Opposite of TIME – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for time refer to words that signify the absence of temporal existence or measurement. These words convey the opposite meaning of concepts related to time, such as eternity, infinity, or timelessness. Antonyms for time are vital in language to express the timeless, permanent, or eternal aspects of existence.

In everyday language, antonyms for time are used to describe situations, events, or entities that are not bound by time constraints or limitations. These antonyms help convey a sense of endlessness, continuity, or permanence that transcends the temporal boundaries of past, present, and future. By using antonyms for time, speakers and writers can evoke a feeling of timelessness or infinity in their descriptions.

Understanding antonyms for time expands the linguistic tools available to communicate complex notions of eternity, timelessness, or infinity. These antonyms provide a rich vocabulary for expressing concepts that go beyond the traditional linear progression of time, offering a broader scope for creative expression and conceptual exploration.

35 Antonyms for TIME With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for time. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TIME antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Time Sentence with Antonym
Begin It’s time to start a new project. It’s not the right time to begin a new project.
Present Time is now for you to give your presentation. Your time is past to give your presentation.
Late I was time for the meeting. I was late for the meeting.
Past The time for submitting the report is over. The past deadline for the report has passed.
Forward Let’s move time with the project. Let’s move forward with the project.
Long The meeting lasted a long time. The meeting didn’t take a long time.
Future I am looking forward to our time together. I am dreading our future together.
Present Time is now to enjoy the moment. Your present behavior is ruining everything.
Early Let’s meet time at the coffee shop. Let’s meet early at the coffee shop.
Start The time has come to launch the new product. The start has not yet initiated for the product.
Old That clock is from a long time ago. That clock is not old at all.
Here The perfect time to discuss this is now. The perfect place to discuss this is not here.
Ancient This artifact is from a long time ago. This artifact is not ancient at all.
Young She was a young child at the time of the accident. She was not young but old at the accident.
Duration The time taken to finish the project was long. The short duration was enough for the project.
Fresh The bread is still fresh at this time. The bread has gone stale and is unusable now.
Halt The time has come to stop the project. The project has come to a halt temporarily.
Before The meeting will start 15 minutes time the hour. The meeting will start 15 minutes before the hour.
Pause Can we take a little time from this discussion? Can we take a little pause from this discussion?
Behind You are always two steps ahead of your time. You are always two steps behind your time.
Fixed The time for the event is already set. The fixed date for the event can’t be changed.
Slow The time is going by so slow today. The pace of the time is incredibly fast.
Inactive The clock has been time out for years. The clock has been inactive for years.
Early She arrives to work time and always on schedule. She arrives to work early and always on schedule.
Now We need to act on this issue right time. We need to act on this issue right now.
Short The time was short but we made it on time. The distance might be short but it will take long time.
Hindrance Do not let anything be a time to achieving your goal. Do not let anything be a hindrance to achieving your goal.
Renewal The time has come to renew our commitments. The renewal of our commitments is overdue.
Last You barely have time to complete the task. You are the last person to complete the task.
Swift The time is passing by at a swift pace. The movement of the clock is slow and steady.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TIME

In life, moments can feel fleeting or everlasting, where some instances pass quickly while others linger on. The contrast between the brevity and infinity of time shapes our experiences and memories. As we navigate through the alternating cadence of swift and prolonged moments, we appreciate the dynamic nature of existence.

These antonyms for time, such as moment and eternity, highlight the diverse ways in which time manifests in our lives. Whether we are caught up in the urgency of the present or reveling in the enduring significance of the past, the interplay of different temporalities enriches our journey through life.

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