Opposite of TRACK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for track refer to words that convey opposite meanings in relation to the term “track.” Antonyms are words that have contrasting definitions and are commonly used to express different ideas or concepts. In the case of track, antonyms can provide a range of options for expressing ideas that are different from following a specific path or direction.

When looking for antonyms for track, one can explore words that represent divergence or deviation from a set course or route. These antonyms can offer alternative ways to describe movement or progress that do not involve following or monitoring a particular path. Additionally, antonyms for track can be helpful in adding variety and nuance to writing, allowing for a more diverse and dynamic vocabulary.

By utilizing antonyms for track in writing or conversation, individuals can enhance clarity and precision in their communication. These contrasting words can help convey opposing meanings and differentiate between various concepts related to tracking or monitoring. As a result, incorporating antonyms for track can enrich language use and contribute to a more nuanced and expressive form of expression.

35 Antonyms for TRACK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for track. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TRACK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Track Sentence with Antonym
Lost The hikers followed the track through the forest. The hikers became lost in the dense forest.
Found The detective examined the track left by the thief. The detective couldn’t find any evidence of the thief.
Stay Please track your package to see when it arrives. Please don’t leave until your package has been delivered.
Disperse The runners stayed on the track during the race. The runners decided to scatter and take different routes.
Planned The project is right on track for completion. The project is deviating from the planned timeline.
Asphalt The athletes sprinted on the rubber track. The athletes ran on a course made of dirt and grass.
Orient I need to track my progress in learning a new skill. I need to deviate from my usual way of monitoring my progress.
Cover The birds left their tracks in the snow. The birds flew away, leaving no traces in the snow.
Integrate The software is designed to track user behavior. The software is not designed to integrate user data.
Modern The album found huge success on the music tracks. The album didn’t resonate with the audience’s traditional tastes.
Discover They were able to track the missing child. They were unable to discover the whereabouts of the missing child.
Wander The cat followed the track of a small rodent. The cat decided to wander in a different direction.
Remember I can track our conversation using chat history. I can’t remember that conversation perfectly.
Away Let’s go to the mountains and track some wildlife. Let’s go to the sea and see what animals we can bring in.
Fail The contestants raced around the circular track. The contestants decided to quit mid-race before they could fail.
Converge The railroad track has a switch to change direction. The railroad branches off in multiple directions.
Staying By not staying on track, we will fall behind schedule. By straying off the path, we risk delaying the project.
Begin The cops will track the criminal’s movements. The cops will wait and see, until they can **end ** his criminal activities.
Smooth The new tires helped him grip the race track better. The worn-out tires made him struggle on the bumpy surface.
Progress The team is keeping track of their project’s success. The team has lost sight of their project’s lack of progress.
Tangled The hiker followed the track through the dense forest. The hiker got caught up in a maze of tangled vines.
Approached The detective arrived at the crime scene to find tracks. The detective got closer and the tracks disappeared.
Straight The train tracks ran along the edge of the city. The winding road led them far from the railway line.
Well-worn The track of the marathon runners was clearly marked. The competitors chose to run off the beaten path.
Reached The athlete set a new record on the running track. The athlete never reached his full potential on the field.
Dense The track in the forest was obscured by fallen leaves. The open field provided a clear path with no obstructions.
Lingers The track of her scent lingers along the hallway. The smell of the cleaning products quickly vanishes.
Release The photographer will track the progress of his new project. The photographer will not release information about his new project.
Depart The train will track its route across the country. The train has to first depart from the station.
Strayed The dog stayed on the track during the scent trail. The dog strayed away from the path, losing the scent.
Disruption The track of the hurricane will be monitored closely. The forecast predicted no disruption to the weather pattern.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TRACK

The antonyms for track include lose, wander, stray, and veer off course. By straying from the intended path, individuals may find themselves feeling lost or disoriented. It is important to stay focused and avoid veering off track to achieve goals effectively. When we wander and lose sight of our objectives, it can lead to confusion and delay progress. Therefore, it is crucial to stay on track and maintain a clear direction in order to reach our desired destination successfully.

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