Opposite of VORACIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for voracious refer to words that indicate the opposite of having a ravenous or insatiable appetite. These antonyms describe individuals who show restraint in their consumption or have a mild appetite. Essentially, they embody qualities contrary to voraciousness and suggest moderation or contentment.

Words that serve as antonyms for voracious help to paint a picture of individuals who do not devour or consume excessively. Instead, these individuals exhibit a moderate or even subdued approach to their eating habits or desires. Antonyms for voracious serve as a stark contrast to the intense hunger or thirst commonly associated with voracious individuals.

By understanding the antonyms for voracious, one can gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse range of behaviors and characteristics related to appetite and consumption. These antonyms shed light on the nuanced spectrum of attitudes towards eating and can help in better identifying and describing individuals who exhibit restraint or moderation in their consumption habits.

35 Antonyms for VORACIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for voracious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding VORACIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Voracious Sentence with Antonym
Indifferent The voracious reader finished the book in one sitting. The indifferent reader rarely picks up a book to read.
Disinterested Sarah’s voracious appetite for knowledge was evident in her endless pursuit of new information. Tom seemed disinterested in learning new things and preferred to stick to his familiar routines.
Sated After her voracious meal, she couldn’t eat another bite. Being sated, he pushed his plate away feeling completely full.
Moderate His voracious enthusiasm for the project inspired the team to work harder. The team appreciated his moderate approach, which allowed for a balanced and sustainable work pace.
Picky Alex was known for his voracious appetite, trying any dish put in front of him. Emily, on the other hand, was quite picky, only eating foods that met her strict criteria.
Reluctant The voracious reader devoured book after book with unending fervor. Compared to her reluctant friend, who rarely picked up a book and preferred other forms of entertainment.
Unenthusiastic His voracious pursuit of new challenges kept his colleagues motivated. In contrast, Sarah seemed unenthusiastic about taking on new projects.
Full The lioness had a voracious appetite, constantly hunting for prey. After a large meal, she was now full and would not eat until the next day.
Limited Henry’s voracious hunger for adventure led him to plan trips all around the world. Sandra preferred a more limited and predictable lifestyle, avoiding risks and spontaneity.
Apathetic The voracious reader couldn’t put the book down until she finished it. On the other hand, the apathetic reader barely made it past the first chapter.
Cautious With her voracious curiosity, she explored every corner of the museum. Her friend, being more cautious, preferred to stay with the tour guide and avoid risky endeavors.
Selective His voracious appetite for novels meant he read a book a day. Unlike him, she was selective about the books she read, choosing only the ones highly recommended.
Satiated After her voracious craving for sushi, she was finally satiated. Being satiated, she couldn’t even look at dessert.
Content The voracious learner was always seeking new knowledge to absorb. In contrast, the content individual was satisfied with what they already knew and had no desire to learn more.
Controlled His voracious love for ice cream showed in his daily visits to the ice cream shop. Unlike him, she controlled her sweet cravings and only indulged on special occasions.
Limited His voracious appetite for sweets led him to raid the pantry every night. Her limited interest in sugary snacks meant the pantry remained untouched most of the time.
Careful Her voracious appetite for adventure meant she was constantly seeking new challenges. Her sister, being more careful, preferred to stick to familiar activities and avoided risks.
Dispassionate The voracious reader consumed books like water, always thirsty for more stories. In contrast, her friend was dispassionate about reading, finding no joy in flipping through the pages.
Discriminating The voracious reader devoured books of all genres with equal enthusiasm. In contrast, the discriminating reader meticulously selected books based on their literary quality and author reputation.
Jaded His voracious appetite for travel led him to visit over 30 countries. Unlike him, she had become jaded with traveling and preferred to stay home and relax.
Satisfied The voracious eater finished the entire pizza in record time. After feeling satisfied, he leaned back in his chair, patting his full stomach.
Balanced Her voracious curiosity led her to pursue knowledge in a wide range of fields. In contrast, his approach was more balanced, focusing on depth rather than breadth in his studies.
Selective Her voracious consumption of TV shows reflected in her diverse interests. Unlike her, Sarah was more selective about the shows she watched, sticking to a few favorites.
Full The voracious reader couldn’t put down the thrilling mystery novel until she finished it. Finally full with the conclusion, she closed the book with satisfaction.
Disengaged His voracious hunger for success drove him to work late hours and seek new opportunities. On the other hand, his colleague appeared disengaged and uninterested in advancing his career.
Indifferent The voracious eater went through the buffet line multiple times. In contrast, Lucy was indifferent towards the array of dishes, opting for a simple salad.
Pleased Her voracious appetite for knowledge led her to explore various subjects. He was more pleased with his current level of understanding and had no desire to delve deeper into any topic.
Moderate His voracious style of painting resulted in a burst of creativity with multiple pieces finished daily. Whereas his friend’s moderate pace allowed him to focus on each piece, resulting in intricate details and precision.
Controlled The voracious eater had no limits when it came to trying new foods. On the contrary, she had better controlled portions and knew when to stop when feeling full.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of VORACIOUS

In contrast to voracious eaters, those with a modest appetite tend to eat small portions and are satisfied with less food. They do not have an insatiable hunger like voracious individuals and are content with moderate servings during meals. Additionally, individuals with a restrained appetite are less likely to overindulge in food and are more mindful of their eating habits, leading to better portion control and overall health.

By practicing moderation and being mindful of our eating habits, we can avoid the pitfalls of voracious consumption and maintain a balanced approach to food. Embracing a more restrained appetite can lead to healthier eating habits, improved portion control, and a greater appreciation for the food we consume.

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