Opposite of SUBLIMATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for sublimation can be defined as actions or processes that are contrary to or the opposite of the transformation from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid state. While sublimation involves the direct conversion of a substance into a gas, antonyms for sublimation refer to processes that do not follow this route.

These antonyms can encompass various methods where a solid material transitions into a liquid phase before turning into a gas. Unlike sublimation, which skips the liquid form, the antonyms for this process involve solid substances first melting into a liquid state and then evaporating into a gas.

Overall, antonyms for sublimation can be understood as procedures that diverge from the direct transition of a solid to a gas, emphasizing the intermediary step of passing through the liquid phase. By contrast, sublimation represents the phenomenon where a substance shifts directly from its solid form to a gaseous state without undergoing the liquid phase in between.

35 Antonyms for SUBLIMATION With Sentences

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Antonym Sentence with Sublimation Sentence with Antonym
Solidification Sublimation is the process of a solid turning into a gas. Solidification is the process of a gas turning into a solid.
Materialization In the concept of sublimation, thought converts direct into material form. In materialization, thought transforms into direct actions without converting to material form.
Descent Creative sublimation uplifts the mind and emotions. Negative emotions can lead to a depressing descent.
Objectification Sublimation involves turning emotional impulses into creative or productive outlets. Objectification involves reducing a person to a mere object.
Condensation Sublimation bypasses the liquid phase in the phase transitions. Condensation is the transition from a gas to a liquid.
Coarsen Through sublimation, impurities are refined and purified. Without sublimation, impurities can coarsen and worsen over time.
Taint Sublimation allows for the transformation of negative energy into positive actions. Taint results from unresolved negative energy.
Regression Sublimation involves channeling primitive impulses into more civilized pursuits. Regression is the return to an earlier, less developed state.
Debasement Through sublimation, base instincts are elevated and transformed into higher expressions. Debasement occurs when one’s noble qualities are degraded.
Deterioration Sublimation leads to improvement and refinement. Deterioration results from neglect and lack of care.
Indecency Sublimation involves transforming inappropriate desires into acceptable outlets. Indecency arises from a lack of moral restraint and modesty.
Inhibit The process of sublimation allows for the release of pent-up energy in a constructive manner. Negative thoughts can inhibit creativity and productivity.
Degradation Through sublimation, one can elevate their experiences and emotions. Degradation can occur when one’s standards or values are lowered.
Gross Sublimation refines raw materials into something more delicate. Without sublimation, things may remain gross or unrefined.
Base Sublimation involves rising above instinctual and base desires. Indulging in base desires can hinder personal growth and development.
Lowering Through sublimation, one’s thoughts and actions can be uplifted to a higher level. Negative influences can lead to the lowering of one’s standards.
Concrete Sublimation involves the transformation of abstract thoughts into tangible actions. In contrast, concrete thinking focuses on actual, observable facts.
Coarse Sublimation involves the refinement of rough or coarse qualities. Neglecting sublimation can lead to a lack of refinement and increased coarseness.
Materialism Sublimation involves focusing on spiritual or intellectual pursuits over material desires. Materialism is the preoccupation with material goods and physical comforts.
Desolation Sublimation can elevate one’s mood and bring feelings of contentment. Desolation is a state of emptiness, isolation, and bleakness.
Impurity Sublimation involves purifying thoughts and emotions. Impurity results from the presence of contaminants or negative influences.
Vulgar Through sublimation, one can elevate their tastes and preferences. Without sublimation, one may remain perpetually vulgar in their choices.
Elevation Sublimation involves the uplifting of thoughts and energies to a higher level. Elevation refers to the act of raising something to a higher position or status.
Degrade Through sublimation, one’s qualities and actions can be improved and refined. Degrade is to lower in quality or value, resulting in a decline.
Uncouth Sublimation involves refining manners and behaviors. Uncouth behavior is characterized by a lack of social grace or refinement.
Purity Sublimation involves the removal of impurities and the attainment of a state of purity. Purity refers to the absence of contaminants or pollutants.
Crude Through the process of sublimation, raw elements can be refined and made more sophisticated. In contrast, crude elements are unrefined and lack sophistication.
Materialize Sublimation involves the manifestation of abstract ideas into concrete actions. Materialize refers to the actualization or realization of something tangible.
Lowness Through sublimation, one can rise above lowness and elevate their thoughts and actions. Lowness can refer to a state of moral or social degradation.
Indignity Sublimation involves transforming negative emotions into dignified action. Indignity refers to the lack of respect or honor in one’s actions or treatment.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SUBLIMATION

In conclusion, sublimation involves the direct transition from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid phase. This process is the opposite of condensation, where gas turns into liquid, and differs from fusion, which is the transition from solid to liquid. Additionally, sublimation contrasts with deposition, where gas transitions directly into a solid state, and is not the same as evaporation, where liquid changes to gas.

Understanding the antonyms for sublimation, such as condensation, fusion, deposition, and evaporation, provides clarity on the various phase transitions of matter. By recognizing these opposite processes, we can grasp the fundamental principles of sublimation and its place in the larger context of physical changes in materials.

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