Opposite of SUGGESTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When speaking or writing, we often rely on antonyms to convey the opposite of a word or concept. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. They serve to provide a contrast or offer a different perspective within communication. By understanding antonyms, we can enhance our vocabulary and better convey our thoughts and ideas.

By incorporating antonyms into our language, we can express diversity in our expressions and give a more nuanced understanding of the information being communicated. Antonyms add depth and complexity to our conversations and writings, allowing for a more precise and varied exchange of ideas. Having a grasp of antonyms is essential for effective communication and clear comprehension.

Whether in casual conversations, academic writing, or professional correspondence, antonyms play a crucial role in expanding the range of language we have at our disposal. They serve as invaluable tools for achieving clarity and accuracy in communication by offering alternative meanings and emphasizing contrasts. Being able to identify and utilize antonyms is a skill that can greatly enrich our ability to express ourselves effectively.

35 Antonyms for SUGGESTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for suggestion. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SUGGESTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Suggestion Sentence with Antonym
Refusal I highly recommend trying the new Italian restaurant. He strongly rejected the idea of going out for dinner.
Rejection Why don’t you consider joining the book club? She turned down the invitation to be part of the book club.
Ignorance I suggest you read up on current events. He remained oblivious to the news around him.
Denial You should really think about wearing a coat today. She refused to acknowledge the need for warmer clothing.
Opposition I propose we start the project next week. They were against beginning the project anytime soon.
Dissent Maybe you could ask for help with the presentation. She disagreed with the idea of seeking assistance for the presentation.
Disapproval I think you should consider quitting smoking. He disapproved of the suggestion to give up smoking.
Hindrance It might be beneficial to take a different route. The obstacle prevented her from taking an alternate route.
Inhibition I recommend you speak up at the meeting. His shyness inhibited him from voicing his opinions at the meeting.
Constraint Have you thought about changing your study habits? She felt constrained in her ability to alter her study habits.
Obstruction You should explore different career opportunities. The barrier in her current job obstructed her from considering other options.
Prevention Why not try practicing mindfulness before bed? She tried to prevent the idea of practicing mindfulness before bedtime.
Inhibition Consider volunteering at the local shelter. His fear of social interaction inhibited him from volunteering at the shelter.
Dissuasion I suggest you take a break and relax for a while. He attempted to dissuade her from taking a break and suggested she keep working.
Restriction Maybe you should seek advice from a career counselor. She faced restrictions seeking advice from a career counselor.
Resistance I recommend speaking up about the issue at the next meeting. She faced resistance from speaking up about the issue at the meeting.
Veto My suggestion is to start planning for the event now. They vetoed the idea of planning for the event at that moment.
Prohibition Why not try a different approach to solving the problem? The prohibition prevented her from attempting any new problem-solving methods.
Disinclination Perhaps you could try eating healthier meals. He felt a strong disinclination towards trying to eat healthier meals.
Constraint Have you considered taking up a new hobby? She felt constrained in exploring new hobbies due to lack of time.
Obstruction You might want to consider getting some exercise. The obstruction in her schedule prevented her from getting any exercise.
Opposition I propose we implement a new software system. They were in opposition to implementing a new software system.
Hesitation Maybe you should invest in professional development. She faced hesitation when considering investing in professional development.
Preclusion Why not evaluate different vacation destinations? The preclusion of funds stopped her from considering different vacation destinations.
Negation I suggest you rewrite the conclusion of your essay. She negated the need to rewrite the conclusion of her essay.
Prevention Why don’t you try documenting your daily activities? She tried to prevent the idea of documenting her daily activities.
Dissent Have you thought about attending the workshop? She expressed her dissent on the idea of attending the workshop.
Dissuasion Why not consider seeking advice from a mentor? He attempted dissuasion from seeking advice from a mentor.
Restriction I think it would be beneficial to attend the seminar. She faced restrictions attending the seminar she thought would be beneficial.
Limitation Why not explore different job possibilities? He felt limited in exploring various job possibilities.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SUGGESTION

It is important to actively seek opinions and recommendations rather than relying on your own ideas solely. By encouraging input from others, you can gather diverse perspectives and potentially discover new solutions or approaches. Conversely, disregarding alternative viewpoints or rejecting feedback can limit creativity and hinder progress in decision-making processes. It is crucial to embrace a variety of suggestions in order to foster collaboration and innovation within our endeavors.

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