Opposite of USURP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for usurp are terms that convey the opposite meaning of seizing power or authority without the right to do so. These words or phrases signify rightful ownership, legitimate authority, or obedience to established rules and norms.

Rather than unlawfully taking control or position, antonyms for usurp emphasize the principles of respecting boundaries, honoring rightful ownership, and following proper protocols. By using these contrasting terms, we highlight the importance of upholding fairness, integrity, and order in various aspects of life and society.

By exploring antonyms for usurp, we can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of justice, integrity, and respect for authority. These opposing words serve as reminders of the ethical principles and values that guide our interactions, decisions, and responsibilities in different contexts.

35 Antonyms for USURP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for usurp. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding USURP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Usurp Sentence with Antonym
Return The king usurped the throne from his brother The queen will return the throne to her brother
Surrender The rebels tried to usurp control of the city The rebels decided to surrender control of the city
Protect The dictator sought to usurp power and authority The democratic government aims to protect power and authority
Release The general attempted to usurp control of the military The general decided to release control of the military
Submit The corrupt officials tried to usurp control of the funds The honest officials are willing to submit control of the funds
Ask for The ambitious leader attempted to usurp influence over the committee The humble leader is willing to ask for influence over the committee
Obtain The antagonist sought to usurp ownership of the property The protagonist aims to obtain ownership of the property
Withdraw The candidate tried to usurp votes through false promises The candidate decided to withdraw from the election
Give up The foreign power attempted to usurp control of the territory The foreign power has chosen to give up control of the territory
Disclaim The celebrity tried to usurp credit for the invention The celebrity is ready to disclaim credit for the invention
Restore The corrupt officials attempted to usurp control of the organization The honest officials plan to restore control of the organization
Renounce The dictator sought to usurp authority over the region The people are ready to renounce the dictator’s authority
Relinquish The group of rebels tried to usurp command of the army The rebels are willing to relinquish command of the army
Return The leader schemed to usurp control of the assets The leader has now decided to return control of the assets
Acquire The troublemaker attempted to usurp control of the project The team member is ready to acquire control of the project
Refuse The despot sought to usurp control of the resources The benefactor will refuse to let the despot take control
Deliver The spy tried to usurp confidential information The informant will deliver the confidential information
Abandon The heir tried to usurp control of the family business The heir is willing to abandon control of the family business
Drop The new leader tried to usurp authority over the organization The leader has now decided to drop the quest for power
Withdraw The politician attempted to usurp control of the vote The politician is ready to withdraw and let democracy prevail
Discard The greedy individual tried to usurp control of the company The selfless person is ready to discard any control
Cast aside The conspirator tried to usurp control of the operation The collaborator is urging the group to cast aside such plans
Disavow The group of rebels tried to usurp leadership of the team The original leaders will disavow any attempts to take over
Rennounce The king attempted to usurp the neighboring kingdom The king will now renounce all claims to the kingdom
Waive The dictator tried to usurp control over the media The new government is willing to waive control over the media
Abstain The ambitious entrepreneur tried to usurp control of the project The investor has decided to abstain from any power struggle
Disinherit The relative tried to usurp control of the family estate The family patriarch will disinherit anyone who tries to take control
Grant The enemy army sought to usurp power in the region The allied forces are willing to grant power back to the local authorities
Withdraw The leader tried to usurp power in the small town The leader has now decided to withdraw and yield to the will of the people
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of USURP

In summary, instead of seizing power illegitimately, it is essential to respect authority and follow established protocols. By respecting hierarchies and adhering to rightful processes, individuals can prevent the wrongful seizure of power and maintain order within organizations and societies. Upholding principles of fairness and legality ensures a harmonious and just environment where positions of authority are earned through merit and proper channels.

By avoiding the temptation to displace rightful leaders and processes, individuals contribute to a stable and balanced society. Embracing the opposite qualities of collaboration, respect, and obedience leads to a more equitable distribution of power and fosters trust and cooperation among members of a community. It is crucial to recognize and uphold the antonyms of usurp in order to promote integrity, fairness, and effective governance.

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