Opposite of UNABLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “unable” are words that convey the opposite meaning of being incapable or lacking the ability to do something. These terms represent a state of capability, competence, or dexterity in achieving specific tasks or goals. By understanding and utilizing antonyms for “unable,” individuals can effectively express concepts of proficiency, skill, and empowerment in their communication.

In language, antonyms serve as valuable tools for expanding vocabulary, enhancing communication, and providing nuanced expressions. By using antonyms for “unable,” individuals can articulate ideas with clarity and precision, conveying meanings that denote capability, capacity, and aptitude. These contrasting terms offer diverse options for describing a wide range of situations, actions, and attributes, allowing for a more nuanced and accurate portrayal of concepts.

The use of antonyms for “unable” can help in emphasizing positive characteristics, highlighting strengths, and promoting a more affirmative outlook. By utilizing these opposing terms, individuals can shift the focus from limitations to possibilities, fostering a sense of empowerment and agency. Through the incorporation of antonyms for “unable,” communication can be enhanced, enabling clearer and more impactful expression of ideas and intentions.

35 Antonyms for UNABLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for unable. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding UNABLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Unable Sentence with Antonym
Able She was unable to reach the top shelf. She was able to reach the top shelf.
Capable The injured player was unable to continue the game. The injured player was capable of continuing the game.
Competent He felt unable to complete the task on his own. He felt competent and completed the task on his own.
Skilled She was unable to perform the complicated dance routine. She was skilled and performed the complicated dance routine.
Efficient Due to the technical issue, they were unable to complete the project on time. With the new software, they were efficient and completed the project on time.
Proficient The student was unable to answer the difficult question. The student was proficient and answered the difficult question.
Accomplished Despite her efforts, she was unable to finish the marathon. With determination, she was accomplished and finished the marathon.
Talented He was unable to play the musical instrument. He was talented and played the musical instrument beautifully.
Gifted The artist was unable to create a masterpiece during his creative block. The artist was gifted and created a masterpiece during his creative block.
Skilled She was unable to fix the car engine. She was skilled and fixed the car engine.
Competent He was unable to lead the team effectively. He was competent and led the team effectively.
Capable The child was unable to tie his shoelaces. The child was capable of tying his shoelaces.
Functional The old computer was unable to run the new software. The upgraded computer was functional and ran the new software.
Effective The ineffective treatment left her unable to walk. The treatment was effective and helped her walk again.
Efficient They were unable to complete the paperwork in time. With the new system, they were efficient and completed the paperwork in time.
Qualified She was unable to get the job without the necessary qualifications. She was qualified and got the job immediately.
Adequate The temporary fix was unable to resolve the major issue. The permanent solution was adequate and resolved the major issue.
Powerful The weak signal rendered him unable to make a phone call. The new antenna made him powerful to make a phone call.
Nimble The large package made her unable to move quickly. Her small bag made her nimble and able to move quickly.
Agile He was unable to perform the gymnastic routine. He was agile and performed the gymnastic routine flawlessly.
Malleable The frozen metal was unable to bend under pressure. The heated metal was malleable and easily bent under pressure.
Responsive The unresponsive device was unable to react to touch. The newly calibrated device was responsive and reacted to touch instantly.
Adroit She was unable to fix the technical issue quickly. She was adroit and fixed the technical issue quickly.
Skillful He was unable to surf due to lack of experience. He was skillful and surfed effortlessly.
Resourceful She was unable to come up with a solution on her own. She was resourceful and found a solution quickly.
Formidable The weak army was unable to defend against the attack. The well-trained army was formidable and successfully defended against the attack.
Competent The trainee was unable to handle the project independently. The experienced professional was competent and handled the project independently.
Proficient She was unable to speak fluently in the foreign language. She was proficient and spoke fluently in the foreign language.
Well-equipped The outdated computer was unable to handle the latest software. The new computer was well-equipped and handled the latest software with ease.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of UNABLE

In conclusion, having the ability to accomplish tasks, being capable and enabled can empower individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations. Conversely, being incapable, disabled, or restricted can hinder progress and limit the potential for growth and success. By recognizing and fostering our strengths, we can overcome obstacles and cultivate a sense of proficiency and competence in navigating life’s challenges. Embracing our capabilities and resources can lead to a more fulfilling and productive life, promoting a sense of independence and self-reliance.

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