Opposite of TOLERANT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for tolerant are words that convey the opposite meaning of being accepting or patient towards differing opinions, beliefs, or behaviors. These antonyms are descriptors that indicate a lack of openness, understanding, or forbearance when faced with diversity or opposing viewpoints. Essentially, they represent attitudes or traits that are the polar opposite of tolerance.

In communication and discourse, antonyms for tolerant are crucial as they help to express disagreement, disapproval, or rigidity in perspective. By understanding the opposite of tolerance, individuals are able to identify and articulate the presence of intolerance or narrow-mindedness in discussions, relationships, or societal dynamics. Antonyms for tolerant serve as linguistic tools to convey the absence of acceptance, respect, or empathy towards others.

While tolerance fosters harmony, acceptance, and inclusivity, antonyms for tolerant highlight discord, division, and exclusion. These contrasting concepts are essential in reflecting the diverse range of attitudes and behaviors present in human interactions and societal frameworks. By exploring antonyms for tolerant, one can gain a deeper insight into the complexities of human nature and the dynamics of civil discourse.

35 Antonyms for TOLERANT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for tolerant. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TOLERANT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Tolerant Sentence with Antonym
Intolerant She is tolerant of other people’s views. She is intolerant of other people’s views.
Narrow-minded Being tolerant allows for different opinions. Being narrow-minded restricts different opinions.
Close-minded He is tolerant of diverse cultures. He is close-minded and refuses to accept diverse cultures.
Bigoted They are tolerant of different religions. They are bigoted against different religions.
Prejudiced The community is tolerant of various lifestyles. The community is prejudiced against various lifestyles.
Narrow Their tolerant attitude fosters harmony. Their narrow attitude hinders harmony.
Inflexible Flexibility is key in being tolerant. Inflexibility is observed when someone is intolerant.
Unsympathetic She is tolerant of other’s choices. She is unsympathetic towards other’s choices.
Unaccepting He is tolerant of different points of view. He is unaccepting of different points of view.
Rigid A tolerant environment promotes understanding. A rigid environment obstructs understanding.
Biased They are taught to be tolerant of all races. They are biased and discriminate against some races.
Rejected The company promotes a tolerant workplace. The company fosters a rejected workplace culture.
Disdainful She is known for her tolerant character. She is known for her disdainful character.
Dismissive Being tolerant involves being open-minded. Being dismissive involves being close-minded.
Antagonistic They are tolerant of different belief systems. They are antagonistic towards different belief systems.
Unyielding Tolerant individuals embrace diversity. Unyielding individuals resist diversity.
Hostile A tolerant society welcomes all backgrounds. A hostile society shuns certain backgrounds.
Inflexible Tolerant people accept others regardless. Inflexible people reject others based on differences.
Unsparing Her tolerant nature accepts all individuals. Her unsparing nature judges all individuals.
Partisan In a tolerant environment, all are respected. In a partisan environment, only a few are respected.
Exclusive He is tolerant of beliefs that differ from his own. He is exclusive and does not accept beliefs that differ from his own.
Unfavorable A tolerant workplace values inclusivity. An unfavorable workplace lacks inclusivity.
Antipathetic They preach to be tolerant towards everyone. They are antipathetic towards certain groups.
Discriminating Being tolerant means accepting differences. Being discriminating means rejecting differences.
Unaccommodating The country is known for being tolerant toward immigrants. The country is known for being unaccommodating towards immigrants.
Uncompassionate He is tolerant of all religions. He is uncompassionate towards all religions.
Unindulgent The tolerant teacher appreciates diversity. The unindulgent teacher does not appreciate diversity.
Severe Their tolerant policies embrace all opinions. Their severe policies narrow down opinions.
Adversarial Tolerant individuals promote mutual respect. Adversarial individuals promote mutual disrespect.
Discordant A tolerant society encourages harmony. A discordant society thrives on conflict.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TOLERANT

Lacking patience can lead to frustration and conflict in various situations. When we are intolerant, we struggle to accept differences and may react harshly to diverse perspectives. Being inflexible can prevent us from fostering understanding and compromise, hindering positive relationships with others.

On the other hand, being open-minded and patient allows for greater harmony and cooperation. Embracing differences and practicing tolerance can lead to more peaceful interactions and mutual respect. Cultivating tolerance helps us navigate diverse environments with empathy and goodwill, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society.

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