Opposite of VICTIM – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for the term “victim,” it is helpful to explore words that convey strength, empowerment, and agency. Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning to a given word, providing a way to highlight contrasting perspectives or attitudes.

One useful antonym for “victim” is “survivor,” denoting resilience and the ability to overcome adversity. This term implies a sense of empowerment and courage in the face of challenges or obstacles.

Another antonym worth considering is “victor,” which conveys a sense of triumph and success. This word reflects a victorious and empowered stance, suggesting agency and control over one’s circumstances.

35 Antonyms for VICTIM With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for victim. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VICTIM antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Victim Sentence with Antonym
Aggressor The victim was attacked by a group of bullies. The aggressor launched a physical assault on his victim.
Perpetrator The police are investigating who the victim in the robbery was. The authorities caught the perpetrator behind the robbery.
Attacker The victim was left with bruises after being assaulted. The attacker was identified and arrested for causing the injuries.
Offender The judge listened to the harrowing testimony of the victim. The offender pleaded guilty to the crime in court.
Culprit The detectives worked tirelessly to catch the person who robbed the victim. The culprit was finally apprehended and confessed to the crime.
Assailant The victim was shaken after being confronted by an unknown assailant. The assailant was known to the authorities and is now in police custody.
Oppressor The dictator was ruthless to his citizens, many of whom lived in fear of being a victim. The oppressor controlled the lives of the citizens through fear and oppression.
Persecutor The victim felt intimidated and harassed by the person spreading rumors about them. The persecutor intentionally made false accusations to harm the victim’s reputation.
Tormentor The victim was subjected to relentless bullying and taunting at school. The tormentor was responsible for making the victim’s life miserable with constant abuse.
Abuser The victim struggled to come to terms with the emotional and physical abuse. The abuser exerted control over the victim through manipulation and violence.
Harasser The victim filed a complaint against the person who had been harassing them. The harasser was warned by authorities to cease the unwanted and aggressive behavior.
Persecutor The victim was subjected to false accusations and unfair treatment. The persecutor was reprimanded for targeting the victim with unwarranted attacks.
Opponent The victim faced strong opponents in the political arena. The opponent clashed with the victim in a highly contested battle.
Predatory The predator stalked the forest looking for its next victim. The predatory creature was hunting for prey to satiate its hunger.
Antagonist The hero stood strong against the antagonist who had caused chaos for the victims. The antagonist was finally defeated by the hero, bringing peace to the victims.
Attacking The attacking team quickly overwhelmed their opponents with skill and speed. The attacked team had no chance to respond as they were continuously put under pressure.
Provoker The victim found it challenging to brush off the words of the provoker. The provoker continued to incite the victim with hurtful comments and insults.
Bully The weak are often the victims of bullying in school environments. The bully was reprimanded for their abusive behavior towards the other students.
Injurer The injurer was responsible for causing harm to the victim during the altercation. The victim endured injuries inflicted by the injurer and required medical attention.
Tormentor The victim had nightmares about the persistent tormentor who made life difficult. The tormentor took pleasure in inflicting emotional distress on the vulnerable victim.
Intruder The victim was startled by an unknown intruder who had broken into the house. The intruder was caught trespassing and attempting to steal from the unsuspecting victim.
Dominator The dominator sought to control and manipulate those beneath them, like the victim. The victim struggled against the oppressive force of the dominator in their life.
Persecutor The persecutor targeted individuals unfairly and caused them emotional distress. The victim was at the mercy of the persecutor who would not stop the harassment.
Bully The victim of the bully sought help from teachers to stop the relentless abuse. The bully was confronted with evidence of their actions and faced the consequences.
Victimizer The victim was caught in the cycle of abuse from the victimizer in their life. The victimizer enjoyed exerting power over the victim and instilling fear in them.
Oppressor The oppressor ruled with an iron fist, suppressing any dissent or opposition. The victim lived under the oppressive rule of the oppressor and feared for their safety.
Perpetrator The investigators tracked down the perpetrator who had committed the crime against the victim. The perpetrator tried to evade capture, but the evidence pointed directly at them.
Adversary The victim faced a formidable adversary on the battlefield, fighting for survival. The adversary was skilled and relentless in their pursuit to defeat the victim.
Slayer The victim was taken by surprise as the slayer appeared from the shadows. The slayer struck swiftly, leaving the victim with no chance to defend themselves.
Destroyer The destroyer left a trail of wreckage in their wake, leaving the victim devastated. The victim tried to salvage what was left after the destroyer wreaked havoc upon them.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VICTIM

In life, one should strive to be more empowered rather than helpless, strong instead of weak, and in control rather than at the mercy of others. By embodying these characteristics, individuals can become less like a victim and more like a champion of their own destiny. When faced with challenges, it is important to approach situations with a mindset of resilience, determination, and self-reliance. By embracing these qualities, individuals can overcome adversity and navigate difficult circumstances with strength and courage. It is empowering to take charge of one’s life and strive for success rather than succumb to feelings of powerlessness.

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