Opposite of SUB – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another. They provide a way to express contrast or opposition in language. By using antonyms, we can emphasize differences between objects, actions, or concepts.

Antonyms are an essential component of expanding our vocabulary and enhancing our communication skills. They allow us to convey nuances in meaning and add depth to our conversations. Understanding antonyms helps us to express ideas more clearly and effectively in both written and spoken communication.

Being familiar with antonyms also aids in building our comprehension of words and their meanings. By recognizing the relationship between words that are opposites, we can better grasp the shades of meaning within the language we use. Overall, utilizing antonyms contributes to a richer and more precise use of language.

35 Antonyms for SUB With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for sub. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SUB antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Sub Sentence with Antonym
Surmount He had to submit his project He was able to surmount all obstacles
Ascend She had to submerge underwater She had to ascend to the mountaintop
Uphold It is important to subscribe to the rules It is vital to uphold the standards
Overthrow The rebels tried to subvert the government The king was able to overthrow the traitors
Exceed The cost submitted his budget The cost exceeded his expectations
Lead She had to subordinate to her boss She was able to lead the team to victory
Rise He had to subdue his fear Watching the sunrise made him rise with happiness
Start The singer had to subdue the song The musician was ready to start the show
Free He had to subscribe to the terms He was finally able to free himself from the agreement
Overcome She had to submit to her illness She was determined to overcome any obstacles
Top She had to submerge below the water She reached the top of the mountain
Concede He couldn’t subdue the argument Finally, he had to concede that he was wrong
Fail The student had to submit to the test Unfortunately, she was unable to fail the exam
Better She had to subsidize her skills She needed to make an effort to better herself
Trailing The runner was subjected to the first lap He started trailing behind the others
Uncover The detective had to submit the evidence He was able to uncover the truth behind the crime
Inferior He had to submerge his feelings of being lesser He finally felt superior and not inferior to others
Critical She had to subdue her remarks She was always too critical of others
Superior He had to substitute his opinions He always felt superior to his colleagues
Begin The author had to substitute with the first chapter The movie was ready to begin in the next scene
Obey The citizens had to submit to the law It was essential to obey the regulations
Infer He had to subscribe to a false conclusion He was able to accurately infer the right answer
Disappear The magician made the cards submerge The rabbits were able to disappear from the hat
Recede The flood waters were starting to subside The tsunami caused the ocean to recede from the shore
Stop The car had to submerge at the red light The police officer signaled for the vehicle to stop
Healthy He had to learn to subtract unhealthy foods It was important to add more healthy options to his diet
Lessen The doctor had to subscribe more medication The pain should lessen with each dose
Succeed She had to subcontract the task to her colleague She was able to succeed on her own
Mislead He had to subtitle his actions clearly His lies were always designed to mislead others
Appreciate He had to substitute fake gratitude It was time to truly appreciate the beauty around him
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SUB

In summary, exploring different antonyms for the word “sub” highlights the diverse range of meanings that can be expressed through language. While “subtract” implies taking away, “add” signifies inclusion and augmentation. Similarly, “inferior” suggests lower quality or rank, contrasting with “superior,” which conveys excellence and superiority. By delving into various antonyms for “sub,” we gain a deeper understanding of how language can convey opposite meanings and nuances in communication.

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