Opposite of TATTERED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for alternatives to the worn-out and ragged appearance of tattered items? Antonyms for tattered encompass words that describe items in pristine condition, completely intact and undamaged. These antonyms provide a fresh and polished outlook on items that are the opposite of tattered, offering a sense of refinement and newness.

Antonyms for tattered describe items that are immaculate, unspoiled, and well-kept, presenting a sharp contrast to the disheveled and worn-out look of tattered items. These words emphasize a sense of neatness and tidiness, symbolizing items that are in excellent condition and meticulously cared for. By exploring antonyms for tattered, one can discover a diverse range of words that evoke a sense of cleanliness and orderliness.

Whether you are seeking synonyms for items in pristine condition or trying to elevate your vocabulary, antonyms for tattered provide a refreshing perspective on the opposite of damaged and worn-out items. By incorporating these antonyms into your descriptions or writing, you can convey a sense of sophistication and elegance that contrasts with the worn appearance of tattered items.

35 Antonyms for TATTERED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for tattered. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TATTERED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Tattered Sentence with Antonym
Intact The tattered flag fluttered in the wind. The flag was intact and unfurled proudly.
Pristine She wore a tattered dress to the party. She wore a pristine gown to the event.
Well-kept The house had tattered curtains hanging in the windows. The house had well-kept drapes adorning the interior.
New His tattered shoes barely protected his feet. His new shoes provided comfort and support.
Fine The book was old and tattered from years of reading. The book was in fine condition, showing no signs of wear.
Complete The tattered pages of the diary hinted at its age. The complete book was a treasure trove of memories.
Pristine The tattered painting needed restoration. The painting was in pristine condition, ready for display.
Fresh She clutched a tattered piece of paper. She held a fresh sheet with vibrant colors.
New His shirt was tattered and torn at the seams. His shirt was new and clean, with no imperfections.
Whole The tattered map was torn in several places. The map was whole, with no tears or creases.
Perfect The tattered flag waved in the wind. The flag was perfect and unfaded in color.
Impeccable Her dress was tattered from the accident. Now, her dress looked impeccable and flawless.
Shipshape The tattered sails billowed in the wind. The sails were shipshape and in pristine condition.
New The tattered backpack showed signs of wear. She replaced it with a new one for the trip.
Intact The tattered remains of the letter were barely legible. The letter was found intact and unharmed.
Spotless The tattered tablecloth was stained and torn. The tablecloth was spotless and draped elegantly.
Well-kept She refused to throw away her tattered favorite sweater. Instead, she purchased a well-kept replacement.
Unbroken The tattered umbrella offered little protection from the rain. The unbroken umbrella shielded her from the storm.
New The tattered rug in the living room was threadbare. They decided to buy a new rug to freshen up the space.
Pristine The tattered package arrived with holes and tears. The package was returned in pristine condition.
Fresh Her tattered sneakers were falling apart. She treated herself to a pair of fresh kicks.
Intact The tattered kite struggled to stay in the sky. A new kite, intact, flew effortlessly in the breeze.
Polished The tattered silverware hadn’t been used in years. The polished silverware gleamed under the dining table lights.
Well-kept The tattered hat looked worn and weathered. The new hat looked well-kept and stylish.
Immaculate The tattered cloth lay forgotten in the corner. In its place, an immaculate cloth adorned the table.
Spotless The tattered drapes hung grime and dust-covered. She replaced them with spotless curtains.
New The tattered magazine was missing half its pages. She replaced it with a new issue.
Unbroken The tattered vase had seen better days. She displayed an unbroken vase on the mantel.
Pristine His tattered jacket was patched and faded. He invested in a pristine coat for special occasions.
Well-kept The tattered doormat was worn thin from use. She replaced it with a well-kept doormat to welcome guests.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TATTERED

In conclusion, instead of being tattered, items can be described as new, pristine, or intact. While tattered suggests worn-out and in poor condition, these antonyms convey the opposite, highlighting items that are in good shape and well-maintained. This stark contrast between tattered and its antonyms emphasizes the importance of caring for belongings to prevent them from becoming worn or torn. By choosing to keep possessions in a new or pristine state, individuals can enjoy their items for longer periods and maintain a more polished and put-together appearance.

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