Opposite of THRIFTY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for thrifty are words that convey the opposite meaning of being careful and economical with money or resources. When someone is not thrifty, they may be described using one of these antonyms to highlight their tendency towards spending more freely or being wasteful in their financial decisions.

These antonyms provide a contrasting view to the concept of thrifty behavior, emphasizing a lack of prudence or frugality in managing one’s finances. By understanding the antonyms for thrifty, we can better grasp the spectrum of financial attitudes and preferences that individuals may exhibit in their spending habits and money management practices.

Exploring these antonyms allows us to appreciate the diverse ways in which people approach the handling of their resources. It sheds light on the range of attitudes towards money and the various approaches individuals may take when making financial choices. Antonyms for thrifty offer insight into differing perspectives on saving and spending, enriching our understanding of financial behaviors and attitudes.

35 Antonyms for THRIFTY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for thrifty. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding THRIFTY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Thrifty Sentence with Antonym
Wasteful She was always careful with her spending, never wasting a single penny. He was so wasteful, often buying things he didn’t need and throwing away items that were perfectly fine.
Extravagant Despite her modest salary, she managed to be economical and budget-conscious in every aspect of her life. He had a reputation for being extravagant, always purchasing luxury items and indulging in lavish experiences.
Spendthrift Her frugal nature meant that she rarely splurged on unnecessary items, always watching her expenses. He was known for being a reckless spendthrift, blowing through money as soon as it came in without regard for the future.
Prodigal The penny-pinching habits she had cultivated made her conscious of every dollar spent, avoiding any prodigal behavior. His reckless and prodigal ways left him bankrupt, as he never hesitated to spend beyond his means.
Lavish She was content with a simple lifestyle, never desiring the lavish possessions that others craved. He loved to entertain in lavish style, always hosting extravagant parties with no regard for the cost.
Imprudent Her thoughtful and prudent approach to finances helped her save for the future and avoid imprudent decisions. His imprudent spending habits left him in constant debt, as he never thought about the consequences of his purchases.
Indulgent Despite having the means to splurge, she chose to be austere and avoid any indulgent expenses. He was known for his indulgent lifestyle, always purchasing expensive items and paying for extravagant experiences.
Squandering She was mindful of every dollar spent, never squandering money on frivolous purchases. His tendency to squander his earnings on unnecessary items left him with little to show for his hard work.
Extravagance Her frugality was evident in every aspect of her life, as she avoided any signs of extravagance. He was known for his love of extravagance, always seeking out the most luxurious and expensive items on the market.
Reckless Her cautious nature ensured that she was never reckless with her spending, always thinking ahead before making a purchase. He had a reputation for being reckless with money, often making impulsive decisions that landed him in financial trouble.
Squanderer Being a saver at heart, she was the complete opposite of a squanderer, always thinking about the future. He was a notorious squanderer, constantly spending money on items he didn’t need and experiences he couldn’t afford.
Lavishly She lived simply and modestly, never feeling the need to live lavishly or indulge in opulent lifestyles. He always lived lavishly, spending extravagantly on possessions and experiences without a second thought.
Excessive Her moderate approach to spending ensured that she never engaged in any form of excessive or wasteful behavior. He had a habit of making excessive purchases, always going overboard when it came to spending money.
Prodigality She was known for her thriftiness, always avoiding any signs of prodigality in her lifestyle choices. His prodigality knew no bounds, as he constantly spent money on items he didn’t need and couldn’t afford.
Incautious Her prudent habits made her the opposite of incautious, as she always considered the consequences of her spending. He was known for being incautious and reckless with money, often making impulsive purchases without thinking things through.
Splurging She never gave in to the temptation of splurging, always remaining practical and saving for a rainy day. He had a habit of splurging on luxury items, often spending beyond his means and neglecting to plan for the future.
Extravagantly She preferred a simple and modest lifestyle, opting to live modestly rather than extravagantly. He always spent extravagantly, never hesitating to buy the most expensive items and splurge on luxury experiences.
Careless Her meticulous nature meant that she paid close attention to her expenses, never being careless with her spending. He was known for being careless with money, always spending without thought for the future or any sense of responsibility.
Recklessness Her caution and prudence were evident in her careful financial decisions, avoiding any form of recklessness. He was known for his recklessness with money, always making impulsive decisions that led to financial troubles.
Frivolously She always thought carefully before making a purchase, never frivolously spending money on unnecessary items. He spent frivolously, always buying things he didn’t need and wasting money on frivolous experiences.
Luxury She preferred a simple and practical lifestyle, avoiding any signs of luxury or extravagance in her choices. He had a taste for luxury, always seeking out the most expensive and opulent items on the market.
Decadent Her simple and mild lifestyle was the complete opposite of any decadent or extravagant tendencies. He lived a decadent lifestyle, constantly indulging in luxury items and experiences without concern for the cost.
Exorbitant Her reasonable approach to spending meant that she never made any exorbitant purchases or spent beyond her means. He had a habit of making exorbitant purchases, always seeking out the most expensive items without considering the consequences.
Squander She was thrifty and mindful of her spending, never squandering money on unnecessary or wasteful purchases. He had a tendency to squander his earnings on frivolous items, wasting money without a second thought.
Grandiose She lived a simple and humble lifestyle, devoid of any grandiose or extravagant tendencies. He had grandiose tastes, always seeking out the most opulent and luxurious items to add to his collection.
Overindulgent Despite having the means to splurge, she was always mindful of being moderate and avoiding any overindulgent expenses. He had a reputation for being overindulgent, constantly spending beyond his means and indulging in luxury items.
Proliferate Her controlled spending habits were the opposite of proliferate, as she never let her expenses get out of hand. He had a tendency to proliferate his spending, constantly purchasing unnecessary items and indulging in extravagant experiences.
Unthrifty She was known for being thrifty, always careful with her spending and avoiding any signs of being unthrifty. He was unthrifty in his habits, never thinking twice about spending money on frivolous items and unnecessary experiences.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of THRIFTY

In contrast to being thrifty, being extravagant is characterized by overspending and indulgence in luxury items. While being frugal involves being economical and wise in spending, being wasteful entails careless and excessive expenditure without consideration for saving.

Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between thriftiness and extravagance to manage finances effectively. By being mindful of our spending habits and making conscious choices, we can avoid being wasteful and cultivate a more prudent approach to managing our finances.

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