Opposite of SYNTHESIZE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for synthesize refer to opposing actions or processes that differ from the act of combining various elements to create a unified whole. When we discuss antonyms for synthesize, we are referring to actions that involve separating, isolating, fragmenting, or dividing components instead of merging them together.

While synthesize involves blending or uniting different elements to form a cohesive entity, antonyms for this term describe activities that involve the segregation or disintegration of parts. These opposite actions emphasize divergence, disconnection, or differentiation rather than convergence and integration.

Understanding these antonyms for synthesize is crucial in grasping the spectrum of possibilities in information processing and analysis. By recognizing these contrasting actions, we can gain a comprehensive perspective on how elements can either come together or be pulled apart in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for SYNTHESIZE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for synthesize. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SYNTHESIZE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Synthesize Sentence with Antonym
Analyze Scientists synthesize various data to draw conclusions. Scientists analyze various data to break it down into its components.
Disassemble The artist synthesized all the materials to create a masterpiece. The artist then proceeded to disassemble the masterpiece for a new project.
Separate The chemist was able to synthesize the compounds into a single solution. The chemist aimed to separate the compounds into distinct parts.
Segregate The purpose of the research was to synthesize the diverse perspectives. The purpose of the research was to avoid, or segregate, the diverse perspectives.
Divide To create a cohesive plan, the team needs to synthesize their individual ideas. To create a cohesive plan, the team should not divide their individual ideas.
Analyze The student needs to synthesize the information to understand the subject. The student needs to avoid just skimming and truly analyze the information.
Disintegrate The artist skillfully synthesized the pieces of glass into a beautiful sculpture. However, over time, the sculpture started to disintegrate due to poor materials.
Disassemble The chef will synthesize the various flavors to create a unique dish. After the meal, the chef will then disassemble the dish to explain its components.
Separate The primary focus of the project was to synthesize the diverse voices. Instead of blending them, the project aimed to distinctly separate the voices.
Combine The goal of the team is to synthesize different ideas into a cohesive plan. The team was advised not to simply merge but to also combine ideas effectively.
Analyze To understand the complex topic, the scholar must synthesize the information. Merely skimming is not enough; the scholar must also deeply analyze the information.
Disintegrate Science aims to synthesize new discoveries to advance knowledge. A risk is that outdated theories may begin to disintegrate in light of new evidence.
Disassemble The musician carefully synthesized the instruments to form a harmonious melody. Once the performance was over, it was time to disassemble the instruments.
Separate The conference aimed to synthesize various viewpoints into a consensus. However, some participants tried to separate themselves from the majority opinion.
Combine The team will synthesize their skills to complete the project efficiently. It is crucial for the team members to combine their strengths to work well together.
Divide The goal is to synthesize all the feedback and create a comprehensive report. It is important not to divide the feedback but to consider it holistically.
Analyze By synthesizing data from multiple studies, the researchers gained new insights. The next step is to thoroughly analyze the data to draw meaningful conclusions.
Disintegrate The compound will synthesize under certain conditions to form a new substance. Conversely, the compound may also begin to disintegrate if exposed to heat or pressure.
Disassemble The architect will synthesize the various design elements into the final blueprint. Once the structure is complete, it will be necessary to carefully disassemble any temporary supports.
Separate The aim of the discussion is to synthesize diverse opinions into a coherent argument. If individuals attempt to separate themselves from the discussion, the goal becomes challenging.
Combine The team hopes to synthesize their expertise to tackle the complex project. Each member will need to openly share their knowledge and learn how to combine efforts effectively.
Divide The students were encouraged to synthesize information from multiple sources for the assignment. They were also reminded not to divide their focus across too many details, but to find the main points.
Analyze The task of the committee is to synthesize the various reports into a comprehensive review. Once this is done, experts in the field will need to carefully analyze the review for accuracy.
Disintegrate When certain chemicals are combined, they can synthesize to form new compounds. However, these compounds may also be unstable and could potentially disintegrate under certain conditions.
Disassemble The product design team will synthesize feedback to refine the prototype. It will then be necessary to disassemble the prototype and make any necessary adjustments.
Separate The workshop aims to synthesize ideas from different disciplines for creative solutions. It is important to foster collaboration and not separate participants based on their expertise.
Combine The meeting is an opportunity to synthesize different perspectives on the issue. Rather than clash, the meeting should foster an atmosphere where different perspectives can combine for a greater understanding.
Divide The author will synthesize research findings to present a cohesive argument in the book. The readers should avoid trying to divide the book into isolated parts but appreciate the coherence of the argument.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SYNTHESIZE

In this exploration of antonyms for synthesizing, we have delved into the diverse ways information can be separated, divided, and isolated. Through the use of antonyms like analyze, break down, and segregate, we have highlighted the contrasting processes to blending various elements into a cohesive whole. By examining how information can be fragmented, differentiated, and compartmentalized, we gain a deeper understanding of the intricate ways in which knowledge can be approached and organized.

By juxtaposing terms like disassemble, separate, and segregate with the concept of synthesizing, we uncover the multitude of ways in which information can be deconstructed and compartmentalized. This exploration of antonyms serves to underscore the importance of recognizing the various approaches to handling information, underscoring the complexity and depth of the processes involved in understanding and organizing knowledge.

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