Opposite of TRAP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Definitions are a crucial aspect of language, providing clarity by describing the meaning of specific words and concepts. Antonyms serve as an essential component of language, offering words with opposite meanings to help convey contrasting ideas. By understanding antonyms for various terms, individuals can enrich their vocabulary and communication skills.

Antonyms function as linguistic tools that present words or phrases that have opposite meanings to each other. These pairs of words can help to provide a well-rounded understanding of a concept by highlighting its contrasts. Antonyms can be particularly useful in writing, speaking, or comprehension exercises as they offer an effective way to convey distinctions in meaning.

When exploring antonyms for a word like “trap,” one can discover a range of contrasting terms that can help illuminate the various nuances of its meaning. Whether seeking to avoid ambiguity in communication or enhance expressive skills, having a strong grasp of antonyms for common words is beneficial. Developing an awareness of antonyms can contribute to clearer and more effective communication in both personal and professional contexts.

35 Antonyms for TRAP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for trap. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding TRAP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Trap Sentence with Antonym
Release The hunter set up a trap to catch the rabbit. The rescuer will release the rabbit back into the wild.
Free The spider spun a trap to ensnare its prey. The bird was able to free itself from the snare.
Escape The detective discovered the hidden trap. The criminal managed to escape capture.
Unsnare The hikers fell into the animal’s trap. With careful maneuvers, they managed to unsnare themselves.
Liberate They found themselves in a trap with no way out. Only a clever idea could liberate them from the situation.
Rescue The mouse was caught in the trap set by the farmer. The cat arrived just in time to rescue the mouse.
Avoid The hunter carefully set up a trap in the forest. The cautious deer managed to avoid the snare.
Release The thief fell into the police’s trap. After interrogation, they decided to release the suspect.
Free The insect was lured into the trap with sweet bait. By some miracle, it managed to free itself.
Dodge The villain set up a trap for the superhero. With lightning-fast reflexes, the hero was able to dodge the danger.
Exempt The detective suspected there was a trap ahead. Thankfully, they were exempt from it due to prior knowledge.
Untrapped The explorers stumbled upon the hidden trap. Thanks to their teamwork, they were able to get untrapped.
Release The poacher set a trap to catch the endangered animal. Conservationists planned to release the captured creatures.
Unbind The mouse was caught in the trap set by the homeowner. With a bit of effort, it managed to unbind itself.
Evade The spy detected the hidden trap in time. She quickly took evasive action to evade the imminent danger.
Avoid The adventurers unknowingly walked into a dangerous trap. They realized their error just in time to avoid the looming threat.
Unsnare The rabbit hopped into the snare, falling for the trap. After a struggle, it was able to unsnare itself and escape.
Release The bear was cunningly led into a trap by the poacher. The animal rights activists fought to release the trapped bear.
Liberate The snail was ensnared in a sticky trap. With a sudden burst of energy, it was able to liberate itself.
Spare The unwary prey stumbled into the clever trap set by the predator. Luckily, a passing predator was able to spare it and drive the threat away.
Avoid The spider spun an intricate trap to catch prey. The insect was adept at maneuvering around it to avoid capture.
Break free The fox was caught in a trap laid by the hunter. With great effort, the fox managed to break free and escape.
Escape The adventurer fell into a hidden trap in the jungle. Despite the danger, he managed to escape unscathed.
Free The hunter set a trap to catch the elusive rabbit. The rabbit managed to free itself by gnawing through the rope.
Evade The spy narrowly avoided falling into the enemy’s trap. Through quick thinking, he was able to evade capture.
Sidestep The character fell into the villain’s elaborate trap. With clever tactics, the hero was able to sidestep the danger.
Break loose The animal found itself ensnared in the hunter’s trap. With a mighty effort, it was able to break loose and run away.
Unbind The bird unknowingly landed in a trap set by the trapper. Despite the entrapment, it managed to unbind its wings and fly away.
Avoid The mouse got caught in the sticky trap set by the homeowner. By being cautious, it was able to avoid similar traps in the future.
Release The explorers were caught in a dangerous trap deep within the cave. They worked together to find a way to release themselves from the snare.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of TRAP

Escape from the dangers of entrapment by remaining free and unconfined. Avoid falling into a snare, dodge confinement, and break away from the confines. Embrace your liberty and maintain your independence by steering clear of snares, avoiding confinement, and refusing to be ensnared.

In a world full of potential traps, make conscious choices to navigate away from confinement and entrapment. Stay vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, and actively seek out paths that lead to freedom and autonomy. By recognizing the antonyms for traps and consciously avoiding situations that could lead to entrapment, you can secure your independence and safeguard your well-being.

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