Opposite of VEHEMENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for vehement are words that convey the opposite of intense passion, fervor, or strong emotions. In language, antonyms serve to provide contrast and help expand our vocabulary by offering alternatives that express different shades of meaning. By understanding antonyms for vehement, one can effectively communicate a more measured and calm tone in their writing or speech.

When looking for antonyms for vehement, it is important to consider words that indicate a lack of intensity, such as mild, moderate, or gentle. These antonyms can help convey a sense of tranquility, neutrality, or moderation in expressing thoughts or emotions. By choosing the right antonyms for vehement, one can adjust the tone and impact of their message to better suit the context or audience.

Exploring antonyms for vehement can lead to a more nuanced and diverse use of language, allowing for a wider range of expression and communication. By incorporating antonyms that convey different levels of intensity or emotion, individuals can enhance their ability to convey ideas with clarity and precision. Embracing antonyms for vehement can enrich one’s vocabulary and provide a broader spectrum of linguistic tools for effective communication.

35 Antonyms for VEHEMENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for vehement. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VEHEMENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Vehement Sentence with Antonym
Mild She expressed vehement opposition to the proposal. He calmly accepted the decision without any mild protest.
Gentle Sarah’s vehement response startled everyone in the room. Instead of yelling, he spoke in a gentle tone to resolve the conflict.
Passive His vehement insistence on his opinion caused tension in the meeting. She remained passive and quiet during the argument.
Moderate The group had a vehement disagreement over the best course of action. After a healthy discussion, they reached a moderate compromise.
Quiet The crowd’s vehement cheers filled the stadium. The audience sat quietly, no quiet applause or cheers heard.
Calm The boss voiced her vehement disapproval of the new policy. He remained calm and composed despite the negative feedback.
Subdued Ann’s vehement outburst shocked everyone present. To everyone’s surprise, he reacted in a subdued manner.
Mild-mannered He was known for his vehement and fiery speeches. In contrast, she was always mild-mannered and diplomatic in her communication.
Gentle Tina’s vehement response to the criticism created tension in the room. His gentle approach helped diffuse the conflict smoothly.
Peaceful The discussion turned vehement as participants argued vigorously. They preferred a peaceful resolution, avoiding any heated debates.
Reserved John’s vehement criticism caught everyone off guard. Maria was more reserved in sharing her opinions, avoiding confrontations.
Soft-spoken The manager was known for his vehement leadership style. In contrast, the new hire was soft-spoken and preferred diplomacy over aggression.
Relaxed Jodie’s vehement reaction to the news surprised her coworkers. Sophia displayed a more relaxed response, showing little emotional intensity.
Meek Despite her vehement objections, the decision was made without her input. He was often seen as meek, rarely standing up for his beliefs.
Passive The group’s vehement disagreement led to a heated debate. In contrast, some members remained passive, avoiding conflict.
Moderate Mark expressed his vehement opinions without hesitation. Sarah, however, was more moderate in her views, considering all sides.
Peaceful The vehement protests outside the building escalated quickly. Inside, the atmosphere remained peaceful with a calm discussion.
Quiet His vehement objections were heard throughout the room. Her quiet acceptance of the decision surprised everyone.
Serene The usually vehement activist seemed calm and serene in this situation. Instead of anger, her eyes reflected a sense of serene acceptance.
Modest The speaker’s vehement defense of his ideas attracted attention. Others, however, presented more modest suggestions, avoiding conflict.
Mild-tempered Samantha, known for her vehement temper, struggled to keep her calm. In comparison, Alex was mild-tempered and rarely raised his voice.
Relaxed The CEO’s vehement reaction to the news unsettled the employees. The director’s relaxed approach brought a sense of ease to the team.
Subdued Despite his vehement disagreement, others proceeded with the plan. In contrast, her subdued reaction spoke volumes about her feelings.
Passive Their vehement discussions often led to arguments and tension. Those who remained passive avoided such conflicts, opting for peace.
Temperate Henry’s vehement protests indicated the strength of his feelings. Amanda’s temperate responses suggested a balanced view on the matter.
Peaceful The vehement back-and-forth between coworkers created animosity. Seeking peaceful solutions, a mediating party was brought in to resolve issues.
Calm The representative’s vehement speech sparked a lively debate among the attendees. Another speaker took a calm approach, keeping the discussion civil and respectful.
Tame Mia’s vehement reaction caused unnecessary commotion at the meeting. On the contrary, Kate’s response was much more tame, avoiding unnecessary drama.
Modest His vehement argument left no room for discussion or compromise. Laura presented her views in a more modest manner, welcoming dialogue.
Quiet Despite their vehement protests, the decision couldn’t be swayed. The quiet acceptance that followed showed their willingness to move forward.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VEHEMENT

The varying degrees of intensity in expressing emotions can range from gentle to passionate. When feelings are not conveyed with extreme intensity, communication may come across as subdued or indifferent, allowing for a more calm and rational exchange of ideas. Rather than taking a forceful or intense approach, opting for a more moderate tone can foster understanding and cooperation in discussions and interactions. By being moderate instead of vehement, individuals can create a more harmonious atmosphere and avoid escalating conflicts or tensions. Thus, embracing a less intense demeanor can lead to more effective communication and better relationships in various spheres of life.

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