Opposite of SURGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for surge refer to words or phrases that convey the opposite of a sudden or rapid increase in something, such as movement, intensity, or volume. These antonyms commonly describe a decrease, decline, or reduction in the mentioned aspects.

One antonym for surge is characterized by a gradual or steady decrease in the aforementioned factors. This contrasts with the sudden and intense nature of a surge, exhibiting a more gradual and consistent change over time.

In contrast to a surge, another antonym describes a stable or static state with little to no change. This absence of fluctuation or increase contrasts with the dynamic and rapid nature of a surge, emphasizing a lack of growth or movement in comparison.

35 Antonyms for SURGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for surge. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SURGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Surge Sentence with Antonym
Decline The demand for the product surged after the promotion. Sales for the product declined following the promotion.
Decrease Tension surged in the room as the meeting heated up. Tension started to decrease once the conflict was resolved.
Plummet The stock prices surged after the positive earnings report. The stock prices then plummeted the following day.
Recede As the storm approached, fear and anxiety surged within the community. The tension started to recede once the storm moved away.
Flop Expectations were high for the new movie, but it surged at the box office. Unfortunately, the movie turned out to be a flop.
Plummet Prices surged when the limited-edition product was launched. Prices then plummeted back to regular levels.
Stagnate The economy surged after the new policies were implemented. Thanks to the changes, the economy did not stagnate.
Fall The number of COVID-19 cases surged after the holidays. Health officials hoped the cases would not fall again.
Dwindle Excitement for the event surged as the date approached. Unfortunately, the excitement started to dwindle.
Plunge Confidence surged when the team scored the winning goal. However, it started to plunge after consecutive losses.
Diminish Energy surged through him as he crossed the finish line. However, his energy soon began to diminish after the race.
Sink Through hard work, productivity surged in the department. Instead of continuing to rise, it began to sink again.
Sink The music festival attendance surged this year. Hopefully, it won’t sink next year due to the poor lineup.
Reduce Productivity surged this quarter due to the new software. Hopefully, it does not reduce once the trial period ends.
Abate Temperatures surged to record highs in the city. Later in the evening, the temperature abated significantly.
Drop Adrenaline surged through her body as she approached the finish line. The feeling was quick to drop once she crossed it.
Slump Revenue surged after the new marketing campaign was introduced. The upward trend suddenly turned into a slump.
Fade The memory of the event still surged in her mind days later. Over time, the memory started to fade into the background.
Decrease Confidence surged within the team after the early victories. Hopefully, it does not decrease after the losses.
Subside Emotions of anger surged within him as he read the letter. His anger started to subside upon re-reading the content.
Drop Attendance surged at the museum after the new exhibit opened. The numbers are likely to drop during the winter months.
Decrease The population surged as people migrated to the city. The growth is expected to decrease due to economic reasons.
Ebb Excitement and anticipation surged among the audience. The excitement began to ebb after the concert was canceled.
Decline Confidence surged within the team before the championship. Leaders hoped the confidence would not decline under pressure.
Fade Hope surged within the community after the news of funding. Unfortunately, the hope started to fade due to delays.
Diminish Laughter and joy surged in the room during the celebration. Soon, the joy began to diminish as the event ended.
Abate Winds surged through the valley during the storm. Finally, the winds abated as the storm moved away.
Drain Energy and determination surged through her during the race. However, her energy started to drain in the final stretch.
Slow The production surged after the new machinery was installed. Hopefully, it does not slow down due to maintenance issues.
Retreat Fear surged within him as he entered the haunted house. It only started to retreat after he stepped back outside.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SURGE

In times of stability and consistency, there is a lack of surges in activity or growth. When there is a decrease or decline instead of a surge, things may seem steady or even stagnant. Without sudden increases, there is a sense of predictability and calm in the absence of fluctuations and spikes in progress.

By focusing on maintaining a steady pace and avoiding sudden rises, we can promote a sense of reliability and security. Embracing a steady flow as opposed to a surge can lead to more sustainable and balanced outcomes in various aspects of life.

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