Opposite of SUFFIX – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for suffix refer to words that have the opposite meaning of a suffix, which is a group of letters placed at the end of a word to change its meaning or create a new word altogether. While suffixes add meaning or grammatical value to the base word, antonyms for suffixes work in the opposite direction by providing words that convey contrasting ideas without modifying the original word.

Understanding antonyms for suffixes can be helpful in expanding vocabulary and developing a deeper grasp of language nuances. By recognizing and learning antonyms for suffixes, individuals can enhance their ability to communicate effectively and improve their writing skills. These words provide an alternative way to express meaning and offer versatility in language use.

Exploring antonyms for suffixes can deepen one’s understanding of word relationships and enhance language comprehension. By identifying opposite meanings of suffixes, individuals can further enrich their vocabulary and strengthen their ability to convey precise and varied messages. Being able to recognize and differentiate antonyms for suffixes can contribute to more nuanced and expressive communication.

35 Antonyms for SUFFIX With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for suffix. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SUFFIX antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Suffix Sentence with Antonym
Begin The happiness of the puppy was heartwarming. The sadness of the puppy was heartbreaking.
Intelligent She was care, but she made a foolish mistake. She was careless, but she made a wise decision.
Energetic The beauty queen was always full of life and energy. The ugly duckling was always tired and lethargic.
Safe The childish boy felt safe in his mother’s arms. The mature man felt unsafe in the dark alley.
Weak Her kind heart made her weak in the face of adversity. His cruel nature made him strong and fearless.
Active The bold explorer led an active lifestyle. The timid librarian preferred a sedentary existence.
Succeed They struggle to succeed despite the challenges. It is easy for them to fail due to lack of effort.
Flexible The project timeline is firm, there is no room for flexibility. The project timeline is flexible, adapting to changes is easy.
Beautiful Her plain appearance masked her beauty within. His ugly behavior tarnished his beauty inside out.
Normal The abnormal situation left her feeling uneasy. The typical scenario brought her a sense of comfort.
Pleasant The unpleasant smell made the room unbearable. The delightful fragrance filled the room with joy.
Legal His illegal activities caught the attention of the authorities. Her legal actions set a positive example for others.
Honest He always tells the truth, he is known for his honesty. She is a known for her dishonesty and deceitful ways.
Mature The immature behavior of the teenagers was evident. The mature conduct of the adults was admirable.
Honorable His actions were dishonorable and filled with deceit. Her actions were honorable and praised by all.
Rational She made a rational decision based on logical thinking. He acted irrationally and let his emotions rule.
Comfortable The new chair is very uncomfortable, causing back pain. The old chair is very comfortable, providing relief.
Polite She was impolite and rude to her colleagues. He was always polite and courteous in his interactions.
Patient The impatient child could not wait for his turn. The patient teacher calmly addressed each student’s needs.
Pleasant The weather was unpleasant, with dark clouds looming. The weather was pleasant, with clear skies and sunshine.
Successful His unsuccessful attempts did not deter his determination. Her successful career was a result of hard work.
Normal The abnormal activity on the radar raised red flags. The normal reading indicated no cause for concern.
Careful She handled the delicate artwork with carelessnes.s He handled the fragile china with great care.
Orderly The disorderly stack of papers made it difficult to find. The orderly arrangement made it easy to locate documents.
Independent The dependent child relied on her parents for everything. The independent adult had no need for assistance.
Healthy The unhealthy lifestyle led to various medical issues. The healthy routine promoted physical well-being.
Attractive His unattractive appearance did not matter to him. Her attractive features drew attention wherever she went.
Ordinary The extraordinary feat amazed everyone at the event. The ordinary task was completed without any fuss.
Efficient The old refrigerator was inefficient in cooling food. The new refrigerator was efficient and saved energy.
Regular The irregular hours of work made it hard to maintain a schedule. The regular hours of work provided consistency and predictability.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SUFFIX

In this article, we have explored various antonyms for the term “suffix” by providing examples of sentences using those opposites. Understanding antonyms can help us grasp the different ways that words can convey meaning. It is important to be aware of these linguistic aspects to communicate effectively and with nuance.

By recognizing antonyms for terms like “suffix,” we enhance our vocabulary and improve our language skills. Exploring opposites allows us to appreciate the diversity of language and how words can be transformed to alter their meanings.

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