Opposite of VALIDATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring the concept of validating information, it is important to also consider its antonyms. Antonyms for validate refer to actions or processes that challenge the authenticity, accuracy, or legitimacy of information. By contrasting validation with its antonyms, a clearer understanding of the complexities of verifying information can be achieved.

One antonym for validate is to invalidate, which involves discrediting or disproving the claims or evidence presented. This process raises skepticism and calls into question the reliability of the information in question. Another antonym is to nullify, which implies rendering something void or ineffective, thereby rejecting its validity or legitimacy.

Examining antonyms for validate can shed light on the various methods and perspectives used to evaluate and scrutinize claims, data, or sources of information. By understanding the opposite actions to validation, individuals can develop critical thinking skills and discern more effectively between credible and unreliable information.

35 Antonyms for VALIDATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for validate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VALIDATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Validate Sentence with Antonym
Invalidate The system will validate your password. The system will invalidate your password.
Disprove Research was conducted to validate the hypothesis. Research was conducted to disprove the hypothesis.
Falsify The findings of the study were validated through multiple experiments. The findings of the study were falsified through multiple experiments.
Reject The committee validated the proposal. The committee rejected the proposal.
Refute The evidence validates their claim. The evidence refutes their claim.
Discredit The documents were validated by the legal team. The documents were discredited by the legal team.
Undo Click here to validate your purchase. Click here to undo your purchase.
Nullify The signature validated the agreement. The signature nullified the agreement.
Dismiss The judge validated the witness’s testimony. The judge dismissed the witness’s testimony.
Negate The results of the experiment validate the theory. The results of the experiment negate the theory.
Void Make sure to validate your ticket before boarding the bus. Make sure to void your ticket before boarding the bus.
Annul The court validated the contract. The court annulled the contract.
Revoke The certificate served to validate his credentials. The certificate served to revoke his credentials.
Cancel They will validate your parking ticket. They will cancel your parking ticket.
Neglect Please validate the email address for account activation. Please neglect the email address for account activation.
Rebut The data validate their claim. The data rebuts their claim.
Contradict The results validate the research findings. The results contradict the research findings.
Null The code was validated after thorough testing. The code was null after thorough testing.
Disprove Their findings validate the hypothesis. Their findings disprove the hypothesis.
Overturn The court validated the decision. The court overturned the decision.
Nullify The vote was validated by the election officials. The vote was nullified by the election officials.
Disqualify The referee validated the goal. The referee disqualified the goal.
Negate This data set validates our assumptions. This data set negates our assumptions.
Discredit The agency validated the report. The agency discredited the report.
Contradict The research study validates their theory. The research study contradicts their theory.
Disprove The evidence is expected to validate the theory. The evidence is expected to disprove the theory.
Nullify The jury validated the verdict. The jury nullified the verdict.
Dismiss After inspection, the quality control team validated the product. After inspection, the quality control team dismissed the product.
Invalidate The stamp validates your admission. The stamp invalidates your admission.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VALIDATE

Validating information is crucial for ensuring accuracy and reliability. When we fail to validate facts, we risk spreading misinformation and misunderstanding. For instance, disputing, refuting, or challenging claims can help us critically assess their truthfulness and prevent the spread of false information.

By questioning, doubting, or contradicting assertions, we can promote a culture of fact-checking and critical thinking. This approach helps us distinguish between credible sources and dubious ones, enabling us to make more informed decisions and have meaningful discussions based on verified information. Thus, consistently challenging and scrutinizing information is essential in preventing the spread of falsehoods and fostering a more knowledgeable society.

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