Opposite of VISCOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for viscous are words that describe substances that are not thick or sticky. Viscous refers to a thick, sticky consistency, often found in substances like honey, syrup, or tar. Antonyms for viscous describe substances that are thin, watery, or easily flowing.

Some common antonyms for viscous include words like fluid, runny, watery, and thin. These words are used to describe substances that have a low viscosity, meaning they are not thick or sticky in nature.

Understanding antonyms for viscous is important in accurately describing the texture and consistency of different substances. By using antonyms for viscous, we can paint a clear picture of how a substance flows, moves, or behaves, providing valuable information in various contexts such as cooking, science, or everyday observations.

35 Antonyms for VISCOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for viscous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VISCOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Viscous Sentence with Antonym
Thin The viscous syrup slowly dripped off the spoon. The thin liquid easily poured out of the container.
Fluid The viscous mud was difficult to move through. The fluid water flowed effortlessly down the stream.
Runny The glue had a viscous consistency when applied. The ice cream melted and became runny under the sun.
Watery The viscous gravy clung to the mashed potatoes. The soup was too watery and lacked flavor.
Thin The honey was viscous and stuck to the spoon. The milk was thin and easily poured into a glass.
Liquid The viscous gel oozed out of the tube slowly. The soda was liquid and bubbled in the can.
Mobile The viscous tar made it hard for the workers to move. The mobile oil spilled and spread quickly on the floor.
Free-flowing The honey was viscous and stuck to the pancakes. The oil was free-flowing and easy to pour into the pan.
Loose The viscous substance clung to the walls of the container. The paint was loose and dripped onto the canvass.
Nonsticky The viscous glue securely held the pieces together. The tape was nonsticky and easy to remove from the paper.
Fluidized The viscous molasses poured out slowly from the jar. The sand became fluidized and shifted easily with water.
Unviscous The honey was so viscous that it formed a thick layer. The water was unviscous and flowed quickly down the drain.
Fluid The viscous lava moved slowly down the volcano. The river water was fluid and rushed around the rocks.
Thin The viscous glue dried to a sticky finish. The paint was thin and spread easily with a brush.
Liquid The honey was too viscous to pour out of the jar. The juice was liquid and splashed when poured into a glass.
Fluid The viscous caramel cooled and thickened into candy. The milkshake was fluid and easily sucked through a straw.
Mobile The viscous tar stuck to the tires of the truck. The glue was mobile and spread evenly on the paper.
Runny The viscous paste clung to the mixing spoon. The ice cream was runny and melted quickly in the sun.
Thin The viscous syrup slid slowly down the pancake stack. The water was thin and easily flowed through the cracks.
Watery The viscous pudding stuck to the roof of the mouth. The watery soup lacked substance and tasted bland.
Thin The viscous sauce coated the back of the spoon. The gravy was thin and easily poured over the mashed potatoes.
Flowing The viscous paint formed a thick layer on the canvas. The milk was flowing and rapidly poured into the cereal bowl.
Fluidized The viscous gelatin hardened into a solid block. The sand became fluidized and shifted along the beach.
Unsticky The viscous substance clung stubbornly to the surface. The tape was unsticky and peeled off easily from the package.
Liquid The viscous honey was difficult to spread on the toast. The lemonade was liquid and flowed freely from the pitcher.
Runny The viscous glue dried into a solid mass. The ice cream was runny and dripped off the cone quickly.
Thin The viscous jelly held its shape even when tilted. The oil was thin and spread easily across the frying pan.
Watery The viscous resin hardened into a solid block. The broth was watery and lacked the rich flavor of a stew.
Fluid The viscous honey slowly dripped from the spoon. The drink was fluid and went down smoothly in one gulp.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VISCOUS

In essence, substances described as non-viscous flow easily and have low resistance to flow, making them thin and fluid. This is in contrast to substances that are viscous, which have a thick, sticky consistency and offer more resistance to flow. Examples of non-viscous substances include water, which flows freely, and air, which moves easily. These antonyms for viscous are essential in understanding the differences in how materials behave and interact in various applications and scenarios. By contrasting viscous substances with their non-viscous counterparts, we gain a clearer understanding of fluid dynamics and material properties.

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