Opposite of TOUT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for the word “tout,” we are essentially exploring words that represent the opposite meaning or concept. Antonyms serve as linguistic tools to provide contrast or negate the original idea conveyed by a certain word. They help to expand our vocabulary and offer a more nuanced way of expressing ideas in communication.

In the context of language and writing, antonyms for “tout” can be crucial in creating a balanced and diverse narrative. By incorporating antonyms for “tout,” we can present contrasting viewpoints, challenge conventional wisdom, or introduce alternative perspectives. This not only adds depth and complexity to our language but also enhances the richness of our communication.

Exploring antonyms for “tout” allows us to navigate the intricacies of language and broaden our understanding of different concepts. Whether we are writing, speaking, or engaging in dialogue, incorporating antonyms for “tout” can help us convey a range of meanings and foster a more comprehensive exchange of ideas.

35 Antonyms for TOUT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for tout. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TOUT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Tout Sentence with Antonym
Conceal The company decided to tout their new product at the conference. The company decided to conceal their new product from competitors.
Downplay The restaurant manager likes to tout the quality of their food. The restaurant manager prefers to downplay any issues with the food.
Criticize The marketer continued to tout the benefits of the product despite negative feedback. The marketer chose not to respond to criticism and avoid criticizing competitors.
Disparage The politician’s opponents tried to tout his flaws during the debate. The politician’s opponents avoided disparaging his reputation during the debate.
Minimize The hotel staff tried to tout the size of the rooms to attract more guests. The hotel staff decided to not minimize any complaints about the room sizes.
Understate The advertisement greatly touted the efficacy of the new medicine. The advertisement intentionally understated the possible side effects of the new medicine.
Belittle The fashion designer always touted her latest collection as groundbreaking. The fashion designer did not want to belittle the creations of her peers.
Discredit The CEO continuously touted the company’s success in the market. The CEO didn’t want to potentially discredit the performance of the company.
Conceal The real estate agent tried to tout the spectacular view from the apartment. The real estate agent deliberately tried to conceal the noise levels in the neighborhood.
Downplay The politician tried to tout his achievements during the campaign rally. The politician chose to downplay the controversies surrounding his campaign.
Ignore The singer’s publicist always touted her latest album during interviews. The singer’s publicist chose to ignore any negative reviews.
Reject The author’s agent continued to tout the upcoming book to publishers. The author’s agent did not want to reject any potential interest from publishers.
Renounce The influencer continued to tout the benefits of the brand even after leaving. The influencer decided never to renounce any negative experiences with the brand.
Deny The company’s PR team kept touting the safety records of their products. The company’s PR team avoided denying any allegations of product defects.
Keep secret The tech company decided to tout the features of its upcoming device. The tech company also chose to keep secret some advanced functionalities until launch.
Hide The politician tried to tout his record on social issues. The politician was careful not to hide any negative aspects of his record.
Hush The company’s spokesperson continued to tout the benefits of the new software. The company’s spokesperson chose to hush any rumors about potential glitches.
Concede The CEO tried to tout the company’s new sustainability initiatives. The CEO did not want to concede any shortcomings in the implementation plan.
De-emphasize The marketing team continued to tout the success of the recent campaign. The marketing team decided to de-emphasize any flaws in the campaign strategy.
Contradict The doctor tried to tout the effectiveness of the new treatment. The doctor did not want to contradict the evidence of the previous unsuccessful trials.
Suppress The company attempted to tout the innovative design of its latest gadget. The company did not want to suppress any negative feedback from early users.
Disclaim The magazine editor decided to tout the upcoming issue’s exclusive interview. The magazine editor avoided disclaiming any controversial statements made during the interview.
Disparage The publicist continued to tout the celebrity’s impeccable reputation. The publicist refrained from disparaging any rival celebrities.
Exaggerate The advertiser tried to tout the exceptional quality of the product. The advertiser did not want to exaggerate any features to mislead consumers.
Conceal The film studio continued to tout the star-studded cast of the movie. The film studio decided to conceal any issues during filming to maintain a positive image.
Silence The company spokesperson persistently touted the benefits of their services. The company spokesperson made sure to silence any rumors about possible downsides.
Downplay The manager liked to tout the store’s large inventory during promotions. The manager strategically chose to downplay any delays in customer service.
Cultivate The startup CEO tried to tout the culture of innovation within the company. The startup CEO did not want to cultivate an environment of fear among employees.
Criticize The blogger continued to tout the benefits of a plant-based diet. The blogger refrained from criticizing other dietary choices.
Reject The company’s spokesperson kept touting the advantages of their new software. The company’s spokesperson chose not to reject any possible concerns regarding software bugs.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TOUT

In conclusion, rather than praise or promote, it is important to criticize or downplay when discussing certain products or services. Rather than endorse or advocate for a particular choice, it can be more insightful to disapprove or discourage. By refraining from touting and instead highlighting flaws or drawbacks, a more balanced and unbiased view can be presented to help individuals make informed decisions. Differentiating between different perspectives and avoiding excessive promotion can lead to a more honest and nuanced conversation around products and services.

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