Opposite of UNITED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for united refer to words or phrases that are opposite in meaning or convey the idea of division, disconnection, or discord. These antonyms signify a state of being apart, separate, or divided rather than joined or unified. They indicate the absence of harmony, agreement, or cohesion between individuals, groups, or entities.

In language, antonyms for united represent a broad spectrum of contrasting concepts that range from mild disagreement to intense conflict. These opposing terms play a crucial role in communication by providing contrast and bringing nuance to the expression of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. By using antonyms for united, speakers and writers can convey different shades of meaning and evoke diverse feelings and reactions in their audience.

When exploring antonyms for united, one delves into the diverse ways in which language captures the complexities of human relationships, societies, and experiences. These contrasting terms serve as linguistic tools that enrich communication by offering alternatives to the notion of unity. By recognizing and understanding antonyms for united, individuals can appreciate the multifaceted nature of language and the myriad ways in which words can shape our perceptions of the world.

35 Antonyms for UNITED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for united. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding UNITED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with United Sentence with Antonym
Divided The team united to achieve their goal. The team was divided and couldn’t work together.
Separated The couple was united in their decision to move. The couple felt separated and couldn’t agree on anything.
Disjoined The community united to support the local school. The community was disjoined and couldn’t come together for any cause.
Disconnected The group united for a peaceful protest. The group was disconnected and had trouble coordinating their efforts.
Isolated The family united for a holiday celebration. The family felt isolated and alone during the festivities.
Discordant The band united to create beautiful music. The band was discordant and couldn’t play in harmony.
Fractured The nation united to overcome the crisis. The nation was fractured and couldn’t find common ground.
Partitioned The friends united to plan a surprise party. The friends were partitioned and couldn’t agree on the details.
Scattered The classmates united to earn top grades. The classmates were scattered and had no focus.
Segregated The team united to win the championship. The team was segregated and couldn’t play together.
Unattached The group united to clean up the park. The group felt unattached and didn’t feel invested in the project.
Unrelated The committee united to address the issue. The committee was unrelated and had different objectives.
Disbanded The band united for a farewell concert. The band was disbanded and couldn’t perform together anymore.
Split The siblings united to surprise their parents. The siblings were split and couldn’t make decisions together.
Antagonistic The communities united to promote peace. The communities were antagonistic and couldn’t find common ground.
Uncoordinated The team united to compete in the tournament. The team was uncoordinated and couldn’t play effectively.
Divorced The couple united to take care of their children. The couple was divorced and couldn’t communicate civilly.
Unitary The organization united its members for a cause. The organization was unitary and focused on central control.
Fragmented The community united after the natural disaster. The community was fragmented and had trouble rebuilding.
Estranged The family united to celebrate their grandmother’s birthday. The family was estranged and had difficulty communicating.
Disunited The team united for a common purpose. The team was disunited and couldn’t work together effectively.
Oppositional The group united to complete the project on time. The group was oppositional and had conflicting viewpoints.
Discord The nation united against a common enemy. The nation was in discord and had inner conflicts.
Divergent The team united to achieve success. The team was divergent and had different goals.
Unallied The countries united to fight climate change. The countries were unallied and couldn’t cooperate on this issue.
Alienated The couple united to confront their issues. The couple felt alienated and couldn’t connect emotionally.
Unsynchronized The group united to finish the project on time. The group was unsynchronized and had trouble coordinating their efforts.
Opposed The community united to raise awareness. The community was opposed and couldn’t find a common cause.
Unsupported The team united to win the game. The team felt unsupported and couldn’t perform well.
Unconnected The group united to volunteer at the shelter. The group was unconnected and couldn’t work effectively together.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of UNITED

Differences can often lead to division, causing people to become estranged and disconnected. Conversely, when individuals are united, whether through mutual respect, collaboration, and understanding, a sense of togetherness and harmony prevails. This cohesion fosters strength, cooperation, and a shared vision, enabling groups to achieve common goals and overcome obstacles.

Division can weaken a group’s resolve and hinder progress, while unity can amplify their impact and forge unbreakable bonds. Embracing diversity and embracing differing perspectives can ultimately lead to a more powerful and resilient community, where unity trumps discord and paves the way for a brighter future.

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