Opposite of TRANSLUCENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for translucent are words that describe objects or substances that do not allow light to pass through easily, thus appearing opaque or completely blocking light.

Opaque is a term referring to objects that are not transparent or translucent, completely blocking the passage of light and making it difficult to see through. These objects do not allow any light to pass through, creating a solid and non-transparent appearance.

With the concept of antonyms for translucent, we explore words that contrast with transparency and clarity, highlighting the variety of ways in which objects can interact with light to create different visual effects. By understanding these contrasting terms, we can better articulate the properties of materials and objects in relation to their ability to transmit or obstruct light.

35 Antonyms for TRANSLUCENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for translucent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TRANSLUCENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Translucent Sentence with Antonym
Opaque The translucent curtains let in a soft, filtered light The opaque curtains block out all the sunlight
Solid The lake water was clear and translucent, allowing us to see the bottom The mud was thick and solid, preventing us from seeing the bottom
Clouded The glass windows were clean and translucent, offering a clear view The frosted glass windows were cloudy and clouded, obstructing the view
Obscure The artist used translucent paint to create a subtle gradient effect The artist used dense and obscure paint to create a bold and opaque effect
Impermeable The translucent film allowed some light to pass through The impermeable film blocked all light from passing through
Nontransparent The translucent vase displayed the flowers inside The nontransparent vase concealed the contents inside
Frosted The glass was clear and translucent, revealing the beautiful landscape The glass was opaque and frosted, obscuring the view
Non-Light-Penetrable The translucent material glowed when a light was placed behind it The non-light-penetrable material remained dark even when exposed to light
Misty The ocean was so translucent that you could see the fish swimming below The polluted water was murky and misty, obstructing visibility
Blocked The translucent window allowed natural light to filter in The closed shutters blocked all natural light from entering the room
Cloudy The glass was clear and translucent, giving an unobstructed view The glass was fogged and cloudy, obstructing the view
Muddy The brook was translucent, allowing us to see the stones at the bottom The pond was murky and muddy, making it impossible to see what lay at the bottom
Hazy The water was so translucent that we could see the patterns on the pebbles The air was thick and hazy, obscuring our view of the horizon
Solidified The gel was translucent and wobbled with movement The cement had hardened and was now solidified, immovable
Tarnished The manipulator cover was translucent, allowing a peek inside The tarnished mirror was opaque, hiding any reflection
Blocked-Out The translucent screen diffused the light for a softer glow The blackout curtains blocked-out all light, creating complete darkness
Unclear The translucent glass provided a blurry image of what lay beyond The dirty and unclear windows obstructed visibility
Shaded The translucent umbrella shielded her from the harsh sun The thick canopy provided full shade, unlike the shaded umbrella
Murky The water was translucent, revealing the colorful rocks at the bottom The water was dark and murky, hiding what lies beneath
Opaque The colorful balloon was translucent in the sunlight The thick fog was dense and opaque, obscuring everything in its path
Impervious The translucent plastic sheet allowed some light to pass through The thick walls were solid and impervious to every ray of light
Non-See-Through The translucent glass doors showcased the beautiful garden outside The non-see-through doors prevented any glimpse of what was on the other side
Blocked The stain glass window was translucent, casting colorful hues inside The black wall blocked any light from passing through the room
Covered The parasol was made of translucent material, letting some light through The tent was made of covered material, blocking out all natural light
Muddy The stream was so translucent that we could observe the fish underwater The water in the pond was muddy and opaque, concealing any life beneath the surface
Shaded The translucent sunglasses allowed a muted view of the surroundings The baseball cap provided full shade, unlike the shaded sunglasses
Blurred The translucent glass distorted the view, making the view fuzzy The rainy windshield blurred the landscape, obstructing visibility
Foggy The lake was translucent, allowing us to see the pebbles on the sandy bottom The dense fog was foggy, obscuring everything beyond a few feet in front of us
Sheer The fabric was translucent, allowing a soft light to filter through The fabric was thick and sheer, blocking any light from seeping through
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TRANSLUCENT

Opaque materials block light from passing through, unlike translucent materials that allow some light to pass. Examples of opaque materials are solid wood, metal, and brick, while examples of translucent materials are frosted glass, wax paper, and tinted plastic. Opaque objects do not transmit light, making them suitable for providing privacy or blocking glare, whereas translucent objects allow some light to pass through, diffusing it and creating a soft glow. Understanding the differences between opaque and translucent materials is essential for selecting the appropriate material for a specific purpose, whether it be for privacy, aesthetics, or functionality.

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