Opposite of TEMPORARY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for temporary refer to words that represent the opposite meaning of temporary. Temporary means lasting for a short period of time, whereas antonyms for temporary convey the idea of lasting for a long period or indefinitely. Understanding antonyms for temporary can help to articulate ideas with precision and clarity in communication.

Exploring antonyms for temporary allows for the identification of words that signify permanence or enduring qualities, as opposed to temporary or transient states. By utilizing antonyms for temporary, individuals can express concepts that have lasting implications and are not limited by time constraints. This can be particularly useful in situations where a sense of permanence or continuity needs to be conveyed.

Antonyms for temporary provide a range of vocabulary choices that offer alternatives to words typically associated with impermanence. By familiarizing oneself with antonyms for temporary, one can enhance their writing and speaking skills by incorporating a diverse selection of terms that reflect the opposite of temporary nature. This can enrich communication and enable individuals to express themselves more effectively in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for TEMPORARY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for temporary. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TEMPORARY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Temporary Sentence with Antonym
Permanent She found a temporary job for the summer. She secured a permanent position at the company.
Enduring The repair was temporary and didn’t last long. The fix was enduring and held up over time.
Everlasting The feeling was temporary and faded quickly. Their love was everlasting and would never fade.
Eternal The pause in production was temporary and will resume soon. The delay was eternal and lasted for years.
Lasting The storm caused temporary damage to the building. The renovation resulted in a lasting improvement.
Perpetual The noisy neighbors were only temporary and moved out. The peaceful atmosphere was perpetual in the new neighborhood.
Ongoing The temporary solution kept the situation under control. The ongoing plan ensured the problem was addressed thoroughly.
Infinite The wait felt temporary as they anticipated the news. The queue seemed infinite as they waited for their turn.
Sustainable The old equipment was a temporary fix until the new one arrived. The new system was a sustainable solution for the long term.
Extended The visit was only temporary due to time constraints. The stay was extended to enjoy the vacation fully.
Endless The repair was temporary and will need further attention soon. The maintenance plan was endless to ensure smooth operation.
Permanent The migration was temporary and part of a bigger plan. The settlement was permanent in the new location.
Persisting The issue seemed temporary but kept recurring. The problem was persisting and required immediate action.
Incessant The rain was only temporary on that day. The sunshine was now incessant for days on end.
Unchanging The current status was temporary and subject to change. The circumstances were unchanging and remained as they were.
Fixed The arrangement was temporary until the new schedule was finalized. The timetable was now fixed and would not change.
Round-the-clock The security measures were temporary during the event. The surveillance was now round-the-clock to prevent any incidents.
Reliable The makeshift solution was temporary but functional for now. The new and improved version was reliable and efficient.
Interminable The meeting seemed temporary but carried on for hours. The training session appeared interminable as it went past midnight.
Unending The break was only temporary before the work resumed. The break seemed unending as they enjoyed their vacation.
Evergreen The deal was temporary but beneficial to both parties. The agreement was now evergreen and would benefit them forever.
Undying The holiday spirit was temporary as festivities ended. The bond between friends was undying and continued to grow stronger.
Timeless The pause in the conversation felt temporary as they resumed talking. The friendship was timeless and stayed strong over the years.
Indefinite The closure was only temporary until further notice. The timeline was now indefinite and uncertain.
Set The rules put in place were only temporary during the event. The regulations were now set and would be followed strictly.
Fixed The location for the event was temporary due to unforeseen circumstances. The new venue was fixed and locked in for future events.
Unceasing The rainfall was temporary and soon turned to sunshine. The snowfall seemed unceasing as winter set in.
Long-term The agreement was only temporary and subject to renegotiation. The partnership was now long-term and would last for years.
Perpetual The interruption was temporary but annoying nonetheless. The flow was now perpetual and without any more interruptions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TEMPORARY

Permanence is the key to stability, offering longevity amidst transience. In a world constantly changing, having a steadfast foundation brings a sense of security and continuity. Rather than fleeting moments, permanence provides a sense of lasting presence and reliability.

While impermanence may bring variety and excitement, choosing permanence can offer comfort and reliability. Embracing the lasting and enduring aspects of life can bring a sense of assurance and consistency in an otherwise ever-changing world.

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