Opposite of THIN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for the word “thin,” we are referring to words that represent the opposite meaning or concept. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings to a particular word. In the case of “thin,” antonyms would be words that describe the opposite of being thin.

Exploring antonyms for “thin” allows us to understand the spectrum of descriptions related to size and shape. By identifying antonyms for “thin,” we can expand our vocabulary and express ourselves more accurately. This exercise can also help us appreciate the diversity of body types and sizes.

Whether applied to objects, people, or abstract concepts, antonyms provide a richer understanding of language and semantics. Through recognizing the antonyms for “thin,” we gain a more nuanced perspective on how we describe and perceive the world around us.

35 Antonyms for THIN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for thin. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding THIN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Thin Sentence with Antonym
Thick She layered on clothes to stay warm in the bitter cold after losing weight and becoming thin. The carpet was so thick and soft that it felt luxurious beneath my feet.
Fat He was embarrassed by his visible gut peeking out from his tight shirt after his face became noticeably thin. The cat struggled to reach the mouse hiding in the narrow, twisting, and fat maze.
Plump The model’s gaunt face and unhealthily thin frame attracted attention, while the other girl’s round, plump appearance was seen as more appealing. She found peace and comfort in her plump pet cat, finding solace in the softness of its rounded body.
Chubby The pants were loose, hanging dangerously low on his waist after he lost so much weight and became unhealthily thin. The baby looked adorable in its chubby cheeks and rounded body, much healthier compared to the thin stray cat outside.
Overweight She struggled to find clothes that fit her after unintentionally becoming skinny and thin due to illness, while her friend’s plump and overweight figure never had that issue. The doctor advised her to lose weight, as her current overweight state posed a risk to her health, making it necessary for her to become thin.
Obese He was disappointed that his hard work at the gym had only made him more skinny and thin, rather than helping him reduce his obese figure. Her obese frame limited her mobility and caused discomfort, making her aspire to have a thin and healthy body.
Stout She watched in admiration as the thin model glided effortlessly down the runway, wishing she could be as graceful and elegant in her stout, plump body. His tall and stout figure commanded attention and respect, contrasting with his colleague’s frail and thin appearance.
Husky The little girl felt self-conscious about her thin and frail frame, wishing she could be as sturdy and husky as her classmates. His husky voice filled the room with warmth and depth, a stark contrast to the thin and squeaky voice at the other end of the line.
Heavy The backpack felt light and comfortable on her thin shoulders, in contrast to the heavy burden she carried in her heart. The heavy rain poured down in torrents, soaking through their clothes and making them shiver in the thin cold air.
Stocky His stocky build provided the necessary strength and stability for the demanding physical work, unlike his thin coworker who struggled with the manual labor. The thin branches of the tree swayed in the wind, contrasting with the stocky trunk that stood firm and unwavering.
Bulky The thin smartphone slipped easily into her pocket, while the bulky laptop required an additional bag to carry around comfortably. The bulky package arrived at the door, standing out against the thin envelopes that usually filled the mailbox.
Thickset The sleek design of the car appealed to her, contrasting with her thin and frail appearance, wishing she could have a thickset and robust body. His muscular arms effortlessly lifted the thin box, showcasing his strength compared to her frail arms that struggled even with the light load.
Fleshy The thin toddler nibbled delicately on her food, while the fleshy baby devoured everything in sight with gusto. The model’s fleshy and curvy figure drew attention on the runway, a stark contrast to her previous thin and unnoticeable appearance.
Plush The thin blanket did not provide enough warmth on the cold night, while the plush duvet cocooned her in comfort and softness. The plush chair enveloped her in luxury and comfort, a stark contrast to the thin and uncomfortable foldable chair.
Sturdy The thin thread snapped easily under the pressure, contrasting with the sturdy rope that held firm despite the strong winds. Her sturdy hiking boots provided stability and support on the rough terrain, unlike her thin sandals that offered little protection.
Solid The thin wire could not withstand the weight, snapping under pressure, while the solid steel beam held firm and unyielding. She leaned against the solid brick wall, finding comfort in its stability and strength, contrary to her thin and flimsy room divider.
Brisk The thin slices of meat cooked quickly in the pan, sizzling with the heat, while the brisk stew simmered slowly on the stove, filling the house with a delightful aroma. He walked at a brisk pace, eager to reach his destination, contrasting with her thin delivery that took longer than expected.
Copious She was satisfied with her meal, relishing the generous portions that filled her thin stomach, unlike the copious feast that left her feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. The copious notes filled the entire page with information, contrasting with her thin list that barely covered the basics.
Broad The narrow hallway felt suffocating and restrictive, in contrast to the broad and spacious room that allowed for freedom of movement and expression. His broad smile lit up the room, a stark contrast to her thin smile that barely reached her eyes.
Ample Her thin wardrobe lacked variety and choice, contrasting with the ample collection of clothes that filled her friend’s closet. The ample time allowed her to explore different hobbies and interests, in contrast to her thin schedule that barely had time for relaxation.
Plentiful The thin soup failed to satisfy her hunger, unlike the plentiful buffet that offered a wide array of dishes to choose from. The plentiful harvest filled the market with fresh produce, a stark contrast to the thin selection available during the offseason.
Generous The thin layer of frosting on the cake was barely noticeable, contrasting with the generous amount of frosting piled high on the cupcakes. Her generous donation made a significant impact on the charity, unlike the thin contributions that barely made a dent in the fundraising goal.
Lavish The thin drapes did little to block out the sunlight, contrasting with the lavish curtains that enveloped the room in darkness and elegance. He lived a lavish lifestyle, indulging in extravagant purchases and experiences, in stark contrast to her thin budget that limited her options.
Profuse The thin stream trickled lazily down the rocks, contrasting with the profuse waterfall that thundered down with force and abundance. Her profuse apologies flooded his inbox, overwhelming him with regret, in stark contrast to her thin acknowledgments of fault.
Bountiful The thin harvest left them facing food shortages and hunger, in stark contrast to the bountiful crop that filled the granaries and ensured abundance. The bountiful feast provided a variety of dishes and flavors, in stark contrast to her thin and flavorless dinner.
Abundant The thin resources could not meet the growing demand, causing shortages and difficulties, in stark contrast to the abundant reserves that ensured prosperity and stability. The abundant sunshine warmed their faces and lifted their spirits, in stark contrast to the thin clouds that obscured the sky and cast a gloom over the day.
Substantial The thin slice of cake failed to satisfy her sweet cravings, unlike the substantial slice that filled her with joy and contentment. His substantial savings allowed him to make major purchases and investments, in stark contrast to her thin wallet that limited her options.
Plentiful The thin soup failed to satisfy her hunger, unlike the plentiful buffet that offered a wide array of dishes to choose from. The plentiful harvest filled the market with fresh produce, a stark contrast to the thin selection available during the offseason.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of THIN

In summary, being thick implies having a substantial and dense physical form as opposed to being thin or slender. This can be seen in a person who is well-built, sturdy, or solid. The opposite of thin would be thick, which connotes a more robust and voluminous appearance. In contrast to being slim or skinny, thickness suggests a fuller and more solid figure.

In conclusion, thickness carries the opposite meaning of thinness, indicating a greater degree of density or bulk. While thin conveys a sense of being slight or slender, thick represents a more substantial and solid physical attribute.

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