through the woods.
Tender The sturdy handshake indicated his confidence and strength. The tender flower petals wilted quickly under the scorching sun.
Weak The sturdy brick wall protected the garden from strong winds. The weak fence collapsed under the weight of the snow.
Insecure She felt sturdy and confident in her decision to speak up. His insecure voice trembled as he addressed the crowd.
Soft The sturdy rope held the heavy load securely in place. The soft sponge crumbled easily under pressure.
Refined The sturdy boots provided protection in harsh weather conditions. The refined shoes were not suitable for the rugged terrain.
Shaky He felt sturdy and steady as he climbed the mountain. Her shaky hands struggled to hold the cup without spilling.
Unreliable The sturdy car was dependable for long road trips. The unreliable bicycle kept breaking down on the way to work.
Uncertain His sturdy resolve helped him overcome the challenges. Her uncertain steps showed her hesitation and doubt.
Flabby The sturdy muscles in his arms showed his strength and fitness. The flabby skin on his stomach jiggled as he laughed.
Wobbly The sturdy chair held his weight without any issues. The wobbly stool was unsteady and unsafe to sit on.
Flexible The sturdy oak tree swayed gracefully in the wind. The flexible wire could be bent into various shapes easily.
Loose The sturdy knots held the boat securely to the dock. The loose threads on her shirt unraveled with a gentle tug.
Unsound The sturdy foundation of the building ensured its stability. The unsound structure showed signs of wear and tear.
Carmaged The sturdy armor protected him during the battle. His Carmaged defenses were easily breached by the enemy.
Unsteady She felt sturdy and balanced as she walked across the narrow beam. His unsteady gait showed his lack of coordination.
Tenuous The sturdy rope held the weight of the climbers securely. The tenuous thread snapped under the slightest pressure.
Creaky The sturdy floorboards supported the heavy furniture without a sound. The creaky door hinges announced their arrival with every movement.
Rusty The sturdy metal gate stood strong and secure against intruders. The rusty lock was easily broken with a few twists of the key.
Slender The sturdy branches of the tree provided ample shade from the sun. The slender twig snapped under the weight of the bird perched on it.
Reliably The sturdy bridge withstood the test of time and remained intact. The unreliably constructed structure collapsed under its own weight.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of STURDY

In conclusion, being frail can make activities challenging, while being robust ensures resilience in the face of challenges. Fragile structures can easily break, whereas durable ones can withstand stress and last longer. When something is delicate, it requires careful handling, whereas something tough can endure rough treatment. Brittle objects are prone to shattering, while flexible items can bend without breaking. Unstable structures are unreliable, while steady ones provide a sense of security. As we navigate through life, encountering both vulnerable and strong situations, it’s essential to appreciate the contrast between these antonyms for sturdy.

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