Opposite of TALISMAN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

A talisman is an object believed to possess magical powers and bring good luck or protection to its owner. In contrast, antonyms for talisman refer to objects that are not associated with magical properties or luck but serve different purposes altogether. These antonyms can provide insight into the various uses and meanings attributed to objects in different contexts.

While talismans are often imbued with mystical significance and believed to influence fortune or fate, antonyms for talismans can encompass objects devoid of such supernatural attributes. The contrasting nature of these antonyms sheds light on the diverse perspectives and beliefs surrounding the significance of objects in different cultures and belief systems. By exploring antonyms for talisman, one can gain a deeper understanding of the varying roles that objects play in human experiences and traditions.

In summary, antonyms for talisman can encompass objects that do not possess mystical powers or bring luck but rather have practical or symbolic value in different contexts. By examining the opposite of talismans, one can broaden their perspective on the multifaceted nature of objects in culture and belief systems.

35 Antonyms for TALISMAN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for talisman. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TALISMAN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Talisman Sentence with Antonym
Curse She carried her lucky talisman with her wherever she went. She felt like she was under a curse wherever she went.
Jinx The necklace was believed to be a talisman that brought good luck. The old mirror was thought to be a jinx that brought bad luck.
Hoodoo The traveler carried a special talisman to protect him on his journey. Some believed that the black cat crossing their path was a hoodoo following them.
Hex The talisman was said to have the power to ward off evil spirits. She suspected the old woman had cast a hex on her.
Misfortune The rabbit foot was her talisman that she relied on for good luck. The broken mirror was seen as a misfortune that brought bad luck.
Bad luck The horseshoe was considered a talisman that brought good luck. The number 13 was seen as a sign of bad luck.
Evil eye The pendant she wore was believed to protect her from the evil eye. Some thought that being given a black cat was a sign of evil eye.
Malediction The talisman was thought to counteract any maledictions aimed at the family. The old amulet appeared to carry a malediction that lingered in the house.
Hexing The talisman gave her a sense of protection against any hexing attempts. She was warned about the consequences of hexing someone in return.
Misery The necklace she wore was her talisman when times got tough. Losing her lucky charm brought only misery to her.
Black magic Some believed in the power of talisman to ward off black magic. A sense of unease filled the air when they sensed the presence of black magic.
Doomsday The villagers clung on to their talisman in fear of doomsday. The dark clouds in the sky seemed like an omen of doomsday.
Hexed The old lady felt as if she were hexed until she found her talisman. The new homeowner thought the house was hexed and in need of cleansing.
Affliction The talisman brought comfort in times of affliction. The dark clouds gathered in the sky signaling an upcoming affliction.
Bewitchment The talisman was believed to provide protection from bewitchment. She felt a sense of bewitchment as soon as she entered the haunted house.
Hexcraft The amulet was designed to protect against hexcraft. The ancient grimoire contained forbidden knowledge of hexcraft.
Jinxed She felt as if her life had been jinxed until she found her talisman. The old man believed his house was jinxed due to a series of unfortunate events.
Plague The family heirloom was considered a protective talisman against plagues. Locusts appeared as a sign of the incoming plague.
Sickness The talisman was believed to bring health and ward off sickness. The stagnant water near the village was a breeding ground for sickness.
Cursed The pendant seemed to have a cursed aura until it was identified as a talisman. The abandoned castle was rumored to be cursed with a tragic history.
Bane The talisman she wore protected her from the bane of her enemies. The toxic plant was known as a bane to any who came into contact with it.
Doom The pendant was seen as a safeguard against impending doom. The villagers took the storm clouds as a sign of impending doom.
Tragedy The talisman symbolized protection from tragedy in adverse times. The crumbling bridge was a sign of tragedy waiting to happen.
Misfortune His lucky coin was his talisman to ward off misfortune. The shattered mirror was believed to bring seven years of misfortune.
Blight The talisman was believed to protect against the blight that affected the crops. The blight left by the war still haunted the land, making it barren.
Pestilence The ancient relic was seen as a safeguard against the pestilence that ravaged the town. The dead rats in the cellar hinted at a pestilence that was spreading.
Calamity The talisman was hoped to ward off any calamities that might befall the village. The earthquake was seen as a calamity that wreaked havoc on the town.
Infliction The talisman was said to provide protection against any inflictions. The ghostly apparition was seen as an infliction on the haunted house.
Malevolent The charm was believed to ward off any malevolent forces. The dark energy in the room felt malevolent and foreboding.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TALISMAN

In summary, when looking for alternatives to a talisman, one can consider various options such as jinx, curse, hex, or hoodoo. While talismans are believed to bring luck and protection, these opposing concepts are often associated with negative energy and misfortune. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of the contrasting effects different objects or practices can have.

Choosing a talisman is a personal decision influenced by beliefs and cultural practices. Understanding the concept of antonyms for talisman provides insight into the diverse perspectives and beliefs people have when seeking luck or protection in different ways.

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