Opposite of TOLERATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we encounter something that we cannot bear or allow, we often seek the opposite of tolerance. Antonyms for tolerate are words that represent the refusal to accept or endure certain things or behaviors. These words express a clear opposition to tolerance and imply a strong stance against something.

One common antonym for tolerate is “prohibit,” which implies the disallowance or prevention of something. To prohibit something is to make it forbidden or unaccepted. This word represents a firm stance against what is being prohibited, leaving no room for acceptance or tolerance.

Another antonym for tolerate is “reject,” which conveys a strong sense of refusal or denial towards something. When we reject something, we are showing a clear opposition to it, refusing to accept or tolerate its presence. This word signifies a complete disapproval or dismissal of what is being rejected.

35 Antonyms for TOLERATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for tolerate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TOLERATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Tolerate Sentence with Antonym
Reject She could not tolerate the noise in the room. She decided to reject the proposal.
Abhor He could no longer tolerate the lies. She abhors any form of dishonesty.
Detest The teacher could not tolerate cheating in class. I detest people who are rude.
Despise She cannot tolerate the cruelty towards animals. He despises those who lack empathy.
Dislike He could tolerate the cold weather. She dislikes the hot and humid climate.
Resist She was not able to tolerate the pain anymore. He tried to resist the urge to give up.
Refuse The boss could not tolerate any more excuses. They had no choice but to refuse the offer.
Banish She vowed to tolerate no more disrespect. The ruler decided to banish the traitor from the kingdom.
Denounce The organization could not tolerate any form of discrimination. She decided to denounce the corrupt practices.
Forbid The school does not tolerate bullying among students. The parents forbid their children from talking to strangers.
Oppose She could no longer tolerate the unfair treatment. They oppose the new policy implemented by the government.
Condemn He could not tolerate the injustice. She condemned the violence in the city.
Disapprove The manager cannot tolerate any more mistakes from the team. The committee disapproves of the proposed changes.
Spurn She could not tolerate his continuous lies. He spurned her advances and walked away.
Resent She could never tolerate any form of disrespect. He resents being treated unfairly.
Despise The community cannot tolerate any more crime in the area. She despises the lack of accountability.
Repudiate The organization does not tolerate unethical behavior. He ended up repudiating his former allies.
Shun She could not tolerate his constant criticism. They decided to shun the negative influences.
Resist He could no longer tolerate her toxic behavior. She tried to resist the urge to lash out.
Disown They could not tolerate the betrayal from their friend. She decided to disown her abusive family.
Abandon The team could not tolerate any more failures. He felt abandoned by his closest friends.
Repel She could not tolerate the offensive remarks. He felt the need to repel any form of negativity.
Loathe She could not tolerate the deceit anymore. He loathes the idea of dishonesty.
Spurn He could not tolerate the disrespect from his colleagues. She spurned the offer and walked away.
Repulse She could not tolerate the bullying in school. The thought of cheating repulsed her.
Discourage The coach cannot tolerate lack of effort from the players. She did not want to discourage him from pursuing his dreams.
Abominate She could not tolerate the cruelty towards animals. He abominates any form of violence.
Revolt The students could not tolerate the unfair treatment. The citizens decided to revolt against the oppressive government.
Renounce She could no longer tolerate the lies. He decided to renounce his allegiance to the tyrant.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TOLERATE

It is crucial to acknowledge that societies thrive when they embrace diversities opposed to rejecting or excluding them. When individuals exhibit intolerance towards others, it fosters division and hinders progress. Acceptance, openness, and understanding pave the way for a harmonious coexistence, enabling mutual respect and growth.

By shunning intolerance and fostering a culture of inclusivity, communities can nurture a more compassionate environment where differences are celebrated rather than condemned. Embracing empathy and patience, rather than hostility and impatience, can lead to a more vibrant and united society where everyone feels valued and accepted.

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