Opposite of VESTIGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language, it’s crucial to understand the concept of antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a way to express contrasting ideas. By studying antonyms, we can expand our vocabulary and improve our ability to communicate effectively.

One common theme in antonyms is the idea of complete opposition. Antonyms serve as a tool for expressing ideas and concepts in a more precise and nuanced manner. They offer a way to highlight differences and contrasts, allowing for clearer communication and expression.

In the world of language and communication, antonyms play a vital role in expressing various shades of meaning. By recognizing and utilizing antonyms, we can enhance our writing and speech, adding depth and clarity to our expressions. Understanding antonyms allows us to convey ideas more effectively and engage in more nuanced forms of communication.

35 Antonyms for VESTIGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for vestige. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VESTIGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Vestige Sentence with Antonym
Presence There was no vestige of his former self left. His presence filled the entire room.
Manifestation The vestige of her tears was still visible on her cheeks. The happiness on her face was a clear manifestation of her joy.
Sign The vestige of his passion for art was evident in his paintings. There was no sign of creativity in his work.
Remnant Only a vestige of the old building remained after the fire. The new construction erased every remnant of the old structure.
Trace The vestige of their friendship was seen in the pictures on the wall. There was not a trace of their past bond in their interactions.
Evidence The old ruins were the only vestige of the city’s ancient history. There was no evidence left to prove their theory.
Indication The broken umbrella was the only vestige of the storm that had passed. There was no indication that it had rained at all.
Mark There was a faint vestige of her lipstick on the rim of the glass. The clean glass bore no mark of her presence.
Impression The laughter in the air was the last vestige of the party that night. The silence afterwards left no impression of joy.
Echo The vestige of their old arguments still occasionally echoed in his mind. There was no echo of their past disagreements.
Absence The empty room held no vestige of its former occupant. His absence was deeply felt by all who knew him.
Totality His clothing choice was the only vestige of his rebellious nature. The rest of his behavior displayed the totality of his conformity.
Exemplar The vestige of her leadership was evident in the success of her team. The failure of her team was the opposite exemplar of her leadership.
Conclusion The vestige of their previous conversation lingered in the air. The abrupt change of topic led to no clear conclusion.
Clue The torn map was the only vestige left of their intended route. There was no clue to guide them in the unfamiliar terrain.
Vanishing The last vestige of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon. The stars started vanishing into the night sky.
Erasure The vestige of her name was still faintly visible on the old letter. His angry response seemed to aim for a complete erasure of her memory.
Denial The vestige of hope in her eyes refused to disappear. His firm denial of the truth was evident in his words.
Renovation The vestige of the old building no longer existed after the renovation. The untouched corner remained in its original state without any renovation.
Fullness The empty room showed no vestige of its former fullness. The crowded dance floor was a fullness of joy and laughter.
Disappearance The last vestige of the fog disappeared as the sun rose. With a flash, the disappearance of the thief was noticed by the crowd.
Forgetfulness The vestige of his mistake lingered in her mind. His selective forgetfulness regarding the incident was frustrating.
Elapse The final vestige of daylight began to elapse as evening approached. The time seemed to stop, and the anticipated meeting did not elapse.
Restoration The vestige of the old painting was fully restored to its former beauty. The damaged artwork showed no signs of restoration.
Withdrawal The vestige of his presence signaled his withdrawal from the project. When she felt his withdrawal emotionally, she understood his feelings.
Introduction The first vestige of autumn was seen with the introduction of falling leaves. The ideas she presented in the meeting had no clear introduction or basis.
Continuation The vestige of their broken relationship hindered the continuation of their friendship. The sudden change in plans affected the natural continuation of their journey.
Exclusion The vestige of exclusion could be felt in the tone of his words. Her smile included everyone without a single bit of exclusion.
Ruin The final vestige of the once-grand castle lay in ruins. With every improvement, the chances of ruin decreased.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VESTIGE

In an effort to cleanse the area, the team meticulously removed every trace of debris, leaving behind no vestige of the previous occupants. The once cluttered space now stands pristine and organized, devoid of any remnants of the former mess.

By meticulously erasing every vestige of the old structure, the team was able to create a fresh and unblemished environment for the new occupants. With no trace left behind, the space now embodies cleanliness and order, a stark contrast to its previous state of chaos and clutter.

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