Opposite of UNDERMINE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to one another. They serve as effective tools to provide clarity, depth, and precision in language, enabling speakers and writers to convey their intended message with accuracy and nuance by using words with contrasting meanings. By utilizing antonyms, individuals can enhance their communication skills and better express their thoughts and ideas.

Understanding antonyms is crucial in order to fully grasp the depth and richness of language. Antonyms play a significant role in differentiating between concepts and expressing contrasting viewpoints or ideas. By incorporating antonyms into our vocabulary and writing, we can add layers of complexity and sophistication to our communication, making our expressions more vivid, powerful, and engaging.

Exploring antonyms for various words not only expands our lexicon but also broadens our ability to articulate ourselves with greater precision and eloquence. By learning antonyms for common terms, we can sharpen our language skills and develop a more nuanced understanding of the subtleties within the meanings of words. Delving into antonyms allows us to appreciate the intricate tapestry of language and harness the full spectrum of expressions at our disposal.

35 Antonyms for UNDERMINE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for undermine. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding UNDERMINE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Undermine Sentence with Antonym
Strengthen Constant criticism can undermine an individual’s self-confidence. Encouraging words can strengthen an individual’s self-confidence.
Bolster Negative rumors can undermine a company’s reputation. Positive feedback can bolster a company’s reputation.
Support Lack of trust can undermine a relationship. Trust and communication can support a relationship.
Enhance Cyberattacks can undermine the security of a website. Security measures can enhance the security of a website.
Uphold Disloyalty can undermine the values of a team. Loyalty can uphold the values of a team.
Promote Office gossip can undermine team morale. Recognition of achievements can promote team morale.
Sustain Unresolved conflicts can undermine the peace within a community. Conflict resolution can sustain peace within a community.
Fortify Structural weaknesses can undermine the integrity of a building. Repairs and reinforcements can fortify the integrity of a building.
Boost Negative attitudes can undermine productivity at work. Positive attitudes can boost productivity at work.
Nurture Lack of attention can undermine a child’s development. Care and guidance can nurture a child’s development.
Validate Constant criticism can undermine one’s sense of worth. Validation and appreciation can validate one’s sense of worth.
Empower Micromanagement can undermine employees’ confidence and creativity. Autonomy and trust can empower employees’ confidence and creativity.
Reinforce Inconsistent policies can undermine the authority of a leader. Clear guidelines can reinforce the authority of a leader.
Uphold Violations of ethics can undermine the principles of an organization. Adherence to ethics can uphold the principles of an organization.
Preserve Neglect can undermine the historical value of a landmark. Restoration efforts can preserve the historical value of a landmark.
Strengthen Miscommunication can undermine a project’s success. Clear communication can strengthen a project’s success.
Maintain Lack of maintenance can undermine the performance of a vehicle. Regular maintenance can maintain the performance of a vehicle.
Uphold Scandals can undermine the integrity of a political figure. Integrity and transparency can uphold the reputation of a political figure.
Cultivate Negative influences can undermine a person’s values. Positive influences can cultivate a person’s values.
Safeguard Cyber threats can undermine the security of personal information. Strong passwords can safeguard the security of personal information.
Boost Lack of motivation can undermine individual performance. Encouragement and inspiration can boost individual performance.
Confirm Doubt can undermine one’s sense of certainty. Confirmation can confirm one’s sense of certainty.
Encourage Toxic relationships can undermine mental health. Supportive relationships can encourage mental health.
Reaffirm Criticism without constructive feedback can undermine confidence. Positive reinforcement can reaffirm confidence.
Strengthen Poor leadership can undermine team cohesion. Strong leadership can strengthen team cohesion.
Bolster Unresolved conflicts can undermine workplace harmony. Mediation can bolster workplace harmony.
Elevate Self-doubt can undermine career advancement. Self-confidence can elevate career advancement.
Protect Corrupt practices can undermine the justice system. Transparency and accountability can protect the justice system.
Foster Hostile work environments can undermine employee wellbeing. Supportive work environments can foster employee wellbeing.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of UNDERMINE

In conclusion, it is crucial to support and reinforce instead of weaken or sabotage relationships, projects, or structures. Strengthening, promoting, and empowering others can lead to greater success, growth, and positive outcomes. Building trust, confidence, and collaboration are effective ways to achieve mutual goals and foster healthy connections.

By upholding, bolstering, and encouraging instead of undercutting or subverting, we can create a more conducive environment for productivity, innovation, and progress. Emphasizing teamwork, cooperation, and solidarity will ultimately contribute to the strength and resilience of individuals, organizations, and communities. It is through nurturing and fortifying that we can achieve sustainable development and long-term success.

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