Opposite of SUM – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think about numbers, we often think about combining them through addition to find a sum. However, in mathematics, there is another important concept: antonyms for sum. Antonyms for sum refer to the opposite operation of adding numbers together. It involves finding the difference or subtraction between two or more numbers.

Subtraction is the primary operation used when exploring antonyms for sum. This process involves taking away one number (or quantity) from another to find what is left. By subtracting one number from another, we are determining the difference between the two values. This is an essential mathematical skill that allows us to compare quantities and understand how they relate to each other.

Understanding antonyms for sum extends beyond just subtracting numbers. It also involves identifying relationships between values and recognizing the inverse operations in mathematics. By studying antonyms for sum, we gain a comprehensive understanding of arithmetic concepts and how numbers interact with each other through various operations like addition and subtraction.

35 Antonyms for SUM With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for sum. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SUM antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Sum Sentence with Antonym
Decrease She summed up the costs of the project. She wanted to decrease the expenses.
Subtract Please sum the total number of hours worked. Please subtract the time spent in meetings.
Minus The sum of their ages is 60. The younger one is 20, minus the elder’s age.
Deduct The sum includes taxes and fees. Deduct those extra charges before paying.
Lessen After summing the figures, we got a total. Lessen the workload to reduce stress levels.
Reduce Let’s sum the profits before expenses. We need to find ways to reduce production costs.
Diminish The sum of those three numbers is 150. Poor planning diminishes our chances of success.
Less The sum of the parts equals the whole. We need to spend less money this month.
Decrease Sum up the total length of all the pipes. Temperatures are expected to decrease by evening.
Lower Sum the sales figures for the quarter. The manager decided to lower the prices of products.
Subtract The sum of the scores will determine the winner. Can you subtract the duplicates from the list?
Strip off The sum of the ingredients makes a tasty dish. Strip off unnecessary items from the list.
Remove Sum up the values to find the final amount. We have to remove any unnecessary steps in the process.
Detract The sum of all forces acting on the object. Don’t let minor issues detract from your main goal.
Disdain He summed up the courage to speak his mind. She gave him a look of disdain when he arrived late.
Condense Sum up the price of all the items in the cart. She used a tool to condense the file size.
Abandon Let’s sum the points to see who wins. I suggested we abandon that project altogether.
Ramp down Sum the expenses and income for the month. The company decided to ramp down production levels.
Debunk Summing up the evidence, the theory holds true. Scientists aim to debunk misconceptions.
Reduce The sum of the group’s efforts led to success. Can we find ways to reduce our carbon footprint?
Curtail Sum up the total time spent on each task. It is wise to curtail unnecessary expenditures.
Narrow Let’s sum the values to get the total profit. We need to narrow down our options to make a decision.
Squander The sum of their savings is impressively high. He has a tendency to squander money on frivolous purchases.
Shrink Sum up the costs to see if it fits the budget. The company plans to shrink its workforce.
Deplete Sum all the different components. Continuous droughts deplete the water reserves.
Shun The sum of their efforts resulted in victory. Society tends to shun those who are different.
Omit Sum up the profit from each location. Don’t omit any crucial details from your report.
Exclude He summed up the group’s opinions accurately. They decided to exclude him from the team.
Abolish Sum up the considerations before making a decision. He plans to abolish all unnecessary rules in the company.
Empty out The sum of the cards in his hand was 21. He needs to empty out his email inbox.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SUM

In essence, the diverse range of antonyms for “sum” showcases the multitude of ways mathematical operations can be expressed. From “individual amounts” to “partial total,” these terms highlight the various stages and components that make up a total figure. Understanding these different expressions can aid in precise communication and clarity when discussing numerical values. By recognizing and utilizing these antonyms, one can convey mathematical concepts with greater accuracy and specificity, leading to clearer and more effective exchanges of information.

Overall, exploring antonyms for “sum” illuminates the nuanced aspects of mathematical language and calculation processes. By grasping the subtle distinctions between terms like “difference” and “total,” individuals can enhance their ability to articulate mathematical ideas and calculations. Embracing this spectrum of antonyms enriches mathematical discourse, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in summing up values and quantities.

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