Opposite of UNVANQUISHED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for unvanquished are words that refer to the opposite of unvanquished. In other words, these are terms that signify defeat, surrender, or submission. They represent concepts or states that are in direct contrast to being unbeaten or unconquered.

Exploring antonyms for unvanquished can provide a deeper understanding of the concept of resilience, defeat, or loss. By examining the opposite end of the spectrum, one can gain insight into the various outcomes and possibilities that exist in any situation. It can shed light on the different paths one can take when faced with challenges or adversity.

Considering antonyms for unvanquished can broaden our perspective and offer a more comprehensive view of the diverse range of experiences and emotions that individuals may encounter. By acknowledging these contrasting terms, we can appreciate the complexities of victory and defeat, strength and vulnerability, and the ever-changing nature of human existence.

35 Antonyms for UNVANQUISHED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for unvanquished. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding UNVANQUISHED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Unvanquished Sentence with Antonym
Defeated The unvanquished team celebrated their victory. The defeated team walked off the field in despair.
Conquered She stood tall and remained unvanquished. Despite her efforts, she was eventually conquered.
Overpowered The warrior remained unvanquished in battle. The enemy’s forces were overpowered and defeated.
Subdued The lioness remained fierce and unvanquished. The other predators were subdued by her strength.
Beaten The team emerged from the season unvanquished. They were determined not to end up being beaten.
Vanquished Despite the odds, he stood unvanquished. The opponent was finally vanquished in the end.
Overthrown The king’s power remained unvanquished. The kingdom was overthrown and the king dethroned.
Overcome She faced every obstacle, remaining unvanquished. The challenges proved too much and she was overcome.
Surrendered The soldiers refused to surrender and stood unvanquished. In the end, they had no choice but to surrender.
Defeated They marched forward, a symbol of the unvanquished. The defeated army retreated in disarray.
Conquered The team went into battle determined to remain unvanquished. They were quickly conquered by the opponents.
Overpowered With each challenge, she emerged unvanquished. The team was overpowered by a stronger opponent.
Subdued Despite the attack, the warriors remained unvanquished. The enemy was eventually subdued by sheer force.
Beaten The athlete finished the race unvanquished. The other competitors were beaten and left behind.
Vanquished As the battle raged on, they remained unvanquished. The enemy was eventually vanquished and defeated.
Overthrown Their reign as undefeatable remained unvanquished. The opposing forces had them overthrown and disposed of.
Overcome Through every challenge, she stayed unvanquished. The obstacles proved to be too great and she was finally overcome.
Surrendered Even when faced with defeat, they stood tall and unvanquished. In the end, they surrendered and accepted their loss.
Defeated The champions were hailed as the unvanquished heroes. The defeated challengers left the arena in disappointment.
Conquered Their empire stood strong and unvanquished. They were eventually conquered by a stronger nation.
Overpowered Despite the odds, the rebel group remained unvanquished. The government forces overpowered them in the end.
Subdued The spirit of the revolution remained unvanquished. The rebellion was subdued by the authorities.
Beaten The underdog team emerged from the tournament unvanquished. The favorites were beaten by a lesser-known team.
Vanquished Warriors of old were legendary for remaining unvanquished. Many of their enemies were vanquished in battle.
Overthrown The dictator’s hold on power remained unvanquished. The rebellion eventually overthrew the dictatorship.
Overcome In every trial, the undaunted heroine remained unvanquished. Finally, the challenges proved too much and she was overcome.
Surrendered The defenders of the fortress stood strong and unvanquished. Despite their efforts, they eventually surrendered.
Defeated United, the ragtag group emerged as the unvanquished victors. The defeated army retreated in disarray.
Conquered The champions fought fiercely to remain unvanquished. Eventually, they were conquered by a more skilled team.
Overpowered The hero fought valiantly to stay unvanquished. The villain’s forces were overpowered and defeated.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of UNVANQUISHED

In conclusion, despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, the unvanquished individuals showcased resilience, fortitude, and perseverance. They refused to be defeated, demonstrating their strength, determination, and indomitable spirit. Through their unwavering efforts, they emerged victorious, triumphant, and unbeaten in the face of adversity.

By embodying qualities such as courage, persistence, and resilience, the unvanquished individuals overcame obstacles, conquered hardships, and triumphed over adversity. Their unwavering resolve and refusal to succumb to defeat serve as a powerful example of the human spirit’s ability to persevere and thrive in the face of adversity.

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