Opposite of THREE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. They are pairs of words that contrast with each other in terms of their meanings and can be used to create rich and diverse language. Antonyms play a crucial role in expanding vocabulary and adding depth to our communication by offering contrast and nuance to our sentences.

By using antonyms in writing or speech, we can create vivid imagery and develop strong arguments by presenting contrasting viewpoints. Antonyms provide a dynamic way to express ideas and emotions, as well as to highlight differences and distinctions in our communication. This not only enhances clarity and precision in language but also adds complexity and sophistication to our expressions.

As we explore antonyms, we discover the power they hold in transforming our language and enriching our communication. By employing antonyms thoughtfully, we can elevate our writing and speech to new levels of creativity and articulation. The intentional use of antonyms allows us to convey deeper meanings, evoke strong emotions, and engage our audience in a more profound and compelling manner.

35 Antonyms for THREE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for three. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding THREE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Three Sentence with Antonym
Many There were only three people at the party. There were many people at the party.
Empty The three boxes were filled with books. The boxes were empty and devoid of any contents.
Full The presentation lasted only three minutes. The presentation lasted for a full hour.
Few I have three apples left. I have very few apples left.
Abundant She only had three grapes left to eat. She had an abundant supply of grapes to eat.
Several I can see only three birds in the sky. I can see several birds flying in the sky.
Packed The car was only three-quarters full with luggage. The car was packed full with luggage.
Crowded The stadium had only three people in attendance. The stadium was crowded with thousands of people.
Sparse The garden had only three flowers in bloom. The garden was sparse with very few flowers in bloom.
Overflowing The glass was only three-quarters filled with water. The glass was overflowing with water.
Lone Three ducks swam together in the pond. A lone duck swam in the pond.
Surplus The project was just three days ahead of schedule. The project had a surplus of time ahead of schedule.
Sumptuous They had only three course meal at the restaurant. They enjoyed a sumptuous seven-course meal.
Solid The tree had only three leaves left on it. The tree was covered in a solid blanket of leaves.
Insignificant The distance between the two cities was only three kilometers. The distance was insignificant at only three kilometers.
Overpopulated The village had only three houses. The city was overpopulated with houses.
Prosperous The shop had three customers all day. The shop was prosperous with customers all day.
Minuscule She had only three options to choose from. She had a minuscule number of options to choose from.
Abandoned The party had only three guests left. The party was abandoned and empty.
Expand The company had three employees before the merger. The company began to expand rapidly post-merger.
Limitless The project was completed in only three months. The possibilities were limitless with the project.
Cramped The house was big enough for only three sofas. The house felt cramped with too many sofas.
Vast The park covered an area of only three acres. The national park was vast at three million acres.
Constrained Only three people could fit in the tiny elevator. The elevator was constrained in terms of space.
Mammoth The package weighed only three kilograms. The package was a mammoth fifty kilograms.
Exiguous The room was spacious with just three items in it. The room felt exiguous with too many items in it.
Endless The road extended for only three kilometers. The road seemed endless as it stretched for miles.
Dwindle The audience grew smaller as three people left. The audience started to dwindle with every passing minute.
Diluted The juice was freshly squeezed with just three oranges. The juice tasted diluted with water added to it.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of THREE

In this article, we have explored a variety of antonyms for the number three. These antonyms, ranging from one to five, have showcased the different ways in which numbers can be represented. By looking at antonyms like one and five in relation to three, we can better understand the concept of three as a specific quantity in between these two extremes.

Understanding antonyms for three not only provides a deeper insight into numerical relationships but also aids in building a comprehensive knowledge of mathematics. By comparing and contrasting different quantities, such as three and its antonyms, we can enhance our understanding of numerical values and their significance in various contexts.

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